Hi there! This is my second time visiting Angthong National Marine Park.
The first time was around one year ago which I came during rainy season. This time I come during late winter rain.
Since I was not satisfied with previous trip, I decided to revisit which turns out as expected.

Prior to the first trip, I gathered information via internet finding one day trip program from Koh Samui.
Until I found this trip with reasonable price. First time I pay all expenses.
After that, I write a review and send to owner of travel agency. So, I have a chance to visit Koh Samui again and come up to this point for free. That's why I call it SR (Sponsor Review).

Pay only THB900 for a worthy view of THB90 Million, one day trip at Angthong National Marine Park.

Angthong National Marine Park and Talay Nai (inland sea) one day trip, I book via www.samuileisure.com.

There are 2 packages. Program A offers life jacket but not includes kayaking, at THB900. Program B is THB1,300 consist of kayaking. The price comprises VIP shuttle van to hotel, snack, lunch, life insurance, entrance fee, diving equipment, etc.

Details of the programs are in link below, in case you would like to get more information regarding the trip.


Experiences of our second one day trip at Angthong National Marine Park is superb and fun.

It's even better than the first time because we get bruise and face with super stunning situation.

A foreign tourist almost gets shock but fortunately survives. Thanks to candy and milk tablets in my bag!!

How is the situation? Let's find out together!

I will do lots of reviews if you guys want to read or chat with me at another channel;


After a van send us at Nathon pier, I check in and get on boat together with other tourists.

Over 80% of tourists are foreign ones.

They speak many languages but tour guides mostly speak English. Let us guess the meaning by ourselves, haha.

The boat departs. Let's appreciate the atmosphere of the sea.

I arrive at Angthong National Marine Park in half an hour. On both sides are small islands.

Luckily it's not rain today because it rains continuously prior to the trip. Plus another rainy day which I am still on Koh Samui. Therefore, today is such a great day to travel without rain and the weather is also nice.

Now I am at first destination. For people who buy program B THB1,300, you will be dropped here for kayaking along the cliffs and caves. Oh, a waterproof bag is provided for keeping valuables while on the boat.

For program A, including me, will get on long-tailed boat to Koh Mae Koh.

They will bring to view point which allows you to see landscape of inland sea (Talay Nai) in the middle of charming valley.

For those who kayak, will gather here taking life jackets off and go explore the view with their eyes.

The pathway is consisted of multiple stairs which is convenient to walk. It also has many view points along the way.

I pause here. You can clearly see green water of inland sea at the bottom.

It is a reward for reaching to this height, view point of Koh Mae Koh.

The sea below is in turquoise color surrounding with sharply-sloping hills.

This 200m. inland sea is occurred from subsidence of limestone.

Creates crater shape with beautiful water locked inside. The water level changes everyday, same as the sea outside, because there is tunnel under the sea connecting both seas together.

There isn't only amazing nature that makes wonderful combination between limestone and the sea. Once you are at the view point and look beyond this inland sea, you will be able to appreciate horizon landscape of wide sea decorated with small groups of limestone.

OMG!! It is the best!

Watching it from top view, inland sea is extremely gorgeous. First time is cheerfulness. Second time is joy with natural creation.

For me, being close to nature like this is enough to make me happy.

When it's time, guide call us to get on boat. It is lunch time which we have a meal on boat. Lunch is served in large salver which the food is nice including vegetables, meat and fruits. We forget to take photos.

Though I forget to photograph the food, I don't forget to bring you some eye candies.

Here's eye candy for guys. Or girls may be jealous, me too.

The boat brings us to next destination within Angthong National Marine Park. This place is called "Koh Wua Talap" where hosts office of the national park. It is equipped with accommodation, rental tent, grocery store, restaurant and enough toilets to welcome all kinds of tourists. It is depending on what type of activities in particular trip. There is snorkeling but the guide doesn't recommend since it's not that beautiful. Anyway, I don't care because I already have tan skin. Is it related? LOL

Highlight is here. An activity I like so much that I want to revisit is roaming about the forest.

I choose to walk up to bird's-eye view point of the national park where contains richness of nature.

Koh Wua Talap's geography is full of steep limestone allowing you to see various wild animals. Previous time I saw some of them.

I still see them this time. Here's Dusky Langur but we don't see python. Please, I really hate snakes, haha.

Dusky Langurs can be found only on this island.

I gotta walk through rocks like this. I got bit by mosquitoes while taking a break.

The distance is only 500m. but I take hour to climb up!!

How bad could it be? Since the way is sharply sloping rocks, I have to hold a rope and climb up the whole way.

After 100m., I find this beautiful and peaceful spot.

At each view point, first 100m. and 300m., there is pavement poking from reefs in the middle of trees.

It allows tourists to distinctly see the view. Don't wanna imagine if it rains while I'm walking up.

How slippery would it be? Without the rain, some rock and forest zones are already slippery. Anyway, it's fun tough. LOL

Another angle allows you to see attractive view. Let's move.

Few meters to go. Hang on.

At this point, some tourists start to walk back. Don't know if they have reached the top or discouraged.

I only know that my friend ask for tour guide's number once we are at last 100m.

Fortunately I have number of the owner but our mobiles are dead. DTAC network has no signal at all.

The workable ones are TRUE and AIS network.

I need to hurriedly walk up because my friend asks if I have something sweet. There is a male tourist has hypoglycaemic or deficiency of glucose in bloodstream. I'm speechless. I look in my red bag and happen to find one candy and unopened milk tablets. I give them to my friend in order to help him timely.

For me, keep walking while holding a rope to finish point. Last 100m. is quite tough.

Missing one step could fall down.

At this point I think I shouldn't carry too many stuffs.

But I was not well prepared in first time. I carried a bag but didn't bring any water.

I have to ask from other tourists. I was in big trouble, haha.

This time I make up with full provisions. Luckily I bring some sweets which are useful for others.

I'm speechless for the second time. It takes me around an hour to get to the top while our guide, the guy in red shirt, reaches here within 20 minutes only. He arrives just in time to take care of the hypoglycaemic tourist. More importantly he walks barefoot.

OMG, I admire him. He's superb!! For the tourist, after adding some glucose, he feels better. Yippy!

However, there are only me at this moment. I just arrive, so let me appreciate the nature and top view of the national park for a while. My pride of getting to this point though get some bruises from rocks.

The nature that I have a chance to watch and take a deep breath again.

One word to say "It's extremely impressive!!!".

The pride and relief to appreciate the nature I intentionally come for.

The pride of rescuing foreign tourist although I don't understand his language.

Anyway, I have a friend to translate, haha. Even during return trip, the guy still thanks me and gives back the rest of milk tablets.

I wave my hand with big smile to say it's important for him. Keep it.

So, this is my impression for the trip.

It is another place I would like to explore to you guys. Please come.

Impression of nature's beauty that I definitely won't keep it for myself.

I publish the story in travelling magazine, Voyage # 10 Best Destinations 2016 By 10 Best Bloggers. ^^

Thank you for reading.

Full information for every review and every place, no matter this trip or any other trips.


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