Happy Travel Trip with LOGOS HOPE&CAPE DARA RESORT PATTAYA written by Piyapong Chantong

LOGOS HOPE & CAPE DARA - WONDERFUL TRIP WITH PLEASURE Time flies so fast, we have arrived at the middle of the year. According to this reason, we would like to cheer up for those who have planned to do such things but have not done them yet. So, this is the right time to initially start




Time flies so fast, we have arrived at the middle of the year. According to this reason, we would like to cheer up for those who have planned to do such things but have not done them yet. So, this is the right time to initially start to follow your plan.

Pan Pan would like to take this opportunity to recommend and take you to the wonderful accommodation located in Pattaya, Chon Buri. You are able to visit the biggest floating library called " LOGOS HOPE ship" and end up the trip with Capedara Pattaya Resort.

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cr. all places that we visit and some food we ate.

sr. Accommodation and some meals.

We prefer to drive our own car for this trip heading to the destination by using toll way. Today is very shinny day which makes cute baby Pan Pan is very cheerful.

Even though, it is quite long duration of traveling but it could not decease the curiosity of Pan Pan to get on the ship.

To give some background of the ship, LOGOS HOPE ship is the biggest library in the world, this is the 1st time of this ship to call Thailand after it has previously visited more than 43 countries within 43 years. "LOGOS HOPES" is the newest ship which is belong to GBA ship, it is the charity association that initiates this project. There are around 5000 books available in this floating library. Apart from books, there are also permanent boosts which illustrate Do and Don't that people can perform in order to direct their life value. Furthermore, food and beverage are promptly arranged to serve on board.

The ship is quite crowded with people. The entrance fee is required for adult, 20 baht per person but it is free of charge for the children. The staffs here have well arranged for the place to welcome visitor as well as explain the history of this ship before letting visitor to enjoy shopping the books.

There is also an interesting corner which well attracts the children interest, it is called Simulator.

Let's explore the entire areas of this ship together.

After approaching the book corner, the phrase saying that Thai people read a book not over 6 sentences per year is not true. From the photo, it is the prove that Thai people greatly interest in reading the books.

The exchange currency on the ship is counted as UNIT, the purpose of applying this is to ease the process of purchasing the book. The price of the book is not expensive because most of the books are donated from the particular countries which the ship has visited.

A little child is enjoyable of running around.

All books are well organized basing on each category.

Most of the books are published in English but they are sometimes mixed with Thai. Most of them are travel books.

Apart from books, there is also the souvenir corner for purchasing some souvenirs.

A little boy is seriously guarding his favorite books.

Once we get off from the book zone. So, it is the time to discover the various boost where the volunteer are fruitfully explaining the details accompanying with Thai translation.

After visiting this fantastic place, it becomes to retrieve the attention from it.

We are heading to the next destination.

After spending 2 hours and half of driving a car, we finally reached our destination " Cape Dara Resort Pattaya"

It is very easy to reach the hotel by driving the car through motorway heading to Pattaya. To turn left and continue driving till North Pattaya. Then, you will see the Dolphin circus and turn left, continue driving for 100 meters. There is a obvious sign of hotel name.

This resort becomes popular with 26 floors.

I have currently seen that there are many chain hotels start operating in Pattaya. Cape Dara is also

one of the new hotel which provides comfortable facilities such as Villa

located in front of the beach.

Once we enter to the hotel, there is the grand lobby of this hotel.

We are able to walk through swimming pool from the lobby.

Another corner of lobby

The lobby has been beautifully furnished to welcome all guest.

From this point, we are able to see throughout the whole floor.

This is also another corner with comfortable sofa, it makes our day really chill out.

Apart from the lobby, we are finally at the swimming pool, it is not a deep pool. It is located on the 2nd floor before accessing to the beach.

You are able to enjoy spectacular view and sunset.

There is also pool bar available at the swimming pool. Unfortunately, it was raining in the day time, so

we missed the chance to visit it.

RADIUS is the restaurant which serve in the morning and evening. I got the chance to take the photos of this restaurant in very early morning and evening.

Especially in the evening, you can also imagine of how beautiful it is due to sunset.

This restaurant serves international food. In my point of view, there are 2 main signature dishes; Pizza

and Burger. In addition, Sushi is also my favorite dish.

The atmosphere in early morning, there are not so many people, thus we are able to take the photos

with no worry to disturb the others.

Food lines are various and interesting.

With very nice ambience, it makes us feel difficult in waking up from the bed.

So, it is the time to review all menus, we start ordering the starter.

This is the beef burger.

The European menu of this restaurant is very tasty.

And we get sandwich accompanying with some veggies and salad sauce.

RADIUS opens in the early morning awaiting for your visit in order to enjoy various dishes.

As previously mentioned, Sushi is my favorite dish and it is made from very fresh



This hotel has offered various food lines for breakfast.

The seasonal fresh fruits are also available for breakfast.

For American breakfast is also tasty and nice because the ingredients are well selected for cooking.

Furthermore, we have a chance to try the dessert and beverage at " Mellow Café", it is in front of the lift. It is the medium sized restaurant mainly serves cake.

One signature menu of this restaurant is coconut cake.

Followed by the fresh blue berry and strawberry.

It is come with the cold beverage, I order green tea to refresh myself.

Chocolate cake is also another menu that should not be missed.

After spending sometimes to visit the facilities of this hotel, we will now lead you to the core place of this trip which is sleeping room. I get Top Star Duplex Suite, it is on the 25th. From this room, I can see the panoramic view of Pattaya.

Once we get in to the room, there is a sofa in the middle of the room and LCD 40 " hanged in the

middle of this room as well.

At the back there is a big sized bed with the comfortable pillow.

The room is attached with hugh mirror plate at the balcony, we can enjoy view and sunset throughout

the mirror.

You are able to make your own choice whether you turn on the conditioner or open the window to let the air flow. But it is not recommend for the mid-day.

At the farthest left hand side, there will be the big bath room.

The view of sunset has brought up nice atmosphere for this evening.

The view of sunset never bores me.

A little boy is trying to reach out the top of mirror due to his curiosity towards sunset.

The view of Pattaya is extremely spectacular from this point.

Back to the sleeping room, there is the leather sofa which is already reserved a little boy.

On the second floor, as you can see it is the biggest room type for 4 people.

Once we arrive at the second floor, there is a desk close to the wall. You are able to see the view and sunset at the back side.

In my personal thinking, this is my favorite corner.

The view from the second floor.

The view from the ground floor up to the second floor.

This room is simply decorated with earth tone, it might be one of favorite room for earth tone lover.

This big sized bed really attracts our interest to immediately jump into it.

We can imagine how relaxed we are once we sleep on the bed and watch LCD TV.

At the left hand side is the bath room, you can just slide the door before entering to the bath room. It is quite a big bath room, its area is almost the half part of sleeping room. There is also a Jacuzzi in the bathroom too.

The photo represents the bathroom atmosphere.

Some of bathroom amenities.

Ending up the wonderful day with the beautiful view of Pattaya.

On the day back home, we spend sometime to visit the beach.

Furthermore, we have taken our little boy to Kid Room of this hotel.

The parents can trust on the service at Kid Room because the staffs are very kind.

We have taken many photos of the beach on the our last stay at the hotel because the weather of first day was not quite good.

This is also another zone to enjoy the nice view.

There is also another swimming pool on the lower floor. Even though, it is not as big as the one on the second floor but it is still popular among foreign guests.

Even though, Pattaya's beach is not the white sandy beach but it has been taken care about its cleanliness likewise the beach in front of this hotel.

Once we look back to the building which we stay, it is very high building. There is a terrace extending from the building, it seems to be the landmark where many people choose to take the photos.

To sum up for this trip, even we spent only 2 days 1 night in Pattaya but Cape Dara is really one of the popular accommodation that should be taken to consideration for visiting Pattaya. Especially for Top Star Duplex Suite, we have no doubt that this is one of the top view of Pattaya as we enjoy panoramic view of sunset. As there are 2 rooms in this suite, thus it is very suitable for family because it can accommodate 4 people or up to 6 with the extra beds from the hotel. For the hotel decoration and furnishing are simply classic.

For the food taste, there is also a good aspect and bad aspect at some parts in general. However, the European menu is very good.

For Japanese dish is quite good, the ingredient is well selected. For the dessert menu, the coconut cake is highly recommend but the rest are also good. The price is pretty much the same as the cake which is sold in Bangkok.

Generally, Cape Dara is one of the destination that I would recommend for your weekend, this hotel has big swimming pool which can grab an interest from children. Apart from facilities, you are also enjoyable with spectacular view.

With hope that this review will assist you make consideration of choosing the accommodation for your weekend. If you have any question, please feel free to leave your questions at comment. We will be pleased to answer your questions.

It is time to say good bye for this review. Please stay tune for our upcoming review.