Pang Ung Reservoir with beautiful mists and mountain pines.

If you mention #Pang Ung, it would be a place where many people have on their bucket list to visit, and those who have already visited this place still revisit it.
For us, this place is beautiful and romantic.
The place is full of nature, and you can put up a tent next to the reservoir in the pine forest. On the day of my arrival, the weather was quite cold (6 December 2019).

ปางอุ๋ง อยู่ในโครงการพระราชดำริปางตอง 2 (บ้านรวมไทย)Pang Ung is a part of the Pang Tong 2 Royal Initiative Project (Baan Ruam Thai). It is a large reservoir on a hill surrounded by pine trees.

The highlight of this place is the fog floating above the water in the morning. It looks even more beautiful when it reflects the sunlight. 

Another highlight that you must see are the white and black swans that were bestowed by the King. 

For those who want to ride on a raft to admire the nature around the reservoir, you can contact the villagers who offer a raft service.

Pang Ung offers many kinds of accommodation, including guest houses and tents.  If you want a good place for your tent, you have to hurry and arrive early. Since I came early, so I could get a good spot right next to the reservoir.

 The atmosphere in the morning here is the best, but there may not be any fog every morning as it depends on the weather too. If it is windy, there will not be any fog.

The fog lasts from around 8-9 o'clock only, so you should wake up early to experience this memorable atmosphere. The weather is very cold that you can see your breath!

When the sun starts shining, the light reflects on the water surface and the fog, which is beautiful in its unique way.

After taking photos of the waterside atmosphere, don't forget to snap some photos in the pine forest.

As for the food, there is no need to worry because there are many shops and also pork barbecue!

Expenses (renting a tent):

• Tent fee = 225 baht
• Sleeping pads+2 sets of blankets and pillows= 120 baht
• Entrance fee 20฿/person, car 30฿ = total of 70 baht
** You can reserve a tent in advance, but not the location to put up the tent.