"Italics" a classic Italian restaurant that is decorated in a modern style, located at an entrance corner of Soi Ruam Rudee 3, parking spaces are available in this restaurant. It opens from 11.00 am. to 22.00 pm., no problem with break time. It is decorated by using the modern western style interior so it gives a relaxation atmosphere. Pictures on the wall of the restaurant indicates the source and carefully selected of a quality ingredients, nontoxic, through the planting and cultivation of organic method. For the seat, apart from the seat inside the air-condition room, there is an outdoor seat to sit in the evening to enjoy a very nice cool breeze. Let's go and eat together.

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Chef Kiplagat Letting, a nice-humored restaurant's head of the chef

'Buratta Caprese'

A fresh big piece of cheese. It is soft, scented and a little bit sticky, topping with organic tomatoes which its fruits taste very good, serving with a scented, concentrated and fresh pesto which it fits with all ingredients. Recommend.

'Cold Cuts Plate'

They use a good quality of thick meat, good standard

'Smoked Duck Salad'

Roasted scent duck, the meat is soft and has a unique taste. It has to be eaten with vegetables and other fresh and clean ingredients. The food is good quality and high standard.

'Squid Ink Fettuccine with Crab'

A unique secret receipt of noodle which topping with an unique scented crab sauce, seasoning in a concentrated style. Recommend.

'Slow Cooked Beef Penne'

A ripe Penne which is a little bit sticky. Beefs meat are cooked, soft with a mellow flavor. It is well cooked.

'Parma Ham'

Full of topping, a big ham Parma is baked as a thin flour. Well baked.

'Spicy Diavola'

Various kind of sausages topping on it, it has an aromatic and concentrated flavor taste. Well cooked.

'Beef Prime Rib'

Cooking this dish takes quite a long time, but it is well cooked. The beef piece is big, thick, soft and the seasoning is not drown out the beef taste. Well cooked.

'Cod Fish'

A crispy fish skin. It smells very good, serving with a fresh delicious vegetable on beside the meat. Recommend.

'Italics Burger'

The beef piece is big enough. It is cooked with a lightly seasoning, adding with bacon, cheese and vegetable. Its taste is OK.

'Cooked Lamb Shoulder'

A big soft lamb. The whole piece is well-cooked, seasoning well but a little unique smell still remaining. Recommend

'Lamb Chops'

This piece looks good, very soft. Lamp smell is not left, delicious. Recommended.

'Banana Ricotta Cheesecake'

The appearance looks great. The cake is soft, nice smell, concentration and mellow taste. Recommend


Scent smell in a soft cake served. Recommended

'Chocolate Fandant'

Inside is a fluid concentration chocolate. The surface is a little bit crispy, adding with salt on top which is very well suite, serving with ice-cream. Its taste is great.

Many kind of beverages, including alcohol and non alcohol with a suitable price.

The atmosphere is look modern, chill, informal. You can come here to have business discussion, hang out with friends, dating or enjoying happy family time. They provide a very good service. The food appearance looks good and elegant. Using a good and quality ingredients. The taste is simple and easy to understand and price is okay, not quite high or low.

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Restaurant detail

63/3 Soi Ruamruedee, Wireless Rd., Lumphini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330 Thailand
Tel. 0-2253-2410-1
website :

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