First time experience at "Cock Burn Island"

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...This time we traveled with the Grande Travel, 
by getting on the boat in Ranong province as a one day trip. 
                                       It was our first experience with the Burmese sea.                                        We were so excited to see if the sea will be as beautiful as when others went.                       You will also get to see how fantastic those corals were in this review.

...In one day, we got to visit so many places, so worthy because 

Grande Travel  arranged for us to be able to take all the sexy, hot photos until we were satisfied. 
It's definitely suitable for those who love to travel to the sea... 

Reindeer Bay 
Cock Burn Island 
Pearl Island 
Aquarium Bay 
Golden Bay 

I have to say that the beach was so beautiful, the water was so crystal clear.
                                 The coral was abundant and beautiful.                                                      In addition, the Grande Travel gave us such a great service from arranging documents for us to cross the boarder, 
until the end of the trip....

Here is our video clip for this trip:

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Here is the highlight of the trip, I love it so much.

In the morning, we arrived at the check in station of Grande Travel, Ranong province.
Oh ! Seemed like we were way too early, haha. 

Pier location :: Grand Andaman Pier

At check-in station, feel free to grab the breakfast like bread, tea, coffee, and drinking water.

Simply follow the voice of staff calling "Cock Burn" and the staff would give us a brief introduction of today's trip including various details and regulations. The staff also went on to process our crossing boarder document. What a chill and comfortable trip!

When everyone's ready, we went to the pier to take the boat. 

It was a large speedboat, very comfortable.

After about an hour of the boat ride, we were at our first snorkeling spot, which is "Reindeer Bay". 

Why wait, let's jump!!! And all I could say was "wow". 

How can it be so beautiful? So amazingly beautiful corals. As the name suggested, this spot has lots of corals and they are all incredibly beautiful. 

It's such an endless field of them. I have to admit that I really like it here.

Here are different angles of them, do you feel like coming now???

We were so lucky to see this cuttlefish too, it was orange and cute. I only dared to take photo from afar as I was afraid to get bitten.

After that, we traveled further for about 15 minutes. 

And here we are, at "Cock Burn Island", the highlight that I wanted to come the most. It's so really beautiful. 

On the way here on speedboat, when looking at this small mountain, it looked just like an elephant. This view was taken in high angle from the drone, so beautiful. We can also hike up too. 

What a beautiful color of the water!

Now, let's roam around this island with me.

As soon as I got off from the boat, it wow me again. So beautiful a sea and super crystal clear water. It's the island that I wanted to come so badly. 

Of course, I had to wear bikini for this place. Please remember to bring it along so that you could be sexy and beautiful. 

Let's get the rock angle, hehe.

There're plenty of angles to take photos in the beach. The atmosphere was so great that I wish to spend a night here but there's not possible because no accommodation was around, haha.  

If you wish to enjoy the view from above, the staff will lead the way by getting up form this side. 

You'd definitely be burned, given this strong sun. How's above? Good view? Let me know too.

Traveling to the sea, the outfit is so important so that you will get beautiful photos back home too.

The water was really clear, like super clear, I'm so in love.

The waves hit on the beach and generated those white bubbles, so nice. 

The sand was so white, fine, and soft. I felt so good walking on it.

Cock Burn Island truly burned me.

I will leave this island with this photo. I'm impressed and in love with this island the most. Now, let's move on to the next island. 

Hello, "Pearl Island". This beach was also beautiful and peaceful, very private.  

you can also lay down and enjoy this white soft beach by contacting the Grande Travel now. 

Looking at the sea and white bubbles really melted my heart, I just love this feeling so much. 

Le'ts now explore other parts of Pearl Island together.

What a good atmosphere, isn't it?

We stopped for our lunch here at Pearl Island.

Grande Travel has well prepared lunch for us. So chill and comfortable. Each lunch box set came with a seafood meal and rice, as well as two sets of desserts. So full and tasty.

There're several tables on the beach for us to enjoy lunch, choose wherever you like. 

After the food, it's time for me to keep on burning.

It's so great wherever I went. Good atmosphere and we were able to listen to the sound of waves too.

In fact, we can also snorkel in this island. But I couldn't do it after the meal, haha.

it's time for more snorkeling, let's go go go ...  

In the afternoon, about 20 minutes off Pearl Island, we continued our fun at Aquarium Bay. 

There're so many types of fish swimming around the underwater. 

This bay also has lots of colorful corals but the wave was a bit strong this afternoon. 

Anyhow, I wouldn't forget to capture some beautiful shots for you guys.

How do you like them? Feeling coming already?

After that, we set off for our last bay of this trip. 

Here is "Golden bay", out last stop that was even more spectacular. I seriously didn't know how  to start explaining it. All I knew was....  

it's so breathtakingly beautiful. 

" Golden bay " is the bay that the afternoon sun shines on the top of the Staghorn coral, making the coral looking glowing golden.

There're also several other colorful corals and fish. I loved it so much that I didn't want to go home just yet.

Looking at how beautiful there were, I think you guys shouldn't miss them too. 

There's also this green corals, but that's not so much the point. If you feel like coming here already, quickly book the tour with Grande Travel, hehe.

After that, we traveled to Koh Song to cross the border back to Thailand and also said goodbye to our Burmese tour guide. 

Here is Koh Song, the island that connects the friendship between Ranong and Myanmar. Then, we traveled back to Ranong pier. And this is the end of our trip today.

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And we will escape and travel together again.... 


 Thursday, April 16, 2020 9:23 AM