Hello, I'm mamii Baby Jade. I love finding a new place for Jade as well as other mothers. Last month I found one place not far from Bangkok. 

Here is the best one day trip out of Bangkok for your family, I recommend. If your kid enjoy seeing animals , riding bicycle and bored of city. 

Check this out! DU BUA Cafe 

Open 8-5 PM Monday--close--

click here for address  By car, it would take one hour and a half. 

They have plenty of parking lot but unfortunately on weekends it is very crowded. You should try to go on weekday instead. I recommend you spend the whole day there because they got a few cafes and one big restaurant besides animals, bicycle, floating bicycle, and etc. 

Also, for mothers, you won't get bored because on weekends they have morning market for you to shopping :) 

Please bring your cap or hat! During the day, it's very hot. They provide you umbrellas if you need one. :) 

Here is the first station you must see. Feeding those hens and Japanese roasters is very fun and Jade enjoys it so much. 

DU -----means "look"

BUA-----means "lotus" 

(Du Bua = look at lotus) 

This might be only one photo that Jade shows the meaning of this cafe "Du Bua" 

Animals seeing is a must !!! Kids love it :) 

Highlight on the day----feeding animals 

Feeding birds

Such a wonderful day, isn't it? After walking quite some distance, let's stop for swing

One of our favorite activity is feeding carrots to rabbits....There are many of them. Just make sure you feed them all ....^^! 

Yummy!!! I won't spoil you what the best cakes or drinks are. Try them yourself ! 

Behind the cafe, you can have a good outing with your grandchild (my brother is in picture). 

Then, feeding horse and peony !!! 

Don't forget to feed buffaloes! 

Floating bicycle is a must! I let my mom and brother go with Jade and I'm sipping my iced-tea enjoying my alone time :) 

We spent half day there because it's getting too hot for Jade (1.7yrs). We, adults, could bear but a little one is suffering I can see. 

Next time, we will spend the real whole day lunching there as well. If you are not bored yet, follow us on Facebook page : Mamii_Baby_Jade

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Goodbye and see you all soon! 

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 Friday, December 11, 2020 2:10 PM