"Yui is my friend who love travel and we had joined some trips together (in Thailand). But for 2020 when the Covid-19 situation take people away from each other she mostly stay home. Now when every open for tourist and before rainy season end she wants to travel to the north of Thailand to see the green zone before it turn to be golden when winter season start."

The selected and available date become cover Loy Krathong festival because this year the festival fall down at the end of October. We discussed and then booked every things 2 weeks prior departure. Thanks for special campaign from Thai government which help us save cost for accommodation and flight. Even it is only 3 days trip but we will make it a wonderful trip.

30 October by DD8310 is our kick off.

The departure time is 10.40am but normally I ready at airport around 2 hours prior to boarding time. 8.30am we both arrived to airport and process for check in.

Our program today started with arrived Chiangmai at 11.55am we booked U Chiangmai Hotel because of our arrival flight. Lucky that they have room then we can check in earlier than normal time. So, we checked in at hotel and dropped all luggage in the room. 

I like the room. Size of room is very comfortable for 2 person and even if we come with three person still ok.

However, because of quite last  minutes book so we can not get twin room but hotel provided separate blanket for us.

After dropped everything then we went out from hotel as today we will have lunch at Kitipanit Restaurant. This restaurant is recommended by my friend. 

The restaurant was a shopping mall long time ago (this house is around 130 years old).

I like this kind of decoration.

They have 2 level but all table were set only on ground floor because of the building is old. But on second floor they open for visit and take photo.

The menu is on QR code which we scan and order to waitress. 

And this is what we ordered for 2 persons. Chili past is one of the signature of Thai northern (lanna) food.

Coriander salad with grilled chicken.

Egg pancake

Khao Soi Kai


And highlight is dessert. They grilled yellow mango and eat with sticky rice.

After lunch then we walked back to hotel but on they way we spent sometime for shopping at the local market which selling the hilltribe cloths (which both of us really like). We both got some blouse and dress.

We walked back to hotel for refreshment as today we have appointment with another friend in Chiangmai to try BBQ at his restaurant.

We reached to the restaurant "About 2 hours". A small restaurant with simply decoration. We picked our bbq and they grilled for us. 

The highlight is the chili powder with some secret ingredient which made our toืngue feel numb.

The price is very cheap here only 5-10 Baht per skewer.  

We spent time to enjoy dinner and talking and then return to hotel for rest.
31 October 2020

We woke up at 5am because today we order food set to give alms and the monk and monks arrived at 6am.

This is good activity which me and almost Thai people start the day when they travel. We believe that after we give alms to the monk then the result of merit will protect us to be safe during the trip.

After give alms to the monk then we had breakfast at hotel.

Because of new-normal way they set up buffet only for fruit, vegetable, drinks but we can order hot dish from menu with unlimited.

And this is my breakfast today.

We left hotel around 8am and heading to Mae Rim area where there are lots of flower farm and the flower are blooming during this season.

We reached to the Mae Rim area quite early but there are some peoples are already there. Everyone are ready with beautiful cloths and accessories.

Yui also ready.

We got lots of nice shots from the flower garden name "Uncle Ron". There is 50 Baht for admission fee and they provide rubber shoes because it was raining the night before we arrived. They prepared umbrella in case that we need it to take photo (free of charge). 

In the garden are colorful with difference color and type of flowers. 

We got many shots (almost photos are Yui).

After enjoy with photo shootings in the flower garden then we stop by at the local coffee shop. They serve drink, beverage and noodle (lanna style). 

We tried noodle and I love the taste very much.

It was lunch time and we chose restaurant for today already. It was "Sala Cafe" which is one of my favorite restaurant in Chiangmai but Yui never try.

I like surrounding of the restaurant which cover with trees and beautiful garden.

We order 4 dishes today.

Caesar salad

Green curry with chicken and egg plant

Crispy wonton with minced shrimp

And my most favorite menu here. Beef steak served with black pepper sauce.

We finished all dishes and all together are only 4xx Baht because we got 40% discount from the Government's campaign. 

After lunch we continue to visit local community call "Ban Khang Wat" which is the place where local people open their small shop and selling their handmade and homemade products.

We walked around and I got one jacket while Yui got a nice short pants. We return to hotel and prepare to go out for Loy Krathong festival at night.

We start the night with leaving hotel around 6pm and have dinner at the local restaurant. 

I love boiled rice and it was our dinner.

Yui also enjoy dinner. She like all of these menu.

Then we continue walking to the main area for festival but because of covid so the theme of festival was changed. There were no festival or set up at temples as before and there are no any parade. They set up Krathong at each gate in the city center. 

There are lots of Thai tourist at every gate. 

Normally, during this festival there will be firework, lantern and music everywhere but this year quite quiet and only Thai tourist because we still close country for oversea tourist. 

We walked around there and Yui feel tired and she preferred to return to hotel and take rest so we took Tuk Tuk and paid THB 30/person.

We got of the Tuk Tuk around 500 meters away from our hotel as we want to walk to hotel. On they way we found a nice shop call "Papang"

And this is what they selling.

And the shop's owner is this girl. Her name is "Lek" and she design and all products are stitch by her and her family.

I got one cardigan from her shop and then we walked to hotel.
1 November 2020

Today we planed to visit some temples and then have lunch at nice cafe in Wualai road ( I found a nice one).

We had breakfast. And checked with all luggage put in the car and left hotel around 8am.

And first, visit Wat Chedi Luang. This time is more beautiful as there are some decoration still there for Loy Krathong festival.

This temple is one of a must visit for tourist when they travel to Chiangmai.

After that we continue to another temple Wat Phra Singha (Wat Phra Singh Woramahawihan (Gold Temple)) which is another one old and important temple in Chiangmai as well. 

We still have time so driver suggest us to visit local market name Jing Jai market. It was first time for both of us to visit this market so we follow his idea.

The market separate zoning for cooked food, raw food, handmade products either cloths, accessories, bag etc.,

We were enjoy shopping.

I like this jacket. It is special fabric which is very soft and light and the color is my favorite one.

This one is also the cotton jacket which is handmade. The hilltribe weaved it and stitch it by handmade. The color is natural color from the root of the tree.

We spent around 1 hour at the market and then moved to the cafe for lunch.

Artisan Cafe is what we chose for lunch today.

This cafe located on Wualai road and on this road during day time are so nice.

Yui order ice late while I order Thai style ice coffee.

I ordered spaghettis with ham and dried chili (spicy one)

Yui order croissant and her menu look yummy.

And this is our dessert of the day. Waffle with chocolate ice-cream and mix fresh fruits. All food are very delicious and the prices are not expensive. 

Besides of the food, I like the decoration of this cafe and they also have hostel next door. So, I decided to stay at this hostel when I travel to Chiangmai next time.

12.00pm is the time we left from the cafe to airport. We had checked online already and we do not have any luggage for loading. 

Flight departed from Chiangmai around 2.25pm. We completed this trip perfectly with hotel, tours, food and shopping. Especially shopping I can say that Jing Jai market is the must visit for shoppers who love local fabric and local cloths. There are lots of good quality product and the prices are reasonable. People are friendly and easy to bargain.

Yui was very happy and said that next time we should plan for at least 4 days then we can visit more places and do  more things and shopping more!!!


 Monday, November 2, 2020 2:31 PM