"Sukhothai" is already well known for tourist since long time. As this province is very famous for historical (Sukhothai Historical Park was listed by UNESCO) and local life. There are lots of foreigners visit Sukhothai every year. I have been there 2 times but visit only Historical park and stay only in the city area. But one of my friends who have home town in Sukhothai invited me and another 4 friends to visit her home town and she convinces me with extending the trip to another province name Tak which I never visit. That is the reason why I take this trip!!!

As everyone know that the distance from Bangkok to Sukhothai is around 5-6 hours by car so we departed from Bangkok quite early. Breakfast is from quick meal from 7-11 and everyone enjoy sleeping in the car until we reached to the first stop.

"Thai Chanasuek community" in Sukhothai which the people living here are moved from Lampang province and some are original Sukhothai so the cultures of food, dress, festival are mixed. The first stop is for lunch with traditional food at the local people’s house.

I like the house which made by wood and this community are famous for handmade products by bamboo, sugar palm leaf and weave.

Menu today is look simply but this is the first time for me to try some of them.

I like this one the most as it is a bit spicy while other dishes are normal. I like the way they served which put all dishes in the big bamboo plate.

This one call “Larb” which is popular menu for North and Northeast but difference taste.

After lunch we continued to the house where they do handmade products which we can try to make it ourselves. I bought the bag and sew it but only 2 flowers. I’m not expert for hand-made thing.

But I like this one, nice, light and price is not expensive.

After that we continue to visit a famous temple name “Wat Tung Salium” where they have a famous buddha image called “Luang Pho Sila”. 

This buddha image is more than 1000 years old. There are many people in Sukhothai and from other provinces come to worship every day.

First day almost gone as we spent long time from Bangkok. Before we checked in at homestay, we stop by at the nice green rice field. 

This is very nice place, the green rice field with mountains behind.

We have quick dinner today because we have appointment tomorrow early morning to go up on the mountain to see sunrise. The homestay for tonight is Roong Rueng Rit Homestay. 

The room is big, clean and look new but no TV. However, it is not bad.

Early morning on 2nd day we wake up early because we have to be at the meeting point to get on the local truck at 6.30am.

The meeting point is at the temple. And there is small market where people selling traditional breakfast such as sticky rice, grilled pork, fruit etc.,

And as Thai, people do alms giving in the morning and we have chance to do the same.

After that it’s time to get on the truck and go up to the top of the mountain.

The road up to the mountain is very local but it fun to sit in the truck to get fresh air in the morning.

We reached to the top of the mountain but today too much fog so we cannot see good view as we expected but this is the nature rule. 

We can not expect to see exactly same thing with others. If we are lucky we can see most beautiful view if not at least we visit that place.

We got many shots from this area. The local people tried to make it to be tourist’s check in spot. So, there are many people there before us.

We spent around 30 minutes on the mountain then we went down as we will take long distance again to another province name “Tak”

But before we left Sukhothai. We had very nice breakfast at Roong Rueng Rit Homestay”

Menu is difference from our lunch yesterday. This one taste like steam egg with grass noodle.

This one look like spring roll but inside is only rice vermicelli but taste is so good.

Grilled pork still most favorite menu during this trip (for me).

After breakfast then it’s time to leave to Tak.

Tak is a province next to Sukhothai and another side connected to Myanmar. This province actually famous for forest, waterfall, historical but this time we will go with eco life concept trip so we will visit local village, try onsen, enjoy food etc.,

We reached to “Ban Na Rai Nua” which is the hilltribe community. People living here with very slow life. They do farming, weaving and some homestay for tourist.

The local tour guide took us on the local truck and take us around the village.

Visit the temple which look like temple in Myanmar.

The local guide suggest us try onsen with the rice field view.  Here is "Arokhaya Healthy Thai Massage and spa". There is small resort next to this spa but we are not staying there.

Some of friends tried it but I preferred Thai massage.

We all finished relaxing by onsen and massage then we continue to the restaurant on the mountain for dinner. This restaurant is also recommended by local guide at Ban Na Rai Nua.

The restaurant located facing to the sunset side “View Doi Coffee Café”. They have open air and air-con but we prefer with air-con.

The menu today started with fish (as always).

Everyone of us ordered one dish each, then become full table.

However, this menu is always on table (if restaurant can make it). Papaya salad.

Before we start dinner it was nice time to get good sunset shots. So, we went up to the roof top.

From this point we saw panoramic mountain view with the sun going down behind the mountain. Very nice view.

We finished all food, finally.

And it’s time to check in at for tonight. It is homestay again. A house which have only an uncle and aunty, they are very kind and welcome us with smile like children visit parent. This home stay name “Baan Mae Kasa Home Stay”

And this is my room for tonight. Room is clean, all blanket and pillow are also clean.

We finished 2nd day and we went to bed not too late. Normally, local people living outside city do not stay up too late as same as owner of this house. So, we do the same.

Early morning I woke up as my room is next to the kitchen so I heard aunty woke up and preparing breakfast for us. So, I got up and take shower and then try to help her prepare.

And this is our breakfast today.

After breakfast we check out and left for next place. Aunty suggested us to visit “Mae Kasa Watefall” which is popular for tourist.

From the homestay to waterfall is not far. This is not big waterfall but beautiful. But during rainy season we can reach lower level only.

We got many shots from waterfall and I have good supermodel with me.

We spent around 30 minutes at the waterfall and then left for Bangkok. Today will be long way driving again. On the way, my friend recommend to stop by for lunch at this restaurant.

They served Thai and western food. The restaurant is large and clean. Their food are not bad and prices are reasonable.

After lunch then everyone stopped talking because it’s time to sleep. It will take around 6 hours to reach to Bangkok so nothing better than sleep.

I like this trip. Not much places to visit because we spent long hours on the way from/to Bangkok. But we experience difference food, people, places which created good memory for all of us. Staying in the homestay with local people, get in to their kitchen and prepare breakfast with them. I think next time we should spend more days in both Sukhothai and Tak to get more experience as there are still many places that I did not visit this time.


 Tuesday, September 22, 2020 7:51 PM