"November-February is the period which everyone know there are pink flower blooming cover the mountains at Phu Lomlo. And this is our destination for this trip"

There are 5 of friends including agreed to travel to Phu Lomlo and Khao for our 2 days 1 night trip. Myself, Ajarn, Yui, Wicky and Alem were ready at 11.00pm of 25 December because we want to arrive Phitsanulok in the early morning. We rent a minivan and start the trip from Bangkok. There was 5 hours away from Bangkok to Phitsanulok so everyone were ready with pajamas. On the way we stopped by at gas station for relax and finally we reached to Phitsanulok around 5am.

We dropped all luggage at hotel and refresh and then started the program by the breakfast at the local restaurant (which recommended by Ajarn).

This restaurant is one of famous restaurant for local people. 

The menu are rice with pork, chicken and soup.

We ordered difference menu to try.

After breakfast, we visit the most well know and important temple in Phitsanulok " Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat Woramahawihan" 

Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat Woramahawihan Or the name that most people call "Wat Yai" is located on Phutthabucha Road on the eastern bank of Nan River. Opposite to Phitsanulok City Hall Is a royal monastery of the first class, type Woramahawihan It is generally known as the place where the Buddha Chinnarat is enshrined. The Buddha statue is regarded as the most beautiful in Thailand.

Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat Woramahawihan This temple has a long history since the Sukhothai period. The architecture, art and sculpture are very beautiful. Regarded as a valuable cultural heritage of Phitsanulok.

After that we continued to Phu Lomlo. Yui and Wicky need coffee so we stopped by at Hill Coffee

This coffee shop is nice. They have good space for parking and beautiful garden.

We ordered drink and some dishes. Wicky requested grilled pork ( we just had breakfast 2 hours ago but she still need heavy menu)

Coffee and honey toast are good.

Finished all menu and continue to the hill.

And changed to be local truck.

The road to the mountain is local road so there are lots of dust in some area. So, suggest to bring face mask.

Finally, driver took us to visit 5 view point. 

And this is the first one. And Alem who love jumping is the first one who requested this shot.

But this is not the top of the mountain of Phu Lomlo so me, Alem and Yui walked up the top.

Then we got this shot.

And we continued to 2nd view point.

And at 3rd view point.

And 4th view point.

Since the 5th view point is not beautiful on that day so we saved time by skip it and went down to see maple leaf.

This place is not only famous for maple but this is the historical site.

Ajarn explained us some history of this place. However, there are information center in the area.

It was lunch time so we heading to the restaurant. 

In National Park area, you can not expect variety of restaurant. However, this restaurant look good.

Papaya salad is the most delicious today.

Green apple salad is signature of this restaurant.

Crab in sweet and sour salad.

All food are good taste and the prices are acceptable. We full with late lunch and then heading back to Phitsanulok.

This is nice hotel. Clean, new and good services and most of all the prices is not expensive.

After refreshment then we were ready for dinner. Today is Food Festival and we love to pick and enjoy eating street food 

All food are cheap and delicious.

Our hotel located on good area so we can walk to this walking street.

We finished our first day perfectly with all sightseeing and food. During this period new normal with mask and alcohol gel is very important so we all keep washing our hands with alcohol gel and wearing mask all the time when we were out of our room at hotel.

Day 2 

Our plan for today is Khao Kor area and then go back to BKK so we did not wake up too early (Wicky's request as we were not sleep well on the night we left Bangkok).

Before we left Phitsanulok we had breakfast at famous restaurant called "Pung Ki"

And before we got our menu, we got appetizer.

We all agreed that this is good restaurant and all menu are delicious. We left Phitsanulok and heading to Khao Kor which located in Petchaboon province. But on the way we stopped at the famous coffee shop called "Route 12"

This place is good for coffee, photos, and relax. I visit this place every time I travel to Khao Kor.

 All drink menu are not expensive.

We continued to Khao Kor. And stopped again at Pino Latte as this coffee shop is the best location to see beautiful temple.

We got many nice shots there.

Wicky got coffee but other did not want to wait on long que to we left to the "Pha Sorn Kaew temple"

Wat Phra That Pha Kaeo Formerly known as Phutthathamasathan, Phra That Phasornkaew It is a practice place with beautiful scenery all around, overlooking the cliffs of Sorn Kaew and complex mountain ranges. There is a practice pavilion enshrined a beautiful jade Buddha image, inside decorated with beautiful artistic paintings, located at the hillside in the village of Tang Daeng, Khamp Son Subdistrict, Khao Kho District, Phetchabun Province, which has started construction around the end. In 2004, Ms. Pawinee and Ms. Urai Chotikul bought 25 rai of land for the initial offering for the construction of a place of meditation for the monks. And Buddhists in general At present, there are more participants to offer additional land purchase factors, totaling 91 rai of land. Which is called Pha Sorn Kaew There is a mountain of high nature. 

Nested in a mountain range wrapped around the Dharma Hall And on the top of that towering mountain There is a cave at the top of the mountain. Which has many villagers in the Red Way Saw a glass ball floating above the sky And disappeared into a cave on the top of the cliff Villagers believe that the Buddha's relics came. And are considered to be an auspicious place Is sacred and so called "Pha Sorn Kaew" and the Buddhist places that came to be located in the area surrounded by the aforementioned mountain ranges are called "Phutthathamasathan Pha Sorn Kaew" as a auspicious vision for the villagers of the red road. And those who continue to practice Dhamma

This temple still beautiful as always and everyone except me and Ajarn are excited with all decoration.

We left the temple and heading down to the city and looking for late lunch (again).There are not many option for restaurant for the meal between lunch and dinner. Some restaurant not open and some already closed. 

So we got the last option at Lotus Petchaboon.

We three were at Chester Grilled while Wicky and Ajarn were at KFC.

After finished late lunch then we continue to Bangkok. It was 4pm and we should take around 4-5 hours to reach. Then everyone ready to sleep again. We reached to Bangkok around 9pm. 

And the most happy person from this trip is Alem. He loves travel around Thailand and he requested me to plan trop to Sukhothai as he really want to visit Sukhothai Historical Park. I have to work out again for new trip. ..


 Tuesday, December 29, 2020 12:47 PM