Are you tired of the same old sea that has nothing else but water in the distance? I will take you on a 2 day/1 night trip of relaxation with a view that is worth millions!

Sametnangshe boutique is located in Phang-nga province. Because of the beautiful view, it has always been a famous and great place for those who want to relax in nature. The resort's decoration is amazing and has many nice photo shops - to the point where there is no time for a break! During this period, there are many new zones for tourists. For those who are not staying at the hotel, you can dine here and take photos in the outsider visitor's zone. Although the food here is a little pricey, it is delicious and the portion is worth the price.

There are many zones of accommodation:

1. Tent S for 2 persons

2. Tent L for 3 persons

3. Deluxe (4 rooms)

4. Deluxe Seaview (4 rooms)

5. Suite Seaview (Bathtub) 1 room

6. Suite Seaview (Jacuzzi) 1 room

7. The Ka Nham Villa (4 rooms)

Each room can accommodate 2 persons, but an extra bed can be added (except for Tent S)

The atmosphere here is similar to Bali, but not exactly the same because it has a view of the sea with hundreds of mountains in the distance, like in a paradise. This view is one of the must see views that you should experience at least once in your life.

The front zone is a public area where anyone can take photos. It is especially crowded during the afternoon until evening because there are people waiting to take photos of the sunset. However, the sunset view from the back of the resort is also beautiful. In the morning, there is no one here except for the hotel guests. I assure you that it is very paradisiacal !

The check-in lobby is inside the air conditioned hotel's restaurant. The hotel staff will lead you here.

In the middle of the resort, there are many tables where you can dine, have some coffee and snacks while admire the view. This is the kind of life I've been looking for!

This wooden tunnel is the pathway to rooms in the Villa, Deluxe and Deluxe Sea View rooms. On the side of the tunnel, there is a shower room and a toilet. Outside guests and hotel guests can use the toilet and guests who stay in tents can use it too. As for private rooms of Deluxe and above, there is a private bathroom for each room.

My guesthouse was The Ka Nham Villa 1, which is the first room. This zone was completed just a while ago. There are 4 houses in this zone. They are beautiful and chic just like staying in Bali.

The room isn't that large, but you can add one extra bed so 3 guests can stay here. The decoration is amazing and the house is made of wood. There is a complete set of appliances including an air-conditioner, a television, a water heater and a hair dryer. There are also free rambutans that you can eat!

The bathroom is quite large. I really like this room because of the jacuzzi. You can use it while admiring the view; the decoration is also nice!

The balcony has a small table and chair for you to relax.

The view from The Ka Nham Villa 1 looks something like this. The right side is the tent zone which is amazing. The tents start at 750 baht, which is perfect for those who want to try camping. The price is also very affordable.

The side of the wooden tunnel on the right that I mentioned is the bathroom for those who camp in tents. There are many rooms that you can use.

This zone is the dining area. Both visitors and guests can use this area but the tables on the rim will be occupied very quickly.

The other dining room has air conditioning, but there is a large clear window on all sides so you can enjoy the view. The air conditioning is nice and cool and you can admire the view if you don't like the hot weather.

The dinner that I ordered was quite expensive but the portion was great, I almost couldn't finish it all. My favorite was fried squid with salty egg.

Desserts include cakes and ice cream, with many flavors to choose from.

There are many ice cream flavors and all of them look delicious!

At night, you can see many stars as there are no city lights.

The camping zone looks a little more romantic.

In the morning, there is breakfast! Guests from all room types and tents can have the American breakfast buffet. It is nice and easy; there are not many dishes to choose from. When I went there and stayed at the villa, there was a promotion that gave me a special menu for us to choose when I checked in like seafood boiled rice and sandwiches.

The beverage zone of the breakfast buffet is on the floor above.

The bread and fruits zone is inside the dining room that has air conditioning.

It is time to eat! Eating and looking at the view, even though it was a little hot, made me very happy.

This is taken from the zone above. The dining room is on the right and the building in the back is the Deluxe Sea View and the Deluxe Jacuzzi Sea View.

In the late morning, we went to take photos in the new zone, which was very high. After we got back, my legs hurt. The zone that is still in construction might be another dining area or a bar. I didn't take a photo of the construction site so please check out the web page to see what it looks like. I also want to visit it again.

This is the bird's nest that I walked up for. It was amazing and photos turn out great! There are 2 kinds of bird nests: the one in the photo and the wheel-shaped one that is on my review cover. It is like Bali's. There are only a few places in Thailand that have a bird's nest with this kind of wheel.

Finally, another popular photo spot is taking photos on the bar. It might not seem appropriate because it's a bar for sitting and eating, but the resort allows it because their web page also has a photo of people walking on the bar. So, I went to take a photo on the bar but you have to be very careful, my legs were shaking very badly.

To summarize, I am very impressed with this resort. At first, I was indifferent because I thought there was nothing other than the view, but when I saw the place in real life, I fell in love instantly and will surely visit this resort again.

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 Wednesday, September 4, 2019 11:40 PM