❝ It's time for the cold wind and fog at Ban Rak Thai, Mae Hong Son Province.❞

I will go back again because I can't help thinking about those various tourist spots.

► ... 1 7 7 6 meters ... ◄

This is the number of the altitude above the sea level of 

Ban Rak Thai, Mae Hong Son Province

I'm going to talk about it. It's a place that we must drive through thousands of curves before we reached.

This time I'm taking you to enjoy the beautiful scenery,❞ 

and way of life of Yunnan  Chinese people at 

❝ Ban Rak Thai, Mae Hong Son Province.❞

It is a destination that many travelers said to have a view in front of you looking like floating in the midst of paradise valley. Let's go enjoy it together now. 

Ban Rak Thai is located in Mueang District, Mae Hong Son Province. ❞

It is a Yunnan Chinese village surrounded by a large valley and with a lake in the middle of it. 

❝ The atmosphere here is hardly like we are in Thailand.

For a moment, I was thinking that.... I've come to a scene of the Chinese Kong Fu movie, haha. It's just so easy to get taken away.

The weather, in general, is quite cool and chilling almost all year round."

Except I visited during the winter, so it got especially cold. 

 For the accommodation, I think everyone must know of this place," 

Lee Wine Rak Thai

The most popular accommodation that everyone wants to check in, isn't it?

❝ For the specialty, it probably is this Yunnan Chinese clay house. ❞

that has lined up on a hill amidst fresh green tea plantations.

❝ Open the door for instant cold weather and the sea of fog" 

It gave us an atmosphere as if we were in China. Being in the midst of a large green tea plantation is very refreshing.

Another highlight that we are well aware of,

The most magnificent viewpoint!! ❞

that we have to wait since dawn, 

Because coming here, you must sip a cup of coffee and take like at least 10 photos. 

Especially in the morning, we will see the mist floating above the water like this, everyone will definitely wow.

❝ Try sipping a cup of hot tea while enjoying this scenic view, what a great atmosphere, isn't it? ❞


  • From downtown Mae Hong Son, take the Mueang Mae Hong Son - Ban Rak Thai route 
  • Take route no. 1095 (towards Pai town)
  • It is about 44 km. from downtown Mae Hong Son to Ban Rak Thai.
  • Since the route is quite long and the hill is quite steep, some hills are high and some are low, some with curves and sharp curves, I recommend to have a friend or someone who is skilled in driving to take you there.

    ❝ Lastly, I want to say that,  ❞

    Visiting this beauty of nature, mountains, and the atmosphere here is a great experience for a short break from the chaos.

    Give yourself a try and fully breathe this fresh air, and you will know it's so worth it.  

     And yes, this is Thailand!!! Ban Rak Thai, Mae Hong Son Province ❞


    ►Let's go out and take yourself to somewhere new



    Believe me! just pack and get out there. 

    Because sometimes beautiful words may not win the first-hand experience. 

    JACK's x Traveller

     Wednesday, April 29, 2020 10:23 AM