A Day of Fun at Ratchaprapa Dam

Dubbed as ‘Guilin of Thailand’, Ratchaprapa Dam of Surathani Province takes about 3 hours to reach by car from Phuket. And soon, we found ourselves lingering around a dock not far from San Kuen Road, waiting for the long-tail boat to take us there.

After a few minutes of admiring beautiful views on the boat, we approached a majestic gray limestone cliff dotted with green trees. The strangely shaped edges artistically lined up against each other behind the dam.

At that moment, everyone fell silent as though taking in the peaceful beauty of the spot which people lovingly call Guilin of Thailand.

After the boat breezed past that blissful sight, many turned around to capture it on their cameras. It really is amazing how much joy nature can bring to us mortal human beings.

Floating further along, we came upon three limestone hills standing erect in the middle of the ocean. These are amusingly called ‘The Three Buddies’, a landmark of the area which the boat driver steered us closer to get a better look.

He took us around the front and back which we enthusiastically took countless pictures from every possible angle.

As the boat steered away from the Three Buddies, we headed next to Pae Nang Prai or “Nang Prai’s Raft”.

Arriving at the spot, a large school of Schwanenfeld’s Tinfoil Barbs swam up to greet us. Their bright, orange tails flapping against the clear, green water was a lovely sight for visitors to see.

After a lot of fun on the boat, we got onto the raft and enjoyed drinks followed by a scrumptious meal which we all agreed were ‘great value for money’.

Full stomached and content, we reluctantly prepared ourselves for the journey back. The two hours we spent on this scenic tour was worth every penny and hopefully, we will be able to return again very soon.

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 Thursday, June 11, 2020 5:25 PM