Another year to cherish and collect memories with your love one in places where not only your hearts desires but your photos look good too.

Here at Fairy Sweet Village is a haven, your sweet tooth will be the happiest and your Instagram feed will be alive. 

This vibrant premises is a combination of café, restaurant and theme park at the same time. They offered numbers of colorful dessert and beverages. 

New normal:

Before entering you the premises you are required to get your temperature checked. Log in your contact details for references .

Staff will direct you to the Cashier Counter, this area will also served as your place to order (Like those famous food chain) you stand  right in front of the counter select your order and pay.  The best part is you can order and pay first, enjoy your time taking photos. They will ask you if you want your food to be served right away or you can collect it after your done roaming the entire Village.

If I heard it correctly they asked me to order first before getting inside and they ask for a minimum of a 100.00 baht. ( correct me if I wrong) just comment below.
Photos below are taken inside the Fairy Sweet Village

Another point to highlight is the fact that staff speaks good English, easier way to communicate and ask more details if you need additional information. 

Attentive and friendly staffs is a BIG PLUS. you can see the a genuine smile. ( that is what I saw.)  In the menu they offered some pizza and Pasta ( spaghetti in tomato sauce) not sure about the price though. 

This is the Front Area

Unfortunately this Carousel was under maintenance. You are free to take some photos.

During its normal operations this will cost 20.00 baht 

Both for Child and Adult not more than 60 kgs.

Menu is in dual language : English and Thai language.

Price is reasonable: I cannot remember the price ranges. 

Unicorn Cupcake

this one have a strawberry filling inside, Perfect combination of Sweetness from the toppings, a little sour from strawberry fillings and the soft cake.

Green Match Tea Smoothie is not overpowered  with the sweeteners. you can taste the rich flavor of Green Tea.

3 layers of bun ( with your choice of dipping's: Milk. Tea. Chocolate. 

This Bun is surprisingly good even without the Dipping's.


Is located just beside the Premises itself,  You will be greeted once you entered the road in Between Fairy Sweet and White Yolk ( Sister Company I presume), Staff will inform you where the parking space is located.

Operation time:

10.00- 20:00 

Location: Thapraya Road, Just beside Treetop Condo

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Thank you .

PJ Goc-ong

 Sunday, January 17, 2021 2:19 PM