What! On the first day in Las Vegas, we randomly booked an affordable hotel/resort that weirdly has a malfunction bathtub in a bedroom (the Most affordable one we have found near Las Vegas Strip!). The good thing is it’s located just right by all these munchies, fast food and one of them turns out to be the Classic White Castle!

Here! Literally a dumb bathtub right in our bedroom! Then we got a question ‘Why the heck?’ #lol

White Castle

I actually had no idea about this American mini-burger joint but Kev was the one who got all excited about it. ‘Las Vegas is the farest west you could get White Castle! and I have never had it before…’

Well, what is it exactly anyways?

White Castle is an American regional hamburger restaurant chain across 13 states, with its greatest presence in the Midwest. The country’s first fast-food chain. It is known for its small, square hamburgers or we call it cutely ‘sliders’

The first branch was opened not so long till the next 3 started popping out like mushrooms in Las Vegas. The one we went to is on Paradise Street. The ones you all could probably get to easier are probably the one on the Las Vegas strip and the one in Downtown (Just a block away from the famous Heart Attack Grills #wow).

Anyways, we got 10 White Castle’s mini-burgers that come with a 2-3 person meal, 2 drinks, 2 boxes of fries, another loaded fries and a Fudge-Dipped Brownie. That was A LOT of food but hey, Kev got us covered #lol

*** The prices I will be mentioning here are all Las Vegas Prices. It’s a bit (a lot) cheaper on East Coast.

White Castle Packs No.7

10 Original sliders, 2 regular soft drinks and 2 regular french fries ($18.99)

When I got this, I was like, ‘Dang! I would finish all this!’ Reasons: I was hungry after many hours of traveling from Santa Cruz + They look dang good! + How mini can the burgers be? I got 3 down and I was like ‘Oh man, this is not that mini’

Honestly, they’re not too bad but it gives such a different feeling of eating a real burger. It’s not that juicy and the patties are so thin. Kev quite liked it… The fries are old-school wavy fries with the only salt.

White Castle’s Loaded Fries ($3.99)

The loaded fries come with the cheddar cheese sauce with all the fatty crispy bacon. Perfect comfort food for stoners indeed! I dived in real quick for this one. The cheese, the bacon, and the melted cheese probably got together so well with the hungry Asian, I assume. It was good till it got a bit too salty after many bites

We also got White Castle fudge-dipped brownie ($1.99) Looks like the way it sounds but just one first bite I was straight ‘I’m out‘. It’s like you eating a sugar bar or something. The sweetness hurts my throat.

Our experience at White Castle in Las Vegas

After the meal, with all those wasteful boxes that came with every one of the White Castle sliders, we just wanted to have fun and turn them into gigantic legos. Guess what, it’s not just us, it’s acutally a thing! Every box has a different saying and one of them tell us to stack them all together and smash them all down. #fun !

Not sure about the other 3 but the location we went on Paradise Street, open 24 hours. The shop is quite spacious but surprisingly, not many customers. We’re literally one out of 3 or 4 tables they got at the time. I think with everything combined (yes, with that super-duper sweet fudge dipped brownie too), it was not bad of a fast food meal. I like the classicness and the fact that it’s the first-ever fast-food chain in the US. For what I heard, it was the biggest rival of McDonald’s back then too!

Pricing though, from where it’s from is way cheaper compared to in Las Vegas. Almost half the price of everything.. That’s #intense. Give it a try if you have never tried and you happen to be in Las Vegas!

For me, honestly, it might actually be just a one-time thing.

4 locations of White Castle in Las Vegas


107 N 4TH ST

I-15 & JEAN


Official site: http://www.whitecastlevegas.com/menu/

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