I love going to music festivals guys. Probably more so than traveling these days. The best combination though is when I get to travel for a music festival. Do you? If so, here are some music festivals happening all over Thailand this year that you must consider going to.

Jai Thep Festival

31 Jan - 2 Feb

I've never been to Jai Thep Music festival but wow, this looks a fun event, worth going for. Too bad I found out about on short notice. I won't be able to go as I'm traveling to Nan with TAT at the same time.

Jai Thep is dubbed as the "only 3-day music and art festival in Northern Thailand and is one of the most progressive and unique festival experiences in Southeast Asia." It's also described as "an eco-minded, minimal waste festival, which works with the local Thai and international communities to create an unforgettable experience."

So whether you're into alternative music, are eco-conscious or enjoy being part of a unique community, Jai Thep is an event you cannot miss this year. Make sure you get your tickets soon since it is in just a few days. 

Not sure what to expect? Read my friend's The Nitty Gritty's guide to Jai Thep Festival

Maya Festival

31 Jan - 2 Feb

Held during the exact same dates as Jai Thep but 100s of Kms away, Maya Festival brings a completely different experience in every single way. So if an alternative lifestyle isn't for you, then the Maya Festival is.

Maya is another music festival that has been going on for years. This year it seems to be bigger and better than ever with its huge lineup, workshops, activities, and production. On top, they even have a pool party and an after-party to keep the rave going. 

ALOHA Art & Music Festival 2020

28 - 29 Feb, 2020

Finally, there is a music festival that is not too expensive, has an all-Thai artist lineup and targets the Thais. Other than a multi-genre (rock, R&B, Hip-hop, Indy) music lineup, Aloha Festival will be showcasing food, art, workshops and fun beach activities. Even though I won't understand the music, I am actually considering going to this. 

Tickets are 1200 Baht for general and 2200 Baht for VIP. I am not sure about the difference and perks for the VIP but it's probably decent. It should be an awesome, unpretentious festival.

Kolour in the Park

March 7, 2020

Full of energy, light and supported by a fun-loving community of people, Kolour in the Park is one of Bangkok's premier music festivals. Kolour has done other smaller-scale events too but KITP is the biggest. Unlike other events, it's also just 1 day and that is all you need to enjoy a day away from the chaotic streets of Bangkok.

Imagine dancing to techno, house, and other multi-genre tunes by the lake as the sun comes down. You will also meet awesome people.

If you're still unsure, I've got a promo code SHAYANKOLOUR you can use for a 10% discount. Simply enter it at the promo code box above the ticket purchase section or just follow this link - this will automatically put the code for you.

Dontri Festival

I think one of my favorite festivals in 2019 was Dontri Festival (click to read my review). 

Why? Because it was different. It was unpretentious. It was inclusive instead of being exclusive. 

"Dontri Festival is Thailand’s first locally inspired electronic music lifestyle that merges art, music, and food. Unlike other festivals, this one is truly different as it not only highlights several stages with their own music style but also because of the venue (Chang Chui). It is an inclusive event. This means that anybody can come to Chang Chui but to enjoy the music, you had to buy the wristband, which is quite inexpensive for an event like this"

Unless I am traveling, I would definitely go to this year's edition. I suggest you do the same. It's just such an awesome experience. As more info is released, I'll be updating this again. 

Siam Songkran

Songkran is one of those times when the party goes to the next level. You could hit the streets or outdoor clubs to play but if you really want to have a crazy time, then try some of Bangkok's Songkran music festivals. Two of the biggest ones are S20 and Siam Songkran. I've never been to S20 but I have been to Siam Songkran in 2019 and it was epic. 

2020 lineup has not been announced and tickets are not on sale either but I bet it's going to be even better than last year with a huge production of music, food, and a showcase of Thai culture. 


If there was ever a festival to save up for, it's Wonderfruit. 2019 was the first time I went to this 4-day, world-famous festival that focuses on sustainability, art, food, and of course music. It was an amazing experience that I hope to recreate this year again. Read about my experience.

It's a bigger version of Jai Thep. Some say it's like a mix of Burning Man and Coachella. I've been to neither so I can't confirm that. 

Interestingly, no information has been announced yet regarding artist lineups, activities or even the date and yet pre-early bird tickets for Wonderfruit are ALREADY sold out. That is insane. Shows how popular this festival is. 

Keep an eye on their website or Facebook page for updates.

How many festivals will you be going this year? Also, keep checking back as more festivals are sure to be announced later this year. I'll be updating this again mid-year. 

Shayan Adventures

 Tuesday, January 21, 2020 1:59 PM