Let's begin with a purpose of this trip! It was meant to be our family trip since last time was 2 years ago. Thus, we decided to go to Ko Kut or Koh Kood together for 11 persons. The best choice for transportation is renting "a Van with a chauffeur". I was surfing internet for a week to find a good one because there were many with many conditions. 

First of all, I don't want to pay deposit before I start my trip (for some reasons, I was afraid that they might not show up). 

Secondly, some companies asked you to pay for hotels for a chauffeur if he/she have to wait for your return trip. 

Thirdly, if the van we were going to rent is good, new, comfy and safe enough for a long travel (up to 5 hours drive from Bangkok). 

My best choice was this guy I found in google search engine. He replied me back within a day. He showed me how the van look like. He gave me a chauffeur 's contact to talk to him directly. You wouldn't believe that in 21st century, some companies still haven't reply my message or read it via e-mail or call but this guy did! 

Hooray...he is professional and punctual (it's very rare to find one). Here is why I say this. I asked him to pick my brother up at Nonthaburi first and then arrive at my place by 6 A.M. 

Taadaaaa...he arrived at 6.00 A.M. We started our journey from Bangkok to our destination, Ko Kut (Koh Kood), arriving time must be before 1 P.M. because our ferry departing time is 1 P.M. We almost missed it actually...heheh :) 

His contact is 084-1421704 

We paid for a round-trip 8,400THB including fuel but not tolls fee. **10 VIP seats

My family included 8 adults (one foreigner), 2 kids plus one baby "JADE" who had the most comfortable seat because I brought my own carseat which I knew Jade would sleep some hours in the van and she did slept a lot on the way to Ko Kut and on the way back to BKK. I was so lucky!

The van could provide a carseat, tissue, water, ice cubes, umbrella and all seats got seatbelt...amazing, isn't it? 

Let's go!!!

Left home at 6 A.M.....arrived at Laem Sok pier 12.45 P.M. Before arriving, I texted to Koh Kood travel agent before because I don't want to miss our ferry. She said it is fine as long as it's before 1 P.M. If you drive your own car, they have car park for you. I'm not sure how much the fee is. Please contact them directly. I attach a link below. 

Book your trip and ferry to Ko Kut (Koh Kood)

Being hold by papii......so lovely!

1st day-3 Oct 2020

Arrived at Ko Kut at 2 P.M. There will be a car to take you to your hotel (it is included in ferry fee) but you just have to tell them when you buy a ferry ticket.

 3 P.M. checked in at Seafar resort with pool villas for 2,000THB per night including breakfast. 

First thing to do is......jump to the SEA!!!! yeahhhh

Papii and daughter time ^^ Mamii got to rest because of long travel. 

My brother was taking care of JADE very well....showed her how to build sand castle. She loved it! ^^

Yep! Jade is making a new friend! Papii job is to play along :)

Granny taught Jade how to use a water tap which Jade loved it so much.

Swinging with mamii and granny! 

I think every hotel or resort beach front got a swing :) Just make sure you got enough outfits for photo-shoot. LOL

It's mamii photo time! In front of our resort got a long wooden bridge where you can take a thousand great shots there, I confirm! 

Dinner time!!! Well, ice-cream is Jade's meal...im kidding..hahaha....

I didn't post any pictures of food here because it was sooooo good. We have dinner there both nights and late lunch on our first day. However, it's pretty crowded on Saturday night, so get your table before everyone does. 

Bed is pretty big for three of us :) 

My only pic on the first day--END of Day 1


2nd day-4 Oct 2020

Starting our day with swimming pool....^^ Every kids love pool. See their faces?

The resort got two parts of villas; beach front and swimming pool. Next time, I would try beach front so that we can jump to the sea right before the sun rises up!

Start a half day trip visiting waterfall and have lunch somewhere...:) 

To book a mini van like this, you just had to ask your hotel/resort front desk. They could provide you with reasonable price but we chose this one because he was the one who took us from pier to resort and he drove not fast and safe. He won my trust.

Full day trip 2,000THB

Half day trip 1,500THB include everything. We buy him one coffee and lunch. 

Papii's baby girl....

On the way to Klong Chao waterfall

Arrived there 11 A.M. 

There were restroom and you will be asked to give some money (donation) to help their service. Each of us gave 10 baht......and here what I saw :(

Couldn't believe that I will see this "can" here during my walk to waterfall. 

I'm sure no one had seen it but me...I'm like this since ages. I see things differently and question it. Why people can not trash this one can or keep it with you till you see a garbage bin? it's sad....

 Anyway, it was around 400m walking and you really feel you are in the middle of nowhere. It's so quiet but loud at the same time because of birds' chirping noise. I really loved it!

There was a rope for you to hang on all the way to waterfall because it's slippery. You must be careful....

Then we went for lunch at some random restaurant. Of course, we ate Som Tum and chicken bbq....hahahahah We are Thais and we love this so much.

My husband had Som Tum Thai and sticky rice. He liked it too. :) I can't remember the address, sorry. 

Arrived back to resort by 3 P.M. We all jumped to the pool to cool down. It was a good choice to stay at pool villa not beach front villa this time. 

Luckily, there was no rain all day. The picture before the sun went down was very stunning. Take deep breath and exhale :) 

End of Day 2-

Our last day- 5th Oct 2020

  • Wake up (raining) 
  • Have breakfast (raining)
  • Check out at 11 A.M. (raining)
  • Mini van come to pick us up 11.10 A.M. (raining)
  • Take a ferry at 12.00 P.M. ( no rain)
  • Arrive at Laem Sok 1 P.M. (sunny)

Have dinner at Som Kuan restaurant Laem Chabang Click for address

    It was very delicious. My brother's friend took us there for dinner. Everything was very fresh and good price. I recommend! 

    Arrived back to BKK at 9.30 P.M. 

    *******END OF OUR FAMILY TRIP******

    Here are my previous blogs. Most of it, I wrote in Thai but sometimes I got a feeling that writing in English is more interesting for audiences, I believe ^^ 

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    Next trip is coming soon!!!!!! 


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