Amazing View at Magic Mountain Cafe

This is another place that many people like to visit because its amazing view....

And today our dream come true, we are finally here^^

Magic Mountain Cafe' @ Phu Langka Payao

The greenery view in front of the cafe with the highlight of Pha Chang Noi and the foggy sea make me feel like a little cloud ^^

The cafe builds of wood with classic style which blends in the environment.  

The atmosphere around the area makes me feeling fresh again.

It cannot be described into the word. It is something that you have to come by yourself to enjoy the scenery and nature around. 

There are also many choices of drinks and bakery at reasonable price for to take a sip or a bite. It is very yummy, you all should try it out!!!!

Wherever you like to sit, it is a good corner either indoor or outdoor.

Look!!!! what we can see in front of us???? It is so amazing.....

Take a rest, Take a sip 

This a good place to recharge your energy.

Just leave everything behind and enjoy the wonderful scene in front of you.

If you come during rainy season, you will see only a thiner foggy sea. But in winter season, the foggy sea will be thicker and will very beautiful. 

#If you have a plan to visit Payao, do not forget to visit Magic Mountain cafe

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Magic Mountain Cafe 

Open from 6.00am. - 6.00pm. (Close every Tuesday)

For more information Tel.0655025499 

Location Phu Langka, Pong District, Payao Province, Thailand


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