Great and Grand Sweet Destination is a newly open Attraction in Pattaya. It is situated just few meters from the bustling city of Pattaya. Pattaya City will always be tourist favorite as its offers quite a number of traction and it is offers a nigh life, a busy shopping mall, divers food, a nearby island an some popular activities most tourist enjoy. 

Adding to the long list of Pattaya City Attraction is The GREAT & GRAND Sweet Destination, it  is an Ice Cream Parlor, Milk Bar, Coffee Shop & Sweets Themed Park.

It is Located right next to Pattaya tourist attraction namely: Bee Farm, Pattaya Sheep Farm, and beside  Frost Magical Ice of Siam. 

Getting there:

It is advisable to travel via car  as the location is not accessible by Public vehicle. from Pattaya City it will take around 12 minutes via private car with toll fee. 

Parking Area:

Great and Grand Sweet Destination allocates a wide parking right in front itself.

Ticket Counter:

Ticket counter is right in the MIDDLE of Ice Cream parlor and Milk Bar underneath the Great and Grand Logo itself.


I did not see any DUAL Pricing at the entrance area which is a plus points for me.  Local and non local will pay the same amount:

FREE - height under 100 cm

66 TBH- height ( 101-135 cm) 

99 THB ( Monday- Friday) - Adult

120 THB ( Saturday- Sunday -Public Holiday) - Adult

Operating Hours:

Monday - Friday - 08: 30- 18: 00

Saturday- Sunday (Public Holiday)- 08:30 -19:00

After paying they will provide a wristband yellow ticket, according to the staff, we can go out and get back inside the Theme park again. ( Then I realized it is because the toilet is located few meters away from the Milk Bar station).

December 25, 2020 is the Grand Opening day, you will be greeted with the

Ice Cream and Smoothies station right after a few steps from the entrance area. 

Reminder to always log in your contact information at the entrance area.

Ice Cream Prices: 

Ice Cream Price start from 77. 00 TBH per flavor/ Scope. They have a total of 48 flavorful Homemade Ice creams to indulge.

We ordered Lychee in Cone for 89.00 THB

(price for Ice cream depends if you will get a cone, or if it just a cup which is few THB cheaper.)

Strawberry Smoothies for  88.00 THB


This looks like a Jello river with cakes as bridge.

Ginger Bread House

Love this Slide area. number of children is queuing 

This is what looks like in right after you get inside

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PJ Goc-ong

 Saturday, December 26, 2020 6:27 PM