If you gonna ask me whether I love " Sea" or passionate in " Mountain" which one do I like the most ? I am not reluctant to tell you that I am not sure about the answer because I really do not know and I always passionate with the nature every single trip.

I am even more than happy when I stay in the resort which is close to the nature. We will stay in Cross Two Kui Buri Resort, it has own unique style with sea view ambience.

This trip has been occurred because Krung Thai Card company limited or KTC has arranged the best middle and small Boutique Hotel project under theme " Thailand Boutique Awards Season 3 (2014 - 2015) there are many Boutique hotels participate in this festival. And I am given a chance to review the hotels in this project, X2 Kui Buri (Cross Two Kui Buri ) is one of the hotel in this project that I will stay for doing review.

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Cross Two Kui Buri is located near Kui Buri Beach, it is pretty close to Prachuap Khiri Khan. You drive your car on Petch Kasem. There are the signs indicating along the way. X2 Kui Buri (Cross Two Kui Buri) is one of the boutique hotel where is managed by Boutique Hotel Management Asia (BHMA)

The uniqueness of X2 Kui Buri is the stone wall, it refer to strength. The architecture is inspired by dam ridge.

I drive my car without any hurry. On the way to thee hotel, I visit the lotus Sam Roi Yod Lotus pond, this is one of the popular place that many photographers have visited. It is not difficult to find the entrance of this pond but I feel a bit tired because there are no signs leading the way to the pond.

After paying the entrance fee, we continue walking on the bridge. Then, I sit in the resting area to enjoy the nice view. Unfortunately, the sun is not so shinny but the wind still blows well.

To continue walking and enjoy nice view

We finally reach X2 Kui Buri (Cross Two Kui Buri ) After parking my car, the staffs welcome me to the lobby and take the luggage to my room.

I am attracted by the lobby. Even though, it is designed modestly, the lobby at night is more beautiful than the day time.

To take lime soda and refresh yourself with refreshing towel.

There are 23 rooms in Cross Two Kui Buri, there are 23 rooms in total. They are categorized into 5 room types;

Deluxe Garden Villa - 4 Villas, for this room type has the same size at 70 square meters as Deluxe Pool Villa and Deluxe Oceanfront Pool Villa but the swimming pool is not available in this room type.

Deluxe Pool Villa - 15 Villas

Deluxe Oceanfront Pool Villa - 2 Villas

Luxury Pool Villa Suites - 1 room

Royal Villa - 1 Villa

From above photo, it is Luxury Pool Villa Suite, there are 2 floors in this room type and it is close to the main swimming pool. The size of this room type is 145 square meters, it is suitable for 4 guests. The bedrooms are available for both floors.

For Royal Villa is the luxurious villa with the room size at 225 square meters. This room type not only have bedrooms available on both floors but it also has the building zone which connects with living room and kitchen. There is the balcony where you can enjoy the nice view and sea breeze. Unfortunately, I am unable to take the photo of this room type because it is occupied.

This is one of the outstanding design, the room number has been attached on the wooden surface.

For my first night, I will stay in Deluxe Pool Villa room no. 8

Deluxe Pool Villa

The area of this room type is 90 square meters including the swimming pool at 20 square meters.

I am really excited to stay in this hotel. Even though, it has been open for the ages and been criticized by many reviews. But, this place really attracts me because of its outstanding design.

The light and tone in this room type is extremely beautiful, the swimming pool of each room are positioned differently.

The are resting area outside where you can take a nap, read a book, watch TV that is accompanied with CD player. However, the daybed is a bit out of date.

There is a beautiful long black pool to swim all day long. Good for exercise!

There is the mini bar available in the room, it is full of beverage, snacks and water.

The coffee machine is available in the room. Tea and coffee are complimentary.

To explore surrounding area by following the sign.

The main swimming pool is close to the big swimming pool. The atmosphere is really nice, it really persuades me to swim in the pool.

The sun quite nice and the sky is also beautiful for today.

I walk to the beach. Even though, the beach is not so white but it is still beautiful, calm and private.

Once I continue walking a bit further, I have found fishermen's village. The boats are calmly stopped and await to start its journey in the big Thai Gulf.

After walking against sun ray, it is time to go back to the room, I have taken a rest in the room for a while. Then, it is time for me to take the photos. The target place is restaurant, I am leaded by the hotel sign 4K to the restaurant.

The name of this restaurant is Fork restaurant (4K Restaurant and Bar), it has squared shape look like lobby. The restaurant has faced to the sea in order to let the wind flows freely.

Fork Restaurant (4K Restaurant andBar)

It opens from 07.00 AM to 11.00 PM, it serves fusion food both Thai and European by experienced chef.

The is also a bar for drinking and chilling out, the bar is decorated with red color mixing with orange color, the length of this bar is around 14.5 meters. It is made from synthetic stone or bogus stone.

The moment of twilight moment, it makes this restaurant beautiful and impressive.

The sofa zone where you are able to gather and chitchat in group.

We imagine that if we sit at this table, it really arouses us to enjoy the food.

We have take some photos outside the restaurant, this is one of the romantic area to view the sea.

Outside restaurant during twilight moment.

The upper floor of this restaurant is open air zone and it is really suitable for holding special event.

After taking the photos of the surrounding area, I feel really tired and hungry

So, I start ordering watermelon juice to refresh myself.

This menu is spicy fish soup, it is good for health. I especially like the bowl of this soup, I think it is beautiful.

This is Salmon Pesto is one of the recommended menu of X2 Kui Buri. The big fillet of salmon accompanying with spinach and mashed potato, it is really delicious.

I order only 2 menus and white rice. I feel really full and happy to dine in the nice atmosphere and beautiful serenity. It is the time to go back to the room.

I go outside to take a photo of the star.

In the morning, I start taking the morning twilight at the lobby.

It is really nice moment of the beautiful sky and stunning morning twilight.

Unfortunately, I could not take the photo of the sky that long as the soft bed in the room has caught my attention. I spend a few minutes on the bed, I get up and try to pull the bed sheet straightaway.

At the room wall, it is built to leave your accessories and be your desk at the same time. It is also very convenient because you are able to fold it once you do not use it.

In the bathroom, it has been clearly divided for dry zone and wet zone. It is designed to let some light pass through the room. This makes us have the beautiful light once we take the photos.

The morning twilight has gone, it is the time to recharge some energy.

In the morning time at 4 K restaurant.

The breakfast starts at 7 am, I would like to include both 2 days breakfast at the same time. I start sipping the aromatic espresso.

The hotel guests are able to order unlimited menu. For the signature menu is white egg omelet. Apart from its look, the taste is also great.

egg benedict

Two menus of porridge with prawn

Apart from ordered menu, the hotel also serves unlimited buffet line.

Homemade Yogurt.

This is champagne Breakfast, would you like to have a sip?

Once I feel full, it is the time to talk a walk in order to make the digestion. I pass the main swimming pool, I could not find many guests swim in the pool. I guess, this is because they already have their own private swimming pool at the villa.

The depth of this swimming pool is 125 cms.

If you would like to swim, you need to wash your body at this point. The weather is really unpredictable, thus it influences on my photos taking. I can take only a few photos due to this reason.

There is a spa nearby showering area. But I do not go into the spa because it is occupied.

Today, I will move to Deluxe Oceanfront Pool Villa. There are only 2 rooms which are in front of the beach, I really like this.

The area of this room is 110 square meters, the swimming pool is aligned with the wall.

There is a sofa at the edge of the bed in Deluxe Pool Villa.

There is the Day Bed in front of the room where you are able to take a nap and chill out. Furthermore, you are able to swim and enjoy the nice view at the same time.

The bath room design of this room type looks a like the one in Deluxe Pool Villa. There is only some difference, there is a bath tub in Deluxe Oceanfront Pool Villa.

Here comes the evening twilight.

Today, the sky is really beautiful, it is nice to take the photos.

Below photo of tamarind tree, it is close to the lobby. It has been here for the ages or maybe a century. It is really beautiful and outstanding in the middle of the green field. I highly recommend to not forget to take the photo of this tamarind tree once you visit this hotel.

It is also suitable for pre-wedding photo.

The moment light at the lobby is very nice, it is totally different from the day time.

The entrance to 4K restaurant.

I continue walking to the main swimming pool in order to get the better twilight.

There are tamarind trees nearby swimming pool, they provide shady atmosphere. But they also provide disadvantage because tamarind leaves fall into the swimming pool.

In front of the accommodation.

To take some photos of restaurant.

After taking many photos, so it is time to have dinner. I choose the same table in order to listen to the beautiful serenity.

However, the menu is different, I order some appetizer.

This is one of signature dish:Salmon Nicoise Salad x2. It is the authentic Salmon salad of Nice, France.

For another menu is Beef Tenderloin, it is the beef steak. It is extremely delicious.

Finally, it is time to go back home. On the day back home, the sky is usually nice. It really persuades me to take the photos by starting at the main swimming pool.

At the main swimming pool.

Have spent a few minutes at the restaurant.

To continue walking to the lobby. Even though, the weather is quite hot but I am still happy.

To sum up about X2 Kui Buri (Cross Two Kui Buri)

I really like the atmosphere here. Even the beach is not white sandy one but it is very calm and you are able to enjoy sun set from the resort. The design of X2 Kui Buri really impresses me, I like the square concept which is implemented for designing hotel. The stone has played the main role for the decoration in lobby, restaurant or even accommodation. It is very outstanding and symbolic. The WIFI (complimentary ) is available covering all areas of this hotel.

For the restaurant , it is designed to let the light in perfectly. It is close to the beach, you can enjoy soft wind.

Furthermore, the food is very delicious with reasonable price. For the weakness of this restaurant is the accessibility because it is far from Bangkok when we compare with other popular attractions such as Hua Hin, Cha Am etc. The another reason of weakness is the out of date, I have seen that the hotel starts renovating some parts.

Photos are the most important part that I would like to invite you to visit my review. I have taken all photos by digital camera by using photo shop to adjust the photos.

I really want to thank you for X2 Kui Buri for Thailand Boutique Awards Season 32014 - 2015. Also thank for Pantip website to give me such a great review from the followers who read, click like or cheer up us. I would like to also thank for those who are non membership of Pantip but have spent your valuable time to read " Chai Ka Tawan"

The sea has never slept, it always awaits and welcomes us. If your body desire for the sea, then I wish the sea to be with all of you.

See you soon for the next review.

From Mr." Chaica Tawan"



 Thursday, April 30, 2015 7:21 PM