Sabai dee. Today, I'm going to take you guys to Southern Laos. But a chill trip probably is not so much of my style, haha. 

Well, I got lucky that my friends invited me for a zip-line trip at Tad Fane Waterfall, Champasak Province, Laos. Since this destination was on my list and I didn't have a chance to visit yet, when the opportunity is knocking on our doors, why wait, let's go! 

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Let's start the 2019 year with a thrilled trip that get our adrenaline pumped up all over the body, haha. This is my first experience of ziplining across Tad Fane waterfall, the tallest waterfall of Champasak, Laos!!!

Tad fane waterfall is the highest natural waterfall in Champasak, Laos, with a height of about 250 meters, OMG!!! The Elephant Tower is 102 meters tall, so yeah, it's higher than the Elephant Tower in Thailand.

We started our journey from Bangkok by a chartered van. Our destination is to go across the checkpoint at Ubon Ratchathani Province. After crossing the checkpoint, we took another van that we have already booked in advance with Boon and traveled further to Tad Fane Resort. 

After arriving at the destination, what got me more excited than ziplining was to meet two famous bloggers, Wherever i go and Poo Run Away, hehe. Once reaching the resort, you can start enjoying the zipline activity right away. However, I got to go on the next morning, although I wished I could do it immediately, haha. Oh well, let's just see how they are ziplining first, hehe.   

This is Tad Fane Waterfall, right in front of our resort. I could hear the sound of it when I sleep. How much fun would it be if we get to go close to it? 

Our accommodation for tonight is the beautiful lined up wooden houses which looked very peaceful and shady. There is no air conditioning inside the house since the weather gets cold at night. And thus, the air conditioner becomes  unnecessary, a very pleasant weather indeed. 

The morning atmosphere in front of the resort will look like this. I wake up early to see the morning sunlight because it's my favorite. Although I don't like getting up early in the morning, what can I do, right? Yes, I'm willing to wake up early for the morning sunlight, hehe. 

After finishing our morning personal activities, we gathered at the equipment fitting point to hear the safety instructions and how to properly wear the devices. Safety has to come first. A team of staff helps teaching us how to use and operate the devices first in order to become familiar and safe. After we know that, let's get started.

Another team is taking care of the readiness of the equipment to ensure the safety which makes me feel much more courageous after a night of nervousness, haha. 

Those who passed the test of operating the devices can start flying. 

As for those who were waiting for their queue, you can give some morals to your friends.  Here, tourists love to come see the waterfalls. So, people taking zipline is of great interest of the tourists and got them crying in fear, haha. 

And now it's my turn, let's go! The atmosphere above the waterfall will be beautiful like this.

There are three packages for tourists to enjoy zipline. First is ordinary zipline, second is a hammock bed, and finally is coffee time in the middle of the air of which comes with different prices. I chose a hammock bed as I heard that it's the most thrilled experience, so I've got to try. 

After taking the line across the waterfall which is the longest line of all, we went for three more lines. 

There are four ziplines here. The first one is running across Tad Fane Waterfall which is the longest with 450 meters long. Just hearing about it, my hands were already shaken, we've got to be brave,  haha. 

The packages for zipline activity are as follow: 

- Ordinary zipline, flying along 4 lines is 1,400 THB / person

- Activities zipline (hammock bed/ coffee) is 2,400 THB / person

- Accommodation is 1,500 THB/ room with breakfast, not including dinner

- And there is also a van to Tat Fane Waterfall, the price is 6,000 THB and only for the chartered service (pick up point is Pakse, not Chong Mek

You can also stay at the resort here for the zipline. Accommodation prices are as mentioned above. The atmosphere is very good, relax, close to nature, and we also get to listen to the sound of the waterfall. There is also a coffee shop serving fresh roasted coffee from the farm of which I've tried and felt that it smelled very fragrant. And another cool thing is that the Lao beer tastes very good.

You should definitely come here if you get a chance. Come to change your viewpoint, test for your courage, and scream to the loudest, haha. 

I recommend you to bring an Action camera type to capture beautiful high-angle images as well. I took Gopro 4 Silver with me and these are pictures taken from it. 

For more information, please contact Boon, line id: boun.treetop

Thank you Yak, Boon, staff, and my friends in this trip, it's such a memorable fun trip indeed. 

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 Thursday, November 19, 2020 4:40 PM