Cock Burn, what a bizarre name? But the water is so crystal clear and the sea is breathtakingly beautiful. It is in Myanmar but we can simply enjoy it from Ranong Province of Thailand too.


Cock Burn Island or as known as White Elephant Island in Thai has such an interesting name, isn't it? haha. At first I couldn't believe too that the water could be this clear, reading from several reviews. So I come to see it with my own eyes. And I have to admit that this trip is the trip that I do the least edition for all my photos. Also, I believe it's the trip I take the most photos, oh well, I simply can't stop taking ones, haha. Other reviews have already talked about her beauty, so this review, we will talk about it again, haha. Well, it's so beautifully, literally, it's like a mirror reflection in the water with lots of fish and corals. Ok, that's it for introduction, let's go enjoy our photos, one by one now, hehe.

How to get to Cock Burn Island?
-Loveandaman is the only tourist agency providing this service to Cock Burn Island. Although Cock Burn Island is located on Myanmar side, we could get there from Ranong Province side. We could also spend a night in Ranong where Loveandamon would provide pick up service to us. It takes about an hour and 20 minutes on the boat ride.
**Advanced booking is required. We cannot simply travel without prior booking, neither could we take a boat there ourselves. It is super hot now, I think we have to book at least 2 weeks in advance. Also, there's no accommodations on the island so you can't spend a night there.
You could either book with the web page or line of Loveandaman.

Now, let's get my journey started.
I came from a province outside Bangkok. On the day I traveled to this island, I almost didn't make it because the bus I'm riding towards Bangkok had broken down and we must wait for another bus to pick us up. Then, I arrive Bangkok at 8 p.m. ish and quickly grab a taxi to the Southern Bus Terminal. The taxi driver asks our bus time and I said it's at 8.50 p.m. Then he said we wouldn't make it. Anyway, I ask him to go the farthest he could. We arrive at the bus terminal at 8.40 p.m. and quickly walk to the first bus ticket counter to find that the ticket has been sold out while another bus counter is already closed. Well, what to do now, I thought we wouldn't get to go. Suddenly, there's a guy asking where we wanted to go and I said Ranong and then he took us to another bus counter where they still have seats available. Their last bus to Ranong is at 9 p.m. I'm glad we finally make it!

There're 2 choices of public transportation to Ranong (if you have a private car, then you can simply just drive there):
1. By flight: Nok Air and Air Asia are the two airlines flying to Ranong. The airfare is quite expensive, it's ranging between 1,000-3,000 THB per flight and most of the time, the weekends flights will be above 1,000 THB. If you want a lower price, you must book it in advance when they offer promotional flight which would be less than 1,000 THB. I used to see the promotional airfare being 690 THB. The flying time is about an hour.
2. By bus: We would have to catch the bus at Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal. There're 3 major bus operators running to Ranong and I will sort them out according to my personal experiences. All of them charge the same bus fare of which the VIP 24 seats is 627 THB, VIP 32 seats is 470 THB. The driving time is 9 hours.

The best tour operator is "Sombat Tour" I used to take both types of seats and I'm truly impressed. The bus is new, cool AC, and I especially love the 24 seats because the seat is spacious. It also comes with massaging seats, an LCD screen and an earphone for us to enjoy movies, songs, and games. I also have to say that snack they offered is the best among the 3 operators (the 24 VIP seats are full quickly so you must book in advance) *DTAC users can also get 20 THB discount where you have to enter the pin while purchasing a ticket online.

- The next best is Chok Anan Tour which offers a great service too, the seat is spacious but the VIP 24 seats has no LCD screen.

- The last one is Nawamit Tour which I think is not so impressive because when I went with them, their service wasn't so good and the bus condition wasn't that good too. Oh well, if you can't book the bus with the first two tour operators, then, it's endurable, haha.

**Timetable: Buses from all operator run in the same time which is at 8.00, 8.30, 8.50 and 9.00 p.m. The total running time is 9 hours so we will reach Ranong in the morning, the return buses also run with the same timetable.

I reach the bus terminal at 6 a.m. and wondering why the pick-up van comes take us so quickly because last time, they came at 8 a.m. and take us straight to the pier. They come early in order to take us to a restaurant for a quick breakfast like dumpling and rice porridge. It is so because they are afraid that we could be hungry as there's no food shops at the pier. Please also note that may be not all the pick-up vans would provide the same pick up time.

1 day prior to our journey, Loveandaman will call and confirm with us on the pick-up time as they provide a free shuttle service within Ranong downtown area. Then we will set up the meeting time. In the morning, the van will also call us again and take us to the lighthouse pier.

Once reaching the pier, we need to check in and then will be given a wristband as to tell which groups we belong to.
I almost forgot to tell you one most important thing that you need to bring is your national ID card as they will need for processing the crossing border permit.
And also, Loveandaman provides easy breakfast like sandwiches and fruit juices too.

Then, we are called to take the boat and before getting down, we must take off our shoes as no shoes are allowed on the island.
"Emmy" is our tour guide. We take about 10 minutes ride in order to apply for the crossing border document at Song Island, Myanmar. On the day I visited we have to wait a bit long because foreigners except Thai citizens must get on board to take photo for the permit while Thai citizen can just wait in the boat and the tour can take care of it. After that, it is about an hour straight ride towards the Cock Burn Island.

After an hour ride, the boat will first stop at the island and drop off the tourists who didn't want to go to the viewpoint. Then, it's about 10 minutes more ride to the viewpoint. Finally, we will come back to have lunch at this island later.

Here at the viewpoint, we must swim from the boat. I recommend you to prepare a waterproof bag but in case you didn't have one, the tour guide would let you put in his waterproof bags. Then, it's time to climb up to enjoy the view.

Here is the view awaiting for you at the top. It is so beautiful. The water is so crystal clear. Did you see that boat? That's where we need to start swim in order to get here.

You can just keep taking photos as there're really lots of beautiful view here.

Here is another side of the view, beautiful!

The sun is really strong up here, so we really can't stand very long with our bare foot, haha. I recommend you guys to take a life jacket up also in order to place your foot on so that you could take photos from every corner, haha.

How is our guide, isn't he great? He's so willing to take whatever types photos we need, what a great service!

When it's time, the tour guide calls us back to swim to the boat and back for lunch.

Quickly, we go for food once we are here.

I have to say the food is so rich. On the day I'm here, there's this full stream of seafood, like shrimp, octopus, papaya salad, fried chicken, chili fish, shrimp paste chili sauce, and lots of other things to eat and drink. And here is what I like the most about this tour, haha.

There's tables and chairs for us to enjoy our food.

But that's not my type, I like to get closer to the nature, haha.

After the food, now it's time to explore around. This sign is so cool, do not forget to have a click with it.

It is so great to get to enjoy this view like this.

Seriously, there're tons of places to take photos, the recommended ones include swing, sleeping cradle, kayak boat, Cock Burn sign, line of stones, shady area under the trees, actually, just take wherever that the sea is included in the frame and they will be all very beautiful, hehe.

OMG, this water is so crystal clear, I'm so deep in love with it.

Kayaking is a must not miss activity here or you can actually just take it as a prop for photo taking.

So much fun, who could resist this magnificent beauty, right?

I'm not sure if this is a jellyfish, the water takes it up here.

Again, there's really lots of corners to take photos, oh well, it's just so beautiful no matter how and where you take it given this crystal clear water.

When it's time, the guide calls us on board again for diving. Today, I'm going to dive at 2 spots and I will let the photos explain it for you now.

We are so lucky that the day we visited, the sun is bright and the water is very clear. We got to see lots of corals and fish. Corals here are quite raw and abundant.

After the dive, we take the boat back to the pier which is just the time the sun is about to set. Then, we take the same van as in the morning where the driver will drop us off wherever we wanted like our hotels or at the bus station, just let him know.

On the way back, I'm taking the 24 VIP seats of Chok Anan Tour which is quite alright.

The only difference is there's no LCD screen on this one.


Like I said following my way of travel, you could enjoy Cock Burn Island in an economic budget and on the weekends :)


And here is how you could get a cheaper price for the tour (the normal price is 3,900 THB per person).
- Loveandaman would offer a promotional price at the annual Thailand Travel Expo.
- Thailand Travel Expo would be held at the beginning of November, February and March each year. We could buy the ticket first without specify the date. Then, we can confirm the travel date 2 weeks in advance. Also, I forgot to mention that instead of going to the expo, we can simply book this promotional price at the web page and line of Loveandaman too.

1. After we got this one day trip ticket in the promotional price, we then must pick a date on one of the Saturdays and inform the staff.
2. Then, we can simply take a night bus from the Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal which will take us to reach Ranong the next morning. Also, 1 day prior to our trip, the van from Loveandaman would call and confirm with us about the pick up location where we can tell them to pick us up from the bus terminal.
3. In the evening after the tour, the van would drop us off at Ranong Bus Terminal and then we will reach Bangkok on Sunday morning and that's the end of our trip.
But for those who didn't want to take a bus, you could also fly there.

*For me, I have to say that Cock Burn Island is still so rich and raw in nature as the sea is so crystal clear. Well, I would stop talking about it here and urge you guys to visit this island because it's truly amazing and abundant, you won't be disappointed for sure....

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