One Fine Day on Surin Island

Most people envision Surin Island as a small, quiet place located far away from the busy crowd. And they’re right because here, the sky is clear and the water is sparkling turquoise blue; and in the water, schools of fish and beautiful corals thrive in perfect harmony.

From Baan Naam Khem Pier in Phang-Nga Province, we took speed boat. in just over an hour, we arrived our destination, The Amazing Surin Islands Marine National Park.

Here, visitors will find two types of overnight accommodations, bungalow and tent styles. We chose the tent style mainly because of the location, with mountain at the back and heavenly ocean and beach in the front. Even five star hotels cannot beat this.

After stowing away our luggage, we bagan to explore the island by walking along the beach. We stopped to take pictures at Mother Hen Stone or Hin Mae Gai, the landmark of the area.

It was low tide at Chong Kad Bay so we got to enjoy the nice, shallow water that was so clear it was possible to see all the little creatures that swam by to greet us.

There were fields of coral reefs, Lion fish, clown fish and the little Morais eel that slithered by the knee deep water. Everyone was pleased and excited to see this normally shy ocean dweller in its natural habitat.

The next morning after breakfast, we took the national park’s long-tail boat (which cost one hundred baht each) to do some snorkeling around Stork Bay and Triane Bay.

During the ride, we spotted an Eden’s whale, a sight which sent everyone into a frenzy of excitement. Everyone took out their cameras and captured the moment before the creature could disappear back into the mysterious water.

Stork Island is a popular spot for snorkeling as it is shallow and offers good visibility. We swam in amazement and admired all the wonders under the sea that is filled with corals and peculiar marine dwellers.

On the way to Traine Bay, the park ranger stopped to take a look at the tracks of a turtle that came to lay eggs. The track was huge and we could imagine how enormous its owner must have been.

During the ride back, everyone agreed that this was a great trip. It has been the third time for some and yet, they never get tired of the island’s profound beauty that was present all around.


     Thursday, April 23, 2020 1:27 PM