Itchy Feet : 16-17 Jan, 2016

...Khao Yai is a highly popular venue where can be visited often, convenient and not far from Bangkok. For this trip, I have planed several months in advance because this accommodation is fully booked every weekends. I have to book at least 2 months ahead. It is called "Thames Valley Khao Yai".

Hi everyone. Mang Noi comes to say hi at the beginning of the year with Khao Yai trip which I haven't been there for over a year. The latest trip was "Veravian at Wang Nam Khiao". Now there are lots of new stores, so I will update venue for eating and traveling.

My journey starts from Sriracha, Chonburi by using bypass to Nakornnayok-Prachinburi route. I have GPS to navigate and choose the shortest path passing Dasada Khao Yai. Actually I really want to visit flower gallery but it is a famous attraction for tour group. So, I decide not to go due to the crowd. Entrance fee may be wasted as photos will be full of people. Let's say next year I will stay at Dasada and it would be more convenient to watch flower gallery. In conclusion, I pass for now. Finally GPS brings me to Khao Yai National Park. Entrance fee is THB40 per person plus THB50 for a car.

During the way up, I have little ringing in my ears. There is no mobile signal. Please be careful of elephant, bicycle and car in opposite direction. Good things are small number of cars and shady. I find reservoir along the way. The view is gorgeous. It is very cloudy. Not hot but unclear sky. Let me get off the car and experience this ambiance.

And here ... I meet with family of "little Rifle dog". I have a chat with the owner while asking him to take photos of the dog. Super adorable. I admire his heart for bringing the dog everywhere he goes. It is very inconvenient for normal people but he makes it simple. I can see his smile and happiness in what he does. People who see are also happy too.

PS. Rifle walks very fast. I don't notice any disability. Thank you the owner for taking such a good care.

My first destination for having first meal at Khao Yai is The Mew, a newly open restaurant. Very lovely.
The Mew : The restaurant has very large space with parking lots. Unique (milk drop mascot) and lovely decorations. It has souvenir shop. Tasty food but slightly too expensive. Polite service. You won't regret for coming.

Only outside area, my memory card is almost full already, haha. Let's see inside.

For menus I choose, I have to say everything is very delicious. Select menu via iPad. What I like the most is putting a doll with everything. Uniquely adorable.

Mineral water.

Apple Cider

Spaghetti with bacon and dried chili.

Fettuccini Truffle.

Scone (Passion fruit jam is superb.)

Before leaving, I grab butterfly pea juice (THB35) to try. Tasty.

Next destination is my accommodation. Thank you the Tourism of Northeast Thailand for gift voucher of accommodation and gasoline in this trip.

Thames Valley Khao Yai

During the way to lobby, I find this butterfly garden.

Check-in and get welcome drink.

After that, staff bring me to the room. I get to watch beautiful sideways as if in foreign country.
The view cannot be seen from outside. Apart from guests, The Castel (hotel's restaurant) also welcomes outsiders. (I hear someone regret for not staying at this hotel.)

Before survey around hotel, let me firstly explore the room for tonight. The room has generous space with balcony. Next to the bed is a huge window that allows you to see gorgeous view of the whole resort. However, it has low privacy in the evening due to the crowd. Rooms on second floor are more private.

You can eat all snacks and drinks without extra charge. They also provide complimentary coffee making facilities.

Dressing zone and bathroom are also equipped with full amenities.

Now let's see atmosphere outside.

The view in hotel is more than enough. Don't have to go anywhere else.

For dinner, I choose "Midwinter Green" which is originally Smokehouse. The ambiance is excellent plus tuneful live music. Singer's voice is pleasing like Pop Calories Blah Blah (Thai singer). Delicious food. Please make a reservation before going, so waiter can arrange suitable seats.

The price is pretty high. But there is no service charge which I'm quite surprised. Every menu is appetizing.
Actually I order another dish but I don't get it, though I follow-up 2 times. It could be because they have lots of customers. So, I cancel it.

Restaurant has special show at 8.00PM which is displaying images at white building which music. The show takes 3-5 minutes. Very lovely.

Interior is also charming. There is also souvenir shop.

On the way back to hotel, I stop by The Chocolate Factory but it already close. Gotta come back tomorrow.

I get a snapshot of restaurant and sidewalk to the room. There is tiny fence in front of each room.

Next morning we have breakfast at The Castle. There is chic corner for photographing.

This section sells drink and sweetmeat which opens in late morning. I'm not sure exactly what time.

I'm tired now. May I have breakfast first. Buffet line offers variety of menus.

I'm full now. Continue with photographing before preparing to check-out. I don't want to leave late due to traffic jam. During return trip, I visit legendary attraction like Palio. I haven't come here for long time. Let's update.

And last destination is The Chocolate Factory. I don't intend to have meal, juts to buy souvenir.
Most of the sweets are highly expensive but the taste is worthy. Inside glass room shows chocolate making process.

Everything looks appetizing.

This is the end of Khao Yai trip. I hope this review would at least help you to get some ideas about attraction, restaurant and accommodation to plan in advance.
Hope everyone's happy with tourism in Thailand. Travel in Thailand, Try by yourself.

Malang Lunla

 Tuesday, May 31, 2016 10:58 AM