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I'm back as usual, with a new place to visit!

This time I will take to Appenzell

( A p p e n z e l l )

The small idyllic city of fields, cowbells, milk, and cheese with the most beautiful nature.

They say that this city has preserved the true essence of "Switzerland" the most too.

❝ Let's look at the photos of this blog to see if it is like what they say! ❞

❝ I had the chance to drive around to get the feel of the city ❞

For me, I consider it to be one of the best scenery along the way before entering Appenzell city.

❝ Get to Appenzell by Train ❞

I began my journey from Zurich and took the IR line to Gossau SG.

Then, I took the local S3 line train to Appenzell. 

It takes around 2 hours to reach Appenzell, but taking the train in Switzerland is not boring at all. The scenery on both sides of the train is splendid.

Along the way, you would see photos of brown houses contrasting the green mountains, located on the lines of the valley to the river...

❝ That is the place I want to see with my own eyes up close❞

During cold weather, the beauty of nature becomes heightened.

 Along the route, the view outside was amazing ❞

Especially in the morning, if you go early, you can see the faint traces of fog in the air "

❝ Such an impressive atmosphere! ❞

To see how amazing it is, scroll down!

❝ Next, let's go sightseeing in Appenzell city! ❞

A city surrounded by the Alps and green fields mixed with various colorful flowers"

The best things to do when visiting this city is taking a walk around the city and take in the atmosphere.

❝ Buildings are preserved in their traditional style ❞

which have unique characteristics like round gables and roofs made of tiles.

 Take photos with the houses of Appenzell city, which have been turned into shops.

❝ The  painted patterns on the buildings ❞

They have their own style of painting houses like flowers, numbers, and cartoons.

This city has preserved the true essence of Switzerland.

❝ In the city, there are many shops and restaurants ❞

 If you have some free time, you can walk around the city and take photos.

There are buildings, houses and old styles of architecture. The city is small but easy to travel around.

I can walk all day without getting bored.

❝ If you plan your route well not over 3 hours, you visit all the important locations on foot ❞

From Appenzell city to  ❝St. Gallen ❞

A northern city in Switzerland.

Let's go see the beautiful St. Gallen cathedral!

❝ Stiftskirche St. Gallen Cathedral ❞

You can see its prominent twin towers and the large building at the back.

❝ Built with the Baroque style and became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983  ❞

 Inside the cathedral, there are famous wall and fresco paintings designed and painted by the famous artist

❝ Michaelangelo ❞

Walk out the back door to go to the library

❝ Abbey Library ❞

One of the most beautiful libraries in the world that houses ancient and rare books from all around Europe.

Open everyday

❝ 10.00 - 17.00 น. (until 18.00 on Sundays) ❞

Bags and other personal belongings are not allowed inside and must be kept in their provided lockers

❝ Another important rule is that taking photos is prohibited❞

I bought postcards instead.

❝ 3 comments from me ❞

The fields with mountain views are splendid.

The traditional-style houses give a truly idyllic atmosphere.

It is quiet and tranquil, with few tourists you can take relaxing drives.

This city is charming and beautiful as it is " the Door to the Alps "

❝ A small city in the grandeur of nature - all visitors are surely to be charmed by this place ! ❞

 Sophisticated words may not be able to compare to visiting in person...

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 Thursday, April 2, 2020 10:27 AM