After return from Chiang mai trip then I think why not I try Phuket in January the month which lots of people travel to this island. Then I book ticket!!!

16th January

After came back from Chiangmai. I miss the sea and want to see this island in January so I fly to Phuket for short trip (3 days). And this 3 days will be only lazy days as this time I come alone without itinerary.

Reached to Phuket around 12.00pm and heading direct to hotel. Indigo Patong is the hotel that I will stay this time. This hotel located in North Patong, the hotel designed stylishly to mirror Patong’s vibrant scene of tropical forests, bright neon lights and fishing village heritage.

I booked “Sleep room” the first room type. The room is very nice decoration with boxing theme.

So, everything are about boxing.

Bathrobe and slipper.

Coffee cup and painting in the room look like tattoo.

After checked in and put luggage in the room I went out to walk around and hotel’s staff told me that only 10 minutes walking I can reach to the most popular shopping mall name ‘Jung Ceylon”.

There are many tourists in this high season.

I walk around the mall and got a t-shirt from Superdry (my favorite brand). I booked foot massage at Let’s Relax for 2 hours. I suggest you try the branch behind Jung Ceylon mall as the one next to Jung Ceylon always full (staff said). And a therapist who massage me name "Nhu Khal" and I like the way she massage so much.

The massage was very good. I almost sleep because muscles of my leg got released.

After 2 hours massage then I walked back to hotel. It is very good hotel on walking distance to the beach, restaurant, shopping area, nightlight. 

And there is Korean restaurant next to hotel which look very nice so I had dinner there. Here is my menu.

After finished dinner then I walk back to hotel. As I really want to lay down on the bed after long day.

Working table is a must for me when I stay in hotel together with free wi-fi. And it make me change from lay down on the bed to be sit at working desk.

I notice that now a day, many new hotels provide USB charger so we do not need to worry if we forgot to bring plug.

I like the bathroom; furniture is mixed between modern and vintage.

I was enjoy sitting in front of my laptop, writing about my trip till bed time.

17th January

I woke up around 7am. Actually, quite early for vacation but I can not sleep longer (it is body clock). I want to spend more than one hour at breakfast as I heard a lot about their breakfast.

International buffet line set up nicely.

Hot dish also buffet and you can chose from the menu then they will cook fresh one for you one by one.

And the fruit juice are fresh fruit. And I love coconut juice and watermelon juice so much.

I spent the day relax at hotel and take a nap till my friend called. 

And then I go out to meet her, we have long talk after long time no see before we decided to walk out to have dinner at one of the famous local restaurant in Patong area.  "Number 6 Restaurant".

A small restaurant with less than 10 tables. But always crowded by people on long que. We were lucky to arrive quite early so we waiting only 10 minutes to get table.

We start order food and then got 6 dishes.

My friend Sarah like noodle so we order noodle with soup and Phad Thai.

And I order a signature of the restaurant. Fried sweet oyster with Thai chili paste.

And we got shrimp tempura and fried morning glory with oyster sauce.

No rice today but we were so full.

We say good bye to each other and then I walked back to hotel. In this area no need car, everything on walking distance.

You can see how much popular of this restaurant. After we finished dinner at Number 6 restaurant. We saw that there still long queue.

After refreshment and spent 2 hours with laptop. Then I go to bed.

18th January
Today I woke up early (around 5.30am) because I have appointment with another friends. We are going to fresh market and walk around Phuket old town.

I was ready at 6.30am and get taxi to the old town (500B/way). Taxi here is very expensive, around 30 minutes distance but this is normal price for taxi here.

The meeting point for us is Lor Rong Market. 

There are shops selling cooked food, drinks, coffee etc.,

We tried the traditional noodle “Mhee Hoon” they fried noodle with soy source eat with fresh bean sprouts. 

And they serve small bowl of clear soup with pork rip.

I tried hot chocolate from local shop which I like.

And tried some Thai dessert.

We finished light breakfast very quick because I really want to start walking.

First place we stop is Chinese temple which is one of famous temple for Chinese people.

And close to the temple they have lots of vegetarian food shops which very good if you are vegetarian but I’m not so I’m looking for other choice.

We reached to the wholesales market where they selling flowers, fruits, vegetable similar to Pakklong Talad in Bangkok but smaller.

This place not much interesting for me so we walked a head to old town of Phuket.

My friend Phai lead me to another market where they selling fresh vegetable and fruit from Myanmar and there are lots of Myanmar people living in this area.

We walked pass the market where they selling lots of fruit especially pineapple.

I stopped by at the big graffiti to get special shot as I am a big fan of ALEX FACE.

Passing the graffiti then we reach to the Phuket Old town.

We walking pass the Thau Hua Museum but because it was too early so we did not enter to the museum.

We enjoy walking along the road of Phuket old town and seeing lots of old architecture buildings.

We passed the Southern food shop which selling “Roti” I really want to try but I was too fool.

We keep walking and talking and finally stop at the nice café name “Kao Luck”. The decoration with submarine style with the special glass of latte is fantastic.

After finished drink then we continue walking on another road.

And get more shots from the wall, houses, building. To this junction call "Deebuk" and I saw very nice graffiti.

Time flies so fast. I have to go back to hotel as my flight is noon flight and now is 9am but I still 1 hour away from hotel and did not check out yet. When I reached to hotel driver was there waiting for me already. Then no time to shower I just go to the room and pick all luggage, check out and left to Airport.

This trip to Phuket is very short only 2 nights but I was full with itinerary and trying and visiting may places.

Phuket have more and more hotels and entertainment area. However, there are still some secret and hidden places waiting for us to explore. I’m sure that soon I will come again. I love you Phuket.


 Tuesday, January 21, 2020 5:10 PM