Meemee Shabu [New Menu 2015] written by Do is On The WAY

มีมี่ชาบู New Menu 2015 Sawadee krab, I have got other chance to visit and review Meenee Shabu again after my first review has been posted since beginning of opening. [ Click here for the previous review ]. This review will introduce you to all new menus 2015. Just to remind how to g

Meemee Shabu [New Menu 2015]

Meemee Shabu [New Menu 2015]


New Menu 2015

Sawadee krab,

I have got other chance to visit and review Meenee Shabu again after my first review has been posted since beginning of opening. [ Click here for the previous review ]. This review will introduce you to all new menus 2015. Just to remind how to get there again!! Meemee Shabu locates on Ratchaphruek road, between Rattanathibet and Rama 5 Traffic Circle, keep driving on the left to parallel lens (observe road sign "Nontaburi Pier"), when get close to Yotha-thikarn Nontaburi 2002 bridge keep going straight, then cross under the bridge don't turn left. the Meemee Shabu is at the entrance of Bangkok Boulevard, Ratchaphruek Rama 5. In a commercial building, two rooms connected size. Alright, let's up date the menus and it's quality....

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Menus and drinks list...


Roasted Duck, Hong Kong Style,
Standard portion, glazed skin color, crispy skin with month-watering aroma, soft and tender meat without duck smell, served with tasty deep sauce, well balance. I recommend !!!!

'Crispy Pork Belly ' Hong Kong Style
Crunchy skin, cooked until fat reduced, served with deep sauce, also recommended !!!

'Roasted Pork with Honey Red Sauce'
Juicy meat with herbals aromas, sweetness touch, recommend!!!

Deep sauces are one of the highlight such as Shabu Shabu deep, Sesame deep, or self flavored deep sauce with provided ingredients. These sauces are very original and unique,,

'Yentafo Hot Pot Set'
Newest Shabu Shabu, which is Yentafo main ingredients with morning glory.. The soup is light Yentafo flavored, which is not to spicy for every, and they can adjust to their preference. Recommend!!!!

Other Shabu Shabu new menus....

'Aussie Beef Tenderloin'
A good portion of Aussie beef, thicker sliced with marbling, looking very delicious and tender, I recommend!!!!!!

Promotion from now until 15 May 2015, cross out from 178 Bath, Only 148 Bath per plate, Hurry up!!!!!!

'Fresh Oysters'
Medium size fresh oysters, sweet in taste,, Recommend....

Firm meat, don't put in the hot soup too long, not too fishy, which is ok...

'Fish Head'
A good portion fish head, put this into the soup to make it a better taste. Fresh and clean, not fishy at all,, Recommend!!!!

'Meemee Miced Pork Ball'
Meaty pork ball,, well done!!!

'Sliced Pork Meat'
Sliced into a bite size, tender and good quality,, recommended!!

sticky with good quality....

'Green Noodle'
Well balance in texture, Recommended...

'Garlic Fried Rice'
Garlic aroma come at first, not oily. This is one of the best garlic fried rice, which is quite difficult to find around the city...Recommended...

Don't forget to try Shabu Shabu special sets..

'Meemee Original Set'
Rich beans soup, Sliced beef and accompaniments. Blanch sliced beef in the hot soup, not to let it over cook, the sweetness from beef itself and from the soup is already tasty enough without deep sauce,,,,If you like rich bean soup, this is your pot to try... Recommended..........

'Meemee Set'
Clear soup tacks team with marinated pork. fully flavored pork with a bite size. To flavor the soup add fish head for richer taste. At the end add Udon noodle in the soup, good way to end your meal. This pot is regular Shabu Shabu, which most of us are familiar. ... Recommended!!

'Meemee Khao Khao Set'
Clear soup with mixed meat and seafood, marinated with egg and brawn sauce in old style. Spice up with tasty deep sauce. If you are a fan of old style with richer soup I would recommend!!!!

Dessert menus, 'Young Coconut Tapioca Pearls' Aromatic, not over sweet.. Recommended!!!

'Black Grass Jelly with Fresh Milk'

Drinks list, line up with none alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, I recommend lemon and butter fly blossom juice, mix it well before drinking...

The day I visited, it was packed. The restaurant is clean and bright with day light, service was good. The new menus use quality ingredients, are crafted in good taste and portions, especially Hong Kong style dishes are well done. All the old dishes are still maintained the same quality since opened. Great deep sauces, great garlic fried rice, which is difficult to find such a good garlic fried rice, you should not miss it. Meemee is one of the restaurants, who keep up it's quality and always up date the menus. Good news for us is not too long to wait, the Meemee will open in The Season project, Phaya Thai, next to Phaya Thai 2 hospital and in City Connect project, on the down town direction of Kanlapaphruek road. Keep yourself up to date....

Last but not least, even the price is not that expensive but Meemee wold like to give you this promotion as a present. For you, who read this review and want to experience will get 5 % discount when pay by cash, starting from 1 May until 7 may 2015

Tank you, Meemee so much

Khob Khun Krab



- Free a glass of Lemon and butter fly blossom when order roasted pork with honey, Crispy Pork Hong Kong Style or Grilled Duck Hong Kong Style, now until 30 April 2015

- Get 5 % off when pay by cash, 1-7 may 2015

- Aussie Beef discount from 178 Bath only 148 Bath per plate from now until 15 may 2015

Address and Information

Meemee Shabu

103 Moo 4 Ratchaphruek Rd., Nonthaburi 11000
11:00-14:00 / 17:00-22:00 (Monday - Thursday) and 11:00-22:00 (Friday to Sunday) (last order 21:30)
Tell: 0-2447-8669, 08-5939-9908

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