My friend Yui wants to release stress during situation which coronavirus effected to our country in overall. We (me,Yui, Eed and Alem) agreed escape from Bangkok for this weekend to get fresh air in another provinces.

I’m the first one arrived to the meeting point which is at Sukosol Hotel Bangkok because it is convenience for everyone. I came by taxi, Eed and Alem will come by sky train and get off at Phayathai station and then walk to meeting point. Yui came by taxi.

As today is weekend and it still early when I left home to I reached to the place too early. Nothing to do and nothing to do so I walked around area. I stopped by at the congee shop where there are many people line up. Seem this should be good shop and I still have 40 minutes before meeting time. Then I tried congee with minced pork and half-boiled egg. The taste is not bad and the prices is very cheap only THB 30.

As I just want to try and as it was too early to I did not finish congee. Walked to the hotel’s lobby which still quiet because it was only 6.40am. The decoration of their coffee shop is so nice, feel like sitting in living room.

Everyone arrived almost same time and earlier than meeting time. Seem everyone excited for this trip. Van also ready then we left Bangkok around 7.20am.

We expected to reach to first stop “Risky Market” or “Train Market” or “Railway Market” or Talad Rom Hoob (in Thai)” before 9am as we want to be in the moment when train run passing the shops where selling their goods on the railway. This market is located in Samut Sakhon province which is only 48 km from Bangkok and it it part of the Bangkok Metropolitan Region. Samui Sakhon was formerly called Tha Chin (Chinese Pier) probably because, in the old days. It had been a trading port for a vast number of Chinese junks. In 1548, a City named Sakhon Buri was established at the mouth of the Tha Chin River. It was a center for recruiting troops from various seaside towns. The name of the City was changed to Mahachai when Klong (canal) Mahachai was dug in 1704 to connect the Tha Chin River to the city. Later the city was renamed Samui Sakhon by King Rama IV but it is still popularly called Mahachai by its residents.

The driver is very good, he drove safely and professional and most of all he took us reach to the place around 8.30am so we have enough time to prepare.

Alem, Yui and Eed never came here before so they are so excited with the market and lots of tourists standing in the train station area.

We got some shots while waiting for schedule.

Alem is the first one who ask me to take nice shot for him in front of the train.

And then Yui and Eed.

It was 9am when we heard the bell ringing as a signal that train going to move out from station. The same time that all shops starting to move their goods out from the railway and also all umbrella other the train can not move pass.

It was amazing moment for all especially Alem.

After that we walked pass the market. I remember that there are a very delicious rice with boiled chicken so I invited them to try.

Everyone ordered almost the same menu but Yui and Eed do not eat skin while me and Alem eat everything.

It might too early to wake up for Alem today so he wants coffee and what he wants is “Latte” but it is only a small local shop and local people do not drink international brand coffee. So, I suggested him try “Thai Americano” or we call “Oliang” it is black coffee with some sugar with ice. He likes it.

Actaully, along the way to the rice shop. We bought many local dessert, fruits.

Eed got coconut pan cake.

I got coconut pudding.

Yui got Mangosteen and Jack fruit.

Alem also got sweet corn. We put all on the table and start enjoy our breakfast.

You may not believe that 4 dishes of rice with chicken plus 4 drinks is only THB 180 but it TRUE.

Outside Bangkok where local people still live like their parent were since long time ago. They always surprise you with very cheap prices for quality foods, fruits, goods etc.,

We paid and start walking to the temple “Wat Ban Laem”. According to legend, reverend Father (Thai people call buddha image and monk by put special word “Luang Por” in front of their name for example “Luang Por Wat Ban Laem” mean the main buddha image at Ban Laem temple) is related to the legend of reverend main buddha image at another 5 temples. The legend say there are Buddha images floating from the northern city, Upon arriving in the central region, dispersed and enshrined in 5 provinces and 3 of them become very famous and Wat Ban Laem is one of them.

Now there are many Thai people and tourist visit this temple to see beautiful Buddha image especially Thai people come to pray and make a wish.

I and Alem went inside the Ubosot where there is Luang Por Wat Ban Laem sitting on high stand. And make a wish for family.

After that we came back to the van and then continue to second stop which is the most Alem likes. Only 15 minutes from temple then we reached to the pier where there are many long tail boats waiting for tourist.

We paid for private long tail boat as we want to have more time to take nice shots or stop by some places especially to explain to Alem who always have question with everything he saw. He loves to learn and know everything in this country.

I’m sitting on the front because I want to take photos of view and also group photo.

We spent around 30 minutes on the long tail boat to the most popular floating market in Thailand “Damnern Saduak Floating Market” Everyone enjoyed the view along the canal.

This is season for fruits so we saw jackfruit, mangoes, rose apple, plum mangoes etc.,

There are houses made by wood along the canal. Every house has large balcony for cleaning, washing, cooking etc.,

Every house has fruit or vegetable plantation around their house so very easy to pick them for cooking.

On the way, we met big lizard. We know that if we saw this kind of animal mean the nature around that area still clean.

We were enjoy the view until we reached to the center of floating market. We got of the boat and walk along the market on the ground. Many shops selling souvenir, foods, fruits, snack, drink etc.,

I bought Thai snack for them to try. It is crispy roll with sugar egg noodle inside. I like this snack so much.

Alem also got coconut pan cake and he also likes it so much.

We enjoy walking and eating along the canal. We walked deep inside to the original side of floating market. Lao Tak Lak is the original name of this market but when the business men came to this area and built many shops and bring in many souvenirs from other province to sell here. But in Lao Tak Lak area still keep original local life.

Many tourists go to the bridge to take photos of the boat and shops. But in my opinion I think Damnern Saduak is not only market. But it village so we should get some shots from this point where we can see more wider view.

Yui got this shot.

And then Eed

Even Alem also got it.

We cross the Lao Tak Lak side and stop at this traditional coffee shop which people here prefer more than international brand. When you order coffee you will get this one.

They start with put condensed milk around 2 table spoons in to the glass. And then the put black coffee in to the glass.

And then mix them together. And then put in the ice.

Very good taste.

And if you do not like coffee then you should consider Thai tea. The way they mix is similar with coffee.

We spent around 10 minutes with our coffee and then we walked back to the van to move to another place.

We visit coconut plantation to see how they make sugar from coconut flower.

This is big land and they plant lots of fruit and vegetable and also fish in the small canal in the plantation.

There is a small paddle which Alem really want to try but because he is too big then I try and show him how to paddle.

We were enjoyed walking around the plantation. Alem excited when he saw jack fruit tree.

After spent around 30 minutes at coconut plantation then we moved to the last place. Bang Kung Temple.

This temple is one of important temple in history of Thailand and registered to be “UNSEEN THAILAND” as same as Wat Mahathat in Ayudhaya.

The highlight is the roots of Banyan Tree which cover Ubosot.

If you stand outside you will see that the rout skip around all windows.

And if you get in side you will see the routs also come down inside as well.

You can see some painting on the wall but all paints almost gone because of the time. I found from Wikipedia about the history of this temple. Since Ayutthaya period in 1765, Burmese troops attacked Ayutthaya. Somdet Phra Chao Yu Hua Phra Thi Nang Suriyat Amarin (King of Ayutthaya) commanded navy encamped and build the wall around Wat Bang Kung in the middle of the camp as a spirit center for soldiers. 

Burmese troops moved along Maeklong river until they found Bang Kung Camp. The army of Ayutthaya could not resist them. Finally, the camp was destroyed and become abandoned camp.

In 1767, after King Taksin the Great (King of Thonburi) regained the country's independence, he commanded the Chinese from Rayong, Chon Buri, Ratchaburi, and Kanchanaburi to form a guard to protect the camp and called it Bang Kung Chinese Camp.

In 1768, Burmese troops led by Burmese king of Angwa ordered army and navy to besiege Bang Kung Chinese camp again. Chinese troops fought and almost could not resist them until King Taksin the Great found out about the battle. King Taksin the Great and Maha Sura Singhanat jointly fought and defeated the Burmese. This victory affects many aspects including Thailand still being independent nation and gave them great encouragement.

Amazing history.

A few steps from Ubosot we walked to the see lots of statue of men in difference action look like Thai boxing. The first person who have question is Alem so I explained to him that each action is from Thai boxing as in the past we do not have lots of weapon like present. So, the weapon are sword, spear, and all soldier must know how to fight without weapon.

We spent around 20 minutes there and then Yui raised her hand and say “We did not have lunch yet, did we ?”

Then the history class was end and we get on the van to find good restaurant for late lunch as it was 3pm already.

I have a recommended restaurant from my friend name “Krua Ton Thip” which is located around 1 hour from the temple but as everyone not too much hungry so I took them to that restaurant.

We order 4 menus for 4 of us.

I chose deep fried fish with Thai herb with lemon, red onion, chili. Alem want vegetable so I order spicy fried young coconut tree. Eed who love fish cake so much so she ordered that one. And Yui want to drink soup and she chose spicy red clear soup with fish egg.

In this area is famous with coconut. People eat and use almost every part of coconut. Young coconut tree can cook, coconut meat can cook, coconut juice can drink, coconut shell can make a bowl, coconut tree can make table or chair, coconut leaf can make hat or basket, syrup from coconut flower can make sugar palm. And all are organic.

We enjoy late lunch. I think it is not about hungry but the taste of the food is amazing. Good quality as well. And the price is only THB 815 for all dishes and drink.

After finished all food then we left to the van and heading back to Bangkok. On the way back to Bangkok is so quiet because everyone full from lunch so it is time to relax.

This trip was amazing. Yui, Eed and Alem never been to this area before while I am coming many time because I love fruit and food in this area and I always happy to bring people to visit outside Bangkok and this is the reason why I love to travel in Thailand. Because every times I travel I always see new thing come up while many thing that I feel familiar. I am not a tour guide but I love to share what I know and how I love this country.

Follow me if you want to have experience like us. We go, we try, we test, we buy and we have fun. And we already planed for next trip to Kanchanaburi may be!!!


 Monday, February 3, 2020 7:37 PM