The fun thing about our society at the moment is either we are in our place scared of what might happened or we are outside trying to enjoy and distressed.  As a working mum, weekends are busy days to cope up and spend time with my little girl. And this lovely café near the locations give not only a good photo together with your love one but a memory you shared together.

Somtavin café is not new to my knowledge as some of my friends visited this place few months before my daughter and I did.  

Most of the café in Thailand are unique and set in a different atmosphere and eye catching design to attract patrons. Most café in Pattaya are in lively and vibrant color that radiates a happy environment.  Few café nailed it when it comes to a forest and environment set that focused more on beautiful nature as the main theme, one of the café is Somtavin.

It is recommended to travel by a private vehicle towards this café as this is located 30 minutes from the City of Pattaya. 

Parking area are situated right in front of Somtavin café. 

Right in front of the Entrance area they have a small place that displaces framed photos of customers. They have good photographers to be honest, ( If you want a photo ideas you can visit the stall first before heading inside the café.

We are greeted with staff stationed in the entrance area, they showed the drinks menu and ask what would we like to order.  It is not as strict as other café that you have to order 1 per person and pay right at that point before you can get inside, which is a lot better.

You can have your order and just carry around with you, your order slip and pay it after you have all your photos taken.

Here are some of the cute location available to the Model inside of you!!!

This Heart shape thing is located after entering the café.  

They caught the soft spot my my daughter. ( She likes Birds)

This path will lead you to the "BUBBLE TENT"

The same Path but this angle is facing the diner

A lovely view from this side. You can see the diners and other spot of the café


first visit was a little busy and we needed to queue to get inside.  You can stay inside as much as you want.  Once you get out they will need to fill in more air before letting other people in.

This is like a PICNIC THEME

I had too much fun with this area

Heading back to the Diner you will walk on this cute PATIO.

Tried the Drink ( Not Sure what the name was as I ordered it in front and it was written in Thai language) It taste refreshing though. 

We had some food around 18: 30 and smoothies are not available anymore, but was not regretful on my ICE CARAMEL MILK (as written in the MENU) taste heavenly I am exaggerating but it taste good, REALLY good.

As you can see, price is cheap , but the PORK CHOP STEAK in Pepper SAUCE is better than the SOFT PORK STEAK.

Soft Pork Steak is Indeed Soft but the off we can actually change it to pepper if I was good in Thai Language, but I  am not so we keep this sauce.

Opening hours: 9:00- 18:00 pm

Give it a visit to experience a laid back weekend just 30 minutes outside the City.

PJ Goc-ong

 Sunday, December 20, 2020 12:22 AM