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Scenical World is the mega project of amusement park as well as the big shopping mall in North - Eastern region of Thailand, it is located on Thanarat Road where is closed to Greenery Resort, Khao Yai in Nakhon Ratchasima province, the spacious parking is available in front of the amusement park.

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The map of Scenical World

Scenical World is divided into 3 zones;

(Greenery Park Mall)
It opens daily from 10:00 - 22:00, it is the shopping complex where you are able to find various shops such as XACT outlet, The Paul Frank Store, Oakley, Bonlbee, Chrome, 71 Export, RIP Curl etc. There is also Food & Beverage like Autique Café.

Apart from Greenery Park, there are also playthings, the ticket price is as below;

'Adult' Height up to 141 cms. 550 Baht per person
'Child' Height 100-140 cms. 450 Baht per person
'Elder' Age up to 65 years old 400 Baht per person

**The charged price has covered all playthings except X-Max**

'Jelly Fish'
The colorful jelly fish is spin up and down.


The 2 classically big Carousels are very beautiful.

'Space Shuttle'
The Space Shuttle where we are able to control to move up and down.

'Tea Cup'

The basement of this plaything does not only spin but we are also able to spin each tea cup too.

'Kiddie Climber'
Kiddie Climber is controlled to move on the track.


To sit on seat and await for Twist to be spin. The speed will be increased dramatically.

It is the plaything where have only 2 seats available, the seats will be moved up to the top rapidly.

The 2nd zone is (Life Park)

It opens from 09:00 - 18:00 hrs. the entrance fee and ticket price are as below;

Entrance Fee Seat The Gold Rush 1 include food coupon 50 Baht 200 Baht per person
'Adult' Height up to 141 cms. 1,250 Baht per person
'Child' Height 100-140 cms. 850 Baht per person
'Elder' Age up to 65 years old 600 Baht person

** The charged price has covered all playthings except Speed Way and Capture The Flag**

Life park is very spacious, you are able to find many food booths over here too.

'The Gold Rush'
The train will be driven around Life Park, it takes approx. 15 minutes.

'Bubble Bumper'
To discover the new experience of Bubble Bumper, it comes with squirt gun.

'Kiddle Town'
The kids can drive them freely.

'Mix Extremes'
It challenges new adventures.

'Thunder Hawk'
To jump from the top of the tower

'Zorb / Super Slider
These 2 playthings of are always together, the ball will slide from the hill for Zorb and the player needs to sit on Super Slider.

This plaything is to drive go cart

'Bulls Eye'
To practice to shoot arrows

'Ever Slide'
To sit on sliding sheet and slide from the top hill.

'Riddle Coaster'
The roller coaster where is always satisfied by kids.

'Sky Diver'
To move to the top and be released rapidly.

'Typhoon Tower'
This plaything looks like twist, you are able to enjoy seeing the panoramic view of Khao Yai.

'GX Swing'
The giant swing is very big and tall which can spring our bodies to the far end.

'Kiddie Bumper Boat'
Bumper boat for the kids

'Super Pendulum'

The big plaything which swings to the left and right as well as spins around itself. It is so much fun.

The last zone is Splash World

This is the big zone, it opens from 09:00 - 18:00 hrs. the entrance fee is also applied for this zone. There are food & beverage available in this zone.

'Adult' Height up to 141 cms. special price 890Baht from actual price 1,250 Baht
'Child' Height 100-140 cms. Special price 680 Baht from actual price 980 Baht
'Elder' Age up to 65 years old Special price 680 Baht from actual price 980 Baht

**The charged price has covered all playthings with no limit of playing each playthings**

The restaurant is closed to the entrance, it is so spacious and clean.

'Space Bowl / Boomerango'

These 2 playthings are always together, space Bowl is able to accommodate 2 players, then it will circulate in the big bowl. For Boomerango is higher than Space Bowl, it moves rapidly throughout the big pipe.

'Splash Coaster'
It circulates throughout the pipe.

'Tantrum Alley'
It circulates in the pipe and the dome till the end.

'Kiddie Slides / Splash Valley / Lazy River'
Kiddie Slides is suitable for the kids / Splash Valley the big plaything in the pool/ Lazy River is the vortex around the Splash Valley

'Jumper / Kamikaze / Racer Wave / Thunder Bolt'
These 4 playthings are the sliders with different slope and distance.

'Tornado / Python'
This is one of the plaything which has various slope and maze.

This plaything has longer distance than other playthings.

'Wave Pool'

This is the fake wave pool and it is spacious pool. We can lay down on beach sofa and enjoy seeing this wave pool.

Generally, Scenical World is very spacious and clean amusement park. Life park has various kind of playthings which you are able to choose; Sky Diver, GX Swing and Super Pendulum. I personally like the idea of pay only 1 time and play all playthings in the park with no limits. For Splash World, the big playthings have surprised me a lot. Lastly, it is so nice to wander in the park mall where I can eat and shop over here, it is not necessary to pay for the entrance fee. My trip at Khao Yai is so wonderful.

Thank you very much

The details of the restaurant in Scenical World
– Life Park (09:00-18:00)
– Splash World (09:00-18:00)
– Greenery Park Mall (10:00-22:00)
website :

Khao Yai Office

777 Thanarat Rd., Moo See, Pakchong, Nakhonratchasima 30130 Thailand
Tel. 044-004-888

Bangkok Office

Maleenont Tower, 18/2 Floor, 3199 Rama 4 Rd., Klongton, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10100 Thailand
Tel. 0-2260-1888

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