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ABout... is back. When we talk about Italian desserts, everyone would definitely think of the famous tiramisu. Today About... will take you to Pompi which is well known for its tasteful tiramisu. Whoever tries it would love it. Pompi was found in 1960 so it has been here in Rome for over 50 years. If you are ready let's go!

Pompi has numbers of branches in Rome but the one located right in the city center would be Pompi on Via della Croce. This is the branch that we are going to today. Pompi opens every day from 10.30 AM to 10.30 PM but opens until 11.30 PM on Friday and until 00.30 AM on Saturday.

Pompi Via della Croce is located at Via della Croce 82. It is about 200 meters only from the famous tourist spot, Spanish Steps. One end of this street also connects to Via Del Corso, the main shopping street in Rome.

Tiramisu of Pompi is different from any others because they have it in 5 different flavors for you to choose from as follows.

1. Classic Flavor
2. Strawberry Flavor
3. Pistachio Flavor
4. Banana and Chocolate Flavor
5. Hazelnut Flavor

They even have tiramisu without lactose, gluten, and alcohol. However, this special recipe is available in frozen only. It is also a little bit more expensive than those normal ones. It is 4.50 Euro instead of 4 Euro.

You can buy big boxes of tiramisu as well. These big boxes of tiramisu are perfect for special occasions such as gathering party, birthday party, and so on. Prices are different according to its weight.

Two most popular flavors are Classic and Strawberry.

This is how Pistachio Flavor looks like.

Hazelnut Flavor

Apart from the famous tiramisu, Pompi also offers variety of ice creams. The unique flavors would be tiramisu classic flavor ice cream and tiramisu strawberry flavor ice cream. Prices are different due to the size you prefer. For your information, the bigger the size is, the more variety of flavors you can have.

ABout Travel Tips:

In order to buy the tiramisu here, you need to go to the cashier counter and pay first. You need to tell the cashier what would you like to have. For example, I would like one small box of tiramisu. You will get a receipt after you pay. Then you need to take this receipt to the staff on the right counter together with telling him which flavor you would like to have. It would be the same practice for buying ice cream, cakes, and pastries here (this practice is actually common in bars and cafes in Rome). Moreover, you will be asked if you prefer to eat now or later because they have 2 kinds of tiramisu including ready-to-eat and frozen ones. The frozen ones are best to eat within 2 - 3 hours later.

Variety of cakes and pastries are also available at Pompi. There is no doubt why people are coming back for more.

Pompi is not well known among tourists especially Asians only but also among the locals. That's why you might need to queue up sometimes.

For those who love cakes, pastries, ice cream, and especially tiramisu, you shouldn't miss Pompi when in Rome. You can find other branches of Pompi that is close to you through this link, it is at the bottom of the page http://www.barpompi.it/

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 Friday, May 27, 2016 2:59 PM