I decided to stay one more night in Chiang Mai because the weather and the season is very good to enjoy the bird eye view from balloon. And as Kavin who is my friend in Chiang Mai had convinced me many times to join him for balloon (he wants to try but no friend wants to join with him because those are afraid of high). And this is the right time to do it.

"I had tried balloon in Chiang Rai and I like the view of Chiang Rai from balloon very much so trying in Chiang Mai should have good experience as well"

He booked the packaged which included room and balloon package at Phusanfah Resort http://phusanfah.com/ which is very close to the meeting point for balloon. So, after sent other friends to airport me and Kavin were sitting at Starbuck  on Nimman road and busy with our laptop and some works until 5pm. And then we moved and heading to Phusanfah Resort for check in.

We arrived to the resort late evening and after check in we have quick dinner at their restaurant. Unfortunately, there was shower raining so we did not have chance to get good shot with our food.

However, I got some nice shots.

We finished our dinner. I can say that their Thai food is very delicious and the prices is reasonable. After dinner we separated to relax as tomorrow we have to wake up at 5am. 

Hotel set morning call at 5.15am but actually I normally wake up at 5am so I was ready before time. There are 4 persons today for balloon. And before we left hotel to meeting point I got some nice shots.

Their swimming pool with large rice field and mountain is amazing view.

And this is the room which most popular with the rice field and swimming pool view which you can enjoy sunrise every morning.

They served coffee and bakery before we start the tour. And when everyone are ready then we transfer to the point by hotel's shuttle van. It's is only around 5 minutes.

Their staff were ready at the meeting point and preparing the balloon for us. All 4 of us will be in the same balloon.

And we now are ready as well.

There is a pilot, another couple and us so there are 5 persons in this basket.

The view that we saw is green rice fields and the mountains which cover with the white and gray fog because there was raining last night. 

Some area was harvested already and some are turned to be yellow and waiting for a few weeks for harvest. And it created the difference color which look like we watching a big mix color carpet. 

This area still have less houses, almost area are still farms and rice fields. And from this high we can see Wat Ban Den which is very famous in Chiang Mai. 

Kavin really enjoy taking photos of view and himself.

The pilots said that now we are at the 1400 feet high.

So, we can see every thing are very small. 

The weather is very good today. It cool but not too cold and not not even the sun is rising up.

We spent around 40 minutes in the air and keep taking lots of pictures.

Because of the professional pilot so we can get 360 degree shots. You can see how large rice field we saw.

After 40 minutes the pilot start taking us down.

And the the staff coming to take care us during landing.

All are professional.

This is our pilot.

And this is the way I came out from the basket which is the most excited because I have to wait to be the last person and staff will pull down slowly the basket.

And the highlight of this activity is this.

And after that they took us back to hotel by shuttle van. But the tour is not finished yet because there is a culture after balloon the pilot will poor the Champaign on our head to celebrate that we done the trip successfully. 

 And we drank a glass of Champaign and get certificate.

 And then start breakfast which included in the package.

It was very nice breakfast with stunning rice field view.

We finished all items of breakfast. All bread are very delicious. After that we return to our room for packaging luggage as I'm flying back to Bangkok in the evening today.

But before we left, I got some nice shots from the balcony.

And even from the bath room.

Staying in this room feeling we are in the middle of the nature. 

They preparing the flower garden for welcome guest travel during this winter. And this preparing make me consider to come again in winter to see how difference of the view.

We left the resort around 12.00pm (normal check out time). I like this resort, their staff take care us very friendly and their food are delicious both dinner and breakfast. Most of all I love their room ( I stayed at Ban Ing Na no.4). So, if I come again I might stay at least 2 nights as from this resort we can do day tour to many places and come back to stay in the middle of nature in our room.

It's lunch time so Kavin suggest to have lunch with Thai northern food which difference from other restaurant. Because there are some menus at this restaurant keep their own recipe more than 100 years.

The name of restaurant is Euang Kam Sai Northern Thai Cuisine which located at the Old Chiang Mai Innovative Cultural Community. 

Restaurant decorated with Thai lanna style.

And I suggest to check availability and book the table in advance because they are very popular for Thai people and even foreigner who live in Thailand.

And we ordered menu which Kavin recommended (He is good repeating guest of this restaurant).

And here are our menu.

This menu is chili paste with boiled mush room. The chili paste is so spicy but when eat with boiled mush room then become normal spicy level and I like this chili paste so much so I order for take away (to carry them to Bangkok).

And this one is deep fried pumpkin and banana flower dip with sweet and sour sauce.

This one is steam pork with turmeric. The pork meat is so soft and smell of turmeric in every bite.

Sour sausage fried with egg.  This is my favorite menu and I always order in every restaurant to try difference taste.

This one is amazing menu which recommended by chef. It is tomato with nuts and deep fried garlic. I normally do not eat tomato except it is in papaya salad as my problem is it's smell. But I can not smell it in this menu and I was enjoy eating this menu. The chef told me the secret how to remove the smell from potato so now I think I can start eating it. 

And this one is the highlight today. 

It is sticky rice with beef mixed with some ingredients and wrapped with banana leaf then steam it. I can explain how delicious it is But I can say that this is the number one I like for lunch today.

All of our lunch is like this.

Kavin is really proud and happy that I like his suggestion to chose this restaurant.

Not only main dish but their dessert are also good.

We both are full and no any space even for coffee today. Thanks Kavin for this good choice. 

The location of the restaurant is very convenience to come and they open for lunch and dinner. 

Prices are reasonable when compare with the quality of their food. I ordered 2 menus to carry to Bangkok.

Finally, I finished this trip completely. And It is a time to return home and prepare for next trip to the west side of Thailand !!!!


 Wednesday, October 7, 2020 2:33 PM