Tomita Farm - Furano Flower Fields 

in Hokkaido

If you are a person who loves flowers and beautiful landscapes, great spots for photographs with nature.  It's highly recommended to visit Tomita Farm, a farm in Nakafurano, Hokkaido, Japan. Tomita Farm is also the largest spot for viewing lavenders in Furano, Hokkaido with mountains in the background. 

Furano is considered as a tourist city well-known for its colourful flower fields, especially lavender fields. We went there in October, 2019 and during October is not the season of lavenders. However, you can still see other flowers like Sunflowers, Salvia flowers and Cosmos etc. all year long. Therefore, if you want to visit during Autumn, you can still come to view flowers and it is still beautiful :) 

Traveling to Tomita Farm:

You can go to Tomita Farm by train, but driving in Hokkaido will be the most convenient way to travel around. This is because each tourist attractions is quite far away from each other and there are not many buses around the area. So, riding in around in your own car will be easier.

Taking the train: You can take the JR Furano Line to Nakafurano (If you use the JR Pass Hokkaido, you can make a reservation without paying any additional fee). Then, take a taxi for around 5 minutes (approximately 1.7 kilometers). Before taking the train, you have to check the time carefully, because there are not many trips and they are not always available. Check Train Information Here

Driving a car: If you drive from Sapporo, it will take around 2 hours (approximately 135 kilometers ). I recommend to drive, it's more convenient because some places not near the train station and you can travel around Furano.  

Entrance fee: None, but you can help support them by trying out the delicious ice cream for sale in the farm : )

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 Thursday, August 6, 2020 1:58 PM