After locked down country for 2 months and now government allowed to travel over province. We are finding a place which not too far from Bangkok and a small province called "Saraburi" come up with many interesting places....

Today is join tour with fix program. Sometimes joining the tour make us happy with difference experiences. We can meet new friends from variety of job, hometown,language etc., And today we are 13 person in the coach. We left Bangkok around 7am heading up north to Saraburi. Saraburi is a province in Central of Thailand. Neighboring provinces are Lopburi, Nakhon Ratchasima, Nakhon Nayok, Pathum Thani and Ayutthay. It take around 2 hours from Bangkok. Today is Saturday so there are many cars on the road because people who live in those province but working in Bangkok normally go back to their hometown during weekend. 

On the bus they served breakfast set look yummy. 

And also provide drinking water, wet tissue, toilet tissue.

While everyone enjoy breakfast and the view along the road. 

Tour guide also explain about Saraburi province and the places that we are going to visit. And the first one is "Wat Phra Buddha Baat" where there are very beautiful mondop and Lord Buddha footprint. 

We reached to the temple on time and not many people yet. We visit the museum where they keep history of the temple and the footprint. Moreover, there are many pieces of antiques but we are not allow to the any picture from inside.

As stated in the Buddhist doctrine, the Commentaries Scriptures: the Lord Buddha had purposely stamped his footprint twice. The first time was on the bank of "Nammada River" as requested by the Naga chief who resided in that river. The second instance was when he presented it to the hermit who converted t Buddhism. However, it was recorded in the Sri Lanka Mahavansa chronicle, written in the B.E.10th century, that the Lord Buddha had left his footprint for the third time on top of the Sumanakuta mountain as a blessing tolocal deities and sprits guarding Lanka Land.

For Thais, the authentic Buddha Footprints are found at only five places: Saccabandha Mountain which is believed to be in the same as Suvannapabbata Mountain of Saraburi province; Nammada River, Sumanakute and Suvannamalike Mountain in Sri Lanka, at the Ruwanwelisaya Chedi in the sacred city of Anuradhapura Sri Lanka and at Yonokapura, which is believed to be in the northern region of Thailand.

After that we continue to mondop where there is a footprint.

Thai people that worshiping the footprints, sprinkling water, or placing gold leaf on them will lead to the forgiveness of sin, success in life or eternal happiness.

The footprint look very beautiful with gold leaf which people placed over and over. After worship I came out and walk around the mondop. The architecture is very beautiful. 

I feel that this mondop remind me to Emerald Buddha temple in Bangkok.

We spent around 1.30hrs at the temple and then time for lunch then we move to the famous local market name "Hua Plee Market". 

This market firstly built with the name "Hua Pee" as they open in January which is first month of the year but later they growth 2 banana tree and both gave banana flower which Thai people call "Hua Plee" then they changed name to be Hua Plee till now.

Up on arrival everyone will get a hand basket which you can put all things you buy from the market into the basket. And you can return the basket when you come out. This is good idea to reduce using plastic bag. 

The marketing selling cooked food and raw food. 

All are local food.

And people buy food from each stall and sit under the bamboo tree.

The atmosphere is so nice and clean. 

I got some food, noodle (famous menu of this province). And papaya salad. And longan juice.

The prices for food and all handmade products here are not expensive and good quality. Some of my friend bought 4 chairs which made by real wood and it is only 150 Baht each.

After finished lunch and enjoy shopping then we all go back to the bus for going back to Bangkok.

I think this kind of the trip is very good for friends and family. It is short trip and not far from Bangkok. Visit temple and then try local food and get handmade souvenir for your friends. You should try.


 Monday, June 8, 2020 6:12 PM