Let's escape from the heat and go relax on the luxurious raft at Kanchanaburi, and one of the most pleasant rafts on the River Kwai is,  

The FloatHouse River Kwai l Floating Resort 

Luxury and spacious air-conditioned villa raft in the midst of water and mountains as well as many fun activities, making this resort such a perfect place to rest and relax. Do you believe that the atmosphere around this resort is like being in the middle of the Amazon jungle? It is super natural. Even the materials used to construct the room, almost everything were made of wood, looking very harmonious with nature. The highlight is in the morning where we can see the light fog. If lucky, sometimes, we will get to see lots of fog. We can also simply enjoy this view in front of our room while chilling, sipping a cup of coffee and hot drinks. What a great atmosphere!

Fun activities here include:
- Kayaking
- Rafting along the River Kwai
- Cycling
- Visiting Mon Village

How to get here?
Setting the GPS to https://g.page/phutakienpier?share in order to go to Phutakien Pier. There is a free parking and a shuttle boat to the resort from the pier and the last shuttle boat leaves the pier at 6 p.m., so please arrive before that. 

Traveling by boat into the resort is another highlight that no other resort has. We can enjoy a chill boat ride while appreciating the beauty of nature.

Once arriving, everyone was taking out their mobile phones to capture this spectacular scene of floating rafts being beautifully arranged. It gives us a feeling of going into the wile, so personal.   

The boat then took us to the reception which is so magnificent and everything was made of wood. We checked in to stay with a cool welcome drink. The staff provided such a good service and gave us very good recommendation. 

After checking in, let's go see our room. On the back of the reception is a bridge leading to a place where there's attractions and activities of which I will give you guys the details later. What I can tell you now is that, there's a lot of fish in the river and you can feed them by purchasing their food nearby.  

We got a room on the far right, which has a very beautiful mountain view. But the left side also comes with differently beautiful view.

There's only one room type here, which is the Floating Villa. Rates start at 4,000+ THB per night. It is the personal raft and is bigger than expected. The rooms are also decorated in a magnificent style. Everything is made of wood, making it feel suitable for relaxing atmosphere. It also has a high ceiling to keep the room not too hot. The rooms are equipped with all the necessary amenities, including refrigerator, TV, hot water shower, hair dryer, and Bluetooth speaker. More importantly, this place does not restrict electricity usage, you can use it as normal. WiFi is also provided, the signal is fast and strong. 

The spacious bathroom is divided into 3 parts. In the middle is a sink and a dressing room, the left is the shower room and the right is the toilet.

The front of the room is an open space. And there is a wooden hammock to chill and relax where you can bring out your pillow to enjoy this so very chill atmosphere. But in the afternoon there will be a lot of boats running, causing waves to hit the raft and could make you feel dizzy or seasick. For those who want to enjoy the water in front of the house, you can jump straight right in. That our raft was located as the first room, we get to simply flow along the river farther than the other villas. But don't worry, the resort offers a free service of bamboo rafting activity that will take you to the upstream river to jump and enjoy. Unfortunately, I was so caught up with taking photos, so I didn't get to enjoy this service (everyone must wear life jackets for water related activities, regardless of how strong a swimmer you are because the water flows strongly all the time).  

Here is a bridge that extends from the raft path, which is situated on the opposite side to my raft. I think this side is also beautiful. This bridge is for people to get up after jumping in from the front of their raft where there will be a red flag indicating the point.

If you feel exhausted, you are most welcome to enjoy traditional Thai massage in this air-conditioned villa. Well, since it was still under the control measures in fight against the pandemic, the service was yet open. The atmosphere looks so good and relaxing.   

And here is the bridge behind the resort that I have mentioned earlier. The view here is also very beautiful, it is recommended to take photos  here. Also, you can  go up to Mon Village from here by cycling. This is also another interesting activity but we didn't get to experience because we didn't have enough time. We only have one night and wanted to spend and relax to the fullest on our raft. 

We started to get hungry in the evening, let's have dinner at the restaurant in our resort. The atmosphere is good because it was during the sunset when the sky colors was very beautiful. There is also a chilling bar by the water. Every menu here is delicious. We chose to eat Thai food. We can't remember all the name of the menu, but I guess there were Tom Kha Shrimp, Fried Red Tilapia with Garlic and Pepper, Chicken Satay, Fried Kale and Crispy Pork, and Garlic Pork Ribs. Please excuse us if the name of any of these dishes was wrong. Again, I have to say that the food was very delicious, it's definitely the Thai taste.  

We still kept taking photos even at night mode. Actually, the actual scene above wasn't this bright. I think if there were stars, it'd be much more beautiful. When we visited, the sky was close and it was raining the entire night. I'd say this was a good thing because the weather was cooler and we got to see the fog the next morning too. 

Waking up and you will see this spectacular view, so relaxed. We hear the sound of water flowing at all times too. 

Let's now have breakfast. Normally, we need to have breakfast at the restaurant of the resort and it's served in buffet. But due to the pandemic, it comes in a set. If you don't want to go to the restaurant, you can have it delivered to your room and enjoy it near the river while taking unlimited photos. Sipping a cup of hot drink while enjoying the morning light fog is so great. If lucky, you would see a thicker fog. We took photos so much that we still didn't eat when the fog was all faded. 

We can also sit at this bar for breakfast. The view is so great. However, we came here late morning and the sun was getting strong. So I recommend to come here early if you wish to enjoy this great atmosphere.  

And that's it for our trip. We really wanted you guys to come enjoy The FloatHouse River Kwai l Floating Resort at Kanchanaburi.  I believe that if you come, you will find impressive services, enjoy many fun activities, delicious food, and beautiful raft, a 10/10 score for this resort. I personally love the nature style room and with a combination of the luxury, it's just a perfect place to be. I'm sure you will find a true happiness here, thank you very much.

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 Tuesday, June 30, 2020 10:32 AM