Say Hi @ Nong Khai Skywalk

Sawaddee Krab, today1,900 Miles would like to take you all to Say : Hello & Say : Hi !! to Nong Khai Skywalk or new view point of Wat Pha Tak Sue, Sangkom District.

In the temple is very shady with many kinds of tree. It is also a place that Buddhisms come to pray to Buddha Image for their luckiness.

Moreover, there is also Kong River viewpoint which is also very beautiful especially when the water down. We will see through the water and it looks like The Serpent Movement. It is also announced as Dream Destination where you must go once in your life.

Nowadays, Wat Pha Tak Sue has become an important destination in Nong Khai. They have built a new sky walk that protrude from the cliff in horseshoes shape with a distant of 16 meters. The sky walk is made from see through glass and can support the weigh up to 2,500 KG. or around 20 people. So people can enjoy the panorama view.

Now the sky walk is ready for everyone to visit.

For more information you can visit their page: or contact Ministy of Tourism and Sport Nong Khai Office Tel. 0-4242-0745 or 0-4241-1771

These are views and atmosphere today....^^

(Thank you very much to Police Lieutenant Surat Warsiri for the venue.)

Please check direction and find more information before departure....^^

Thank you very much