Have you guys heard of the newly opened Sky Bridge here in Chonburi Province. one of the most famous province in Thailand.

The famous glass bridge was open to the public last December 5 in this year (2020). As of  now it is packed with local tourist not just giving merit to temple but also visiting this few meter long glass bridge.

it is recommended to travel by Private Vehicle or obviously a rental car to reach this destination as the area is secluded from the Public vehicle.


We tried to google the skywalk bridge in Sri racha but can't get a clear answer from the website. Decided to set the WAT KHAO THABAEK as our destination in Google Map. 

Travel distance will took about 30 minutes ( Pattaya City) and you will reach destination especially if you are driving through the Motorway.

On the way you can see some the signage towards Temple Khao Thabaek. you can notice that most private vehicle is leading the way once you enter a narrow road towards the temple.

Parking space is wide. it stretches more than 100 meters right beside the temple.

Upon reaching the location you will be heading to a bridge with this beautiful ribbons, which is picturesque as well, it stretches' 500 meters or more ( not quite sure).

At the end of the bridge you will start your hiking/ climbing 400 steps to reach the temple.  My daughter loves the first few steps then ask me to carry her the entire duration.

The stairs are shaded with large tress which helps the whole tolerable. its windy and cool while climbing up. 


They don't post any dress code or restriction but do consider and respect the temple by wearing a proper dress. Their are local praying and giving  merit, be mindful of your voice.

Pass the temple and go down to stairs leading to the Glass Bridge. Their is a man  informing where the ticket counter is ( it's in local language). few meters down and you will see the group of people waiting.

Ticket counter is in the upper Left side of the Bridge ( if you are facing the bridge from the stairs). 

Ticket : 40.00 BAHT  ( adult) child 120 cm down if for FREE

My ticket was colored in red and with number indicated. A man will ask you to hold the ticket individually and  wait for them to call. like mine is red. So they ask the red colored ticket to get inside.

In the entrance you are given a footwear protector, mine is  in color Green.

hand your ticket to the man in the entrance area.

They limit the people by grouping them into a colored card and we spent  like 45 minutes  in the area.  One the people are reduce they will ask another group to get inside.

After the whole sky bridge experience you are headed to the exit which requires you to use the stairs going down again. So this is not just about the  Glass Bridge. This is also bout your stamina. 

Accordingly the 40 baht entrance fee will be use to renovate the temples, which I notice is correct as I saw some construction going on around the vicinity.

They also have a restaurant which offers a good food at a reasonable price. Located right side on the first bridge.

Do exchange your money to this ticket right before heading your way to the restaurant.

This is one of the best place to relax after the tiring hike.  It is an Al Fresco restaurant that offers local and affordable food.

Overall experience:  This is a great experience my daughter participated with. The Glass bridge is worth visiting. The people in this location who caters us are friendly and accommodating.


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PJ Goc-ong

 Wednesday, December 9, 2020 3:34 PM