Image of the climber with fully equipped stand dominating on the top of a mountain. It wouldn't surprise me.But the picture in front of me, the picture of a monk. He is standing on a very small stone that small enough for only he can put his feet on it. Above the steep cliffs, perpendicular to the earth, without any equipment to help climbing. Only a yellow robe with a bare feet only!

I am amazed!

While reading history of Ajarn Juan Kun Chade, the monk in the museum of Jedi Ja Ti Ya Si Ri Wiharn Temple.

Or called short "Wat Phu Thok", it is located in the Si Wilai district, Bueng Kan province.

Even he dies for long time ago but the amazing story and believability of him is still talking until this day.

Especially the building, Unseen thing In Thailand that Western engineers have conceded when they see it!

The red sandstone mountain is located conspicuously behind the Jedi of the museum

If you not look at it clearly it is just look like a normal mountain.But let's take a closer look, you'll see a small wooden bridge that was built around it which totally has seven layers.

Wooden bridge around Phu Thok was created since the year 2512 (2001) by Master Juan Monk, he uses faithfulness of monks and villagers to overcome obstacles and opposes. The long construction period takes around 5 years.It's fantastic and that is why I have to travel in a far distance from home and come to visit this place !

While I am gradually moving up to the wooden floors steps at 1-2 floors.

I am also wondering that before the creation of the wooden bridge up to Phu Thok, How Master Juan Monk climb up to that steep hill with his bare feet ? Because even I have a well preparation to this journey, and I still feel that it's difficult to walk and must keep watching over every step of the way, otherwise you might definitely rolling down the wooden bridge!

After I have a difficulty walking up to the 3rd floors, its already make me feel so tired but the beautiful view from here make me become fresh and make me forget those tired and hot feeling because the bridge will bring you to see the beautiful view of the mountain and if you look down you will see a beautiful green forest there, in an outermost distance.

The way in Phu Thok is not circuitous

just go round the Mountain.

If someone ask me about which way to walk up and down to different floor, I wouldn't be able to answer that question too . But I will said that you just walk around the way until you see the stair that all. Just like following the footprint of teacher and doctrine of The Buddha. Someday this way will bring us to have a good destination of life .

More high more terrified !

The bridge level is more complicated according to the mountain's altitude and each planks look unstable. I feel it quake when I step on it which we would not know which step will be broken down and below is nothing, only a ground and rock bottom to support you!

On the other hand, the more high you go up, the more beautiful view you can see!

Just a minute then I bring myself up here to feel the wind blow at 6th floor which have the most beautiful view point. This may be a reward of effort people that seeking worldly happiness.

But if you look deep down what Phu Thok is telling us?

The stairs that leading up may look like the way that lead a good person to be free from the world of salvation by requiring our own perseverance to reach the destination.

Requires mindfulness and meditation at each step, not to accidentally fall. Lastly, you will have to be bless and wisdom to bring your life to the right way.

Now I know the answer of master Juan Monk's picture that attached in the Jedi Museum .

The route to Pu Tok of I-Findnoi

I suggest you to departure from Bangkok to stop at Bueng Kan city and then prepare to go up to Pu Tok in the morning. Driving from Bangkok by using Meetapharp Road and go straight to NongKai province, the distance is about 620 kilometers.

Then use the highway no.212, drive straight from Nong Khai City to Bueng Kan for 135 kilometers more. The road is four lanes from Bangkok to the Phon phisai district.

Not many cars on the route from Nong Khai road to Bueng Kan, you can take it easy. It takes around 10 hours from Bangkok to Bueng Kan.

(I recommended you to visit each provinces to take a rest rather than having a non stop driving .I might stay at Udon or Nong Khai for one night and then have a trip along the Lia Brim Kong in the morning. And have a trip at Mueang Bueng Kan in the afternoon and stay some more night, then prepare going up to Phu Thok in the morning)

From the Meang Bung Kan, I use highway no.222 to Si Wilai district, about 26 kilometers.

Before turning left at the district on the highway no.2005 and driving along the signs about 20 kilometers more.

Je Ti Ya Siri Wi Harn Temple or Phu Thok temple is located on the left

Preparation for going up to Phu Thok, your body must be strong. We recommend that you should go in the morning to prevent from the hot temper. It take the time to explore around 2-3 hours.

Since it is a place of Dhamma retreat so we should respect the place by dressing formally and avoid making so much noises.

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