"I visit Rachaburi and Kanchanaburi province many times but never combine both province in one trip. Lucky me my friend Lekky invited me to join with her and her friends this time. They have their program and I adjusted some places and then we agreed to start this trip with 4 Days 3 Nights Ratchaburi – Kanchanaburi. And this is what happened along the way for this trip of "

Ratchaburi-Kanchanaburi with Chanee & The gang"

16 October 2020

We left Bangkok around 7.30am and heading to Ratchaburi which will take around 2 hours (by minivan). We are 7 persons this time (Charlie, Patty, Namwhan, Mhon, Erng, Lekky and I)

First visit is the place called Na Sattha http://www.nasatta.com/th/ . I visit this place once and I think they should like it so we start first check in at this place. Charlie and Erng were the most happy persons as they want to try wearing Thai dress and take some nice shot in Thai house.

And they got what they want.

However, Namwhan who refused at the beginning to wear Thai dress but seem that she also happy when she got good shots.

Myself I prefer to walk and show them all highlight.

And this is one of the highlight. The ice flake with fruit and roselle juice. Sweet and sour of mixed fruits and juice combined with ice flake. This is very good dessert.

Mhon ordered order this menu with difference juice to get difference taste.

We spent around 1 hour at this place and seem that everyone were happy.

The second stop was at "RUANG KONG ONG. Since Ratchaburi is famous for ONG (Jarr) with long history so we agreed to try fun activities here.

We reached to the place but unlucky that there was a big group had reserved the class for making jar so there was no space for us. 

However, they took us to see the place and show us how to make it and then we tried to paint the finished product of jar.

My painting skill is unbelievable. I can do only color lines.

One thing that I would like to recommend for you who want to visit this place. Try this juice “Passion fruit with butterfly pea soda” they use fresh passion fruit and it can make you awake.

After everyone finished painting and got our DIY souvenir then we continue to next stop.

We did not have lunch yet but we decided to continue to have lunch at IDin the River Café & Bar https://www.facebook.com/IDintheriver/ . The reason is Lekky have special discount and this restaurant has very good review especially pizza with black tofu.

We arrived restaurant around 1.30pm so everyone were hungry so we started order. And here is our order for 7 persons.

Pizza with black tofu (bean tofu). This menu is the most favorite menu for Patty as she love tofu.

My favorite menu is this one. Bamboo with chicken, hot and spicy with Thai herb.

Pomelo salad also not bad.

This menu also good.

We all agreed that this restaurant is good for recommend to our friends. Especially, pizza with black tofu.

We supposed to visit Ohpor Karen Market which recommended by Erng but since there was flooding in that area last week so the market still under renovation. So, we skip this place and continue to hotel.

After lunch then we continue to Suanphueng area as today we will stay at La Toscana http://www.latoscana-resort.com/ . We arrived hotel around 4pm but there was raining so we did not take any nice shots. Just check in and waiting till rain stop as today we will go out for dinner at Krua Mon Khai Restaurant (local restaurant which recommended by Namwhan).

However, after checked in we took photos from our room as there are difference room decoration at this hotel.

I got Scent room and here is my room.

Namwhan got Cordellia

Erng got Juliet room

Mhon got Quilt room

Patty and Lekky got Mulano and Charlie got Romeo room.

Around 6pm after rain stop, we drove to Krua Mon Khai Restaurant. Namwhan had called and order food for us because it was Friday so we worry that there might be lots of people at restaurant.

And below is our menu.

I like this menu the most. Thai omelet which look simply but the taste is so good.

After dinner we returned to hotel.

17 October 2020

We woke up early morning as today we moved from Ratchaburi to Kanchaburi. But before we left we got nice shots from La Toscana Resort. 

The first activity which we did today was paddle board. The popular activity in Thailand now.

We all never try this paddle board before so everyone were excited. You can see it from our funny pics.





Lekky and Patty did not try as they afraid of water so they were waiting and take some photos for us.

This is good activity but as beginner so we just tried in short time. We may try again next time in difference area.

After paddle board then we continue to another stop. "The Forest Bathing" also become popular in Thailand especially in Kanchanaburi where there are lots of forest.

We arrived to Pa Add’s house where there is forest bathing start. 

We met with another big group and Pa Add’s took all of us walking to the forest and start the tour.

Along the way she explained us about the reason why we do forest bathing and what will we get if we do it often.

We stopped on the way and Pa Add taught us how to breath in the forest and how to feel the forest with our senses (touching, smelling, listening).

We like this activity. We tried everything which Pa Add taught us. And we got very nice shorts.

After that we walked out from the forest and Pa Add lead us to the house and all ingredients was prepared to make Thai dessert called “Bua Loi” The reason why making Bualoi from Pa Add is to control our mood and concentrate with what we are doing. Because our life now a day are so busy with everything around us so this is good idea to relax

However, I think we still far from this concept to stay calm and concentrate with what we are doing. Because we were enjoy talking, laughing while we making this dessert.

Anyway, at least we have short relax time.

And the dessert which we made is so delicious.

Besides of the dessert which we made. Pa Add also prepared tea, coffee and some snacks for us as well.

We left Pa Add’s house with very good memory and this experience is good to share to all friend and suggest them to come and try. There will be some tents which we can stay overnight and do forest bathing in difference time of the day. We may come again when they ready.

It was lunch time again. And today we will try lunch on boat to enjoy Thai food and scenic view along the river.

This is the boat for overnight or group for lunch or dinner party. But lucky us that they have small group want to have lunch but the number of persons is too small so when we contact them with 7 persons then they confirmed.

The food they served is Thai food. The menu look simply but the taste is amazing.

This is my favorite menu.

We were enjoy having lunch and good view along the river. There were around 2 hours for this lunch and then the boat took us back to the pier. After lunch we continue to resort as we booked room on raft today and will try rafting today.

Wang Nok Kaew is the resort which we book for tonight.

We all got the room next to each other but Lekky prefer to stay in the building instead of raft house.

Room is not bad but the view is wonderful.

And we all ready at the pier at 5pm to join the rafting.

I preferred to be on the raft to take photos of them while Mhon and Namwhan did it.

The view along the river is so nice. Everywhere look green and fresh.

We spent time around 1 hours for this activity and then return to our room.

This resort is not bad as they have many places for taking good shots.

So, all of us got their most favorite shot.

Dinner today was at the resort as we have to wake up early morning to visit Pilok.
After dinner then we separate to the room for sleep.

18 October 2020

We woke up at 5.30am as the distance from our hotel to Pilok should take around 2 hours.

We changed from the van to be local truck as the road to Pilok is not that good during rainy season and our driver is from Bangkok so it was better and safer to use local truck.

There was and excited trip on this road.
And the first stop was Jog Kradin waterfall.

The waterfall is not big but this is one of beautiful waterfall which I had visit.

They visit this waterfall for the first time and all of them were enjoyed with taking photos.

We left waterfall and heading to next stop.

And the second stop is at the Chang Suek Mountain where is the border of Thai and Myanmar.

The view from this mountain is so nice.

And everyone got nice shots and from this point we can wee Pilok hiwhc is our next stop.

We spent around 30 minutes on the mountain and then go down and got on the truck again then continue to Pilok.

Reached the village around 1.30pm we were walking around the village.

There is the pond which we heard from people living here and suggested us to visit. The pond with very clear water and there a lot of fishes there.

Lunch today was at Je Nee Restaurant. We walked around the village and compared and finally we chose this one.

The food is Thai and I like this menu a lot.

We ordered 4-5 dishes today.

This lunch in general are not bad but for myself I think the taste is good sweet. However, depend our personal taste as some friends like all food here.

We walked around the village and got good shots. Erng got nice handmade hat. Mhon got nice blouse.

We left the village around 2pm as today we booked room at Mida Resort while our dinner was at Pirom Restaurant which is located on the way to resort.

The restaurant is large, clean and look nice.

There food also very good taste. But suggest to make reservation in advance especially during weekend or public holiday.

We were enjoyed our dinner. This restaurant located around 1 hour by car from our resort (Mida Resort) but Namwhan’s friend strongly recommend to try signature menu here which is jackfruit salad (they use jackfruit instead of papaya to cook this salad). And this menu did not disappoint us.

We checked in at Mida Resort quite late and everyone were out of battery so we separate and relax in our room.

19 October 2020

Today we do not have any program so just stay longer in the hotel. I woke up early as usual as I want to have nice shots in the morning. So, I walked down to the river. The water in this river came from the dam and they have schedule to release the water so I the early morning the water was low tide and I can walk to the middle of the river and got good shots.

We checked out from hotel around 11.00am and heading back to Bangkok.

We stopped at the souvenir shop to buy some famous product from Kanchanaburi for our family and friend but I got only a drink here. It’s chamomile raspberry tea. It was a good drink and I really like this coffee shop. Their decoration is so beautiful and they put real flower around area.

We finished this trip with good memories again. Ratchaburi is not only the province which well known for Damnern Saduak Floating market anymore. There are so many places to visit and there are many new resorts with difference concept. There are so many restaurant and delicious food. Many activities which we can try and experience.

Traveling is the organic medicine which you can get into your body and soul. Pamper yourself with nature to get difference experience and meet new friends along the way. You can count these experiences and keep it on the photos album or your memory book as much as you want. So, let’s go out.!!!


 Wednesday, October 21, 2020 8:34 PM