After we tried scooter trip in Ayutthaya. Me, Yui and Alem still enjoy and want to do it in Bangkok (again). This time we have Fang joining and we met new friend Note during the trip. And here is memory from our trip.

Sunday evening is good time to ride around Bangkok by scooter because there are no much traffic during weekend. We were ready at the meeting point "Wat Chanasongkram" in Khaosan area. We parked the car inside the temple and met with our tour guide Mr.Nine there. 

After checked and tested scooter then we start the trip by leaving from the back of temple and heading to Phra Sumen Fort and continue to Banglampu community. We stopped by at the popular "Patonggo Cafe" for drinks and try their popular menu.

We are four persons but they have many menu that we want to try. So, we ordered some menu for sharing. The first one is "Patonggo with condensed milk.

Second one is Patonggo with pandan leaf sauce. 

Fang requested Patonggo with chocolate sauce.

And Yui wanted something with ice-cream.

And here our Thai traditional drinks.

This shop located on the corner and opposite to "Wat Bowonnivet" close to Khaosan road.

After finished all menu we continued riding passing Khao san road and heading to Sanam Luang (Sanam Luang is a 74.5 rai open field and public square in front of Wat Phra Kaew and the Grand Palace, Bangkok, Thailand. Sanam Luang is in the Phra Nakhon District, the historic center of Bangkok.)

We stopped by at the "Mother Earth shrine" for worship. Mother Earth is well-known from the Buddha's history that when the Buddha practiced for enlightenment was the Lord Buddha Has been fighting with the demons The Devil has devised many different strategies. In order for the Lord Buddha to develop passions But the Lord Buddha was not rejected. And at that time, Mother Earth performed a miracle to defeat the devil by squeezing her hair to let the water flow out to flood all the demons to be defeated

Now many Thai people came to worship and wish for their luck.

We continue on the road to Wat Pho and on the way we stopped by and took good shots in front of "Ministry of Defense".

And here we met new friend who ride around by his own hi-tech scooter "Mr.Note"

We we become 5 persons now and there was very less people around this area so it is very good time to take nice shots of Grand Palace from outside.

After that 5 of us continue to "Ta Tien Pier" to get sunset shot.

We were riding along the road in front of Mistry of Defense and turn right behind Wat Pho as this road is less car.

And finally we reached to the view point and get the sunset shot behind the chedi of Temple of Dawn.

There were many people came for this beautiful shot as well so we spent around 15 minutes there and I suggested all to drop by and have drink at one of my favorite cafe "Ha Tian". The small cafe with very good drinks and bakery. 

We finished all drink and left the cafe and continue to the last stop which is the meeting point at Wat Chanasongkram. The tour finished smoothly and there were a a lot of fun along the way. 

We returned scooter and Note suggested us to have dinner together. And he took us to this small restaurant close to Wat Chanasongkram.

Note said that this is good restaurant serving homemade pizza and many choices of western menu.

It good to go to homemade restaurant but we have to accept to wait on que. We waited around 30 minutes to get the table and start order because everyone very hungry.

This is menu which requested by Fang.

This pasta requested by me.

And I also like this chicken salad.

This one requested by Yui.

And Alem was very happy with this menu which is highlight of today.

We all agreed that all menu today were very delicious and worth for our waiting long on que. The restaurant is medium size but the staff take good care all customer and all food are good with reasonable prices. So, if you are looking for small hidden restaurant to enjoy dinner with your family or friends. This one is a good choice. But they do not have parking area so you have to park on the main road and then walk in to small soi.

We completed the trip with riding and eating and drinking and laughing (as always). But this time we got new friend "Note" and hope that we can join next trip together.


 Wednesday, February 10, 2021 4:28 PM