Lam Khlong Ngu National Park, many people may have no idea about it but I guarantee that for people who like hiking, rock climbing and all adventure activities, you will definitely like this place.

Lam Khlong Ngu National Park is located in Thong Pha Poom District, Kanchanaburi. It is many big caves with stalactites for us to discover such as Sao Hin Cave, Martin Cave, Nam Tok Cave and Yai Cave. Each cave is very amazing and very beautiful.

To go there, we must have a good plan and contact the officer of the national park for a guild. Nowadays, travel agents are interfere and selling a trip package. You might need to contact them instead of those officers. Moreover, you need to prepare yourself for hiking and climbing as well as equipment as needed such as head flashlight, zip lock bag, etc.

Mostly we travel at night and arrive there in the morning so we have more time to discover the place.

Even there are many beautiful caves, but they allow only 2 caves for tourists: Sao Hin Cave and Martin Cave.

On the first day, we go to Sao Hin Cave. Some part you may need to hold the lanyard to go down and this means that we walk pass more that half of the way already^^.

Then continue to walk down and down...It is going to be harder on the way back.

As you can is very dirty

After a hard time, we finally arrive at the waterfall of Sao Hin Cave and it is our break point before go inside the cave.

The disadvantage is when we come with a tour group, we have to be hurry and have limited of time so we have only few photos-_-

Entering the cave

During the way in we have to climb and swim in so I do not have photos for that. Then at the end we finally see Sao Hin or Stone Pilar.

The time is up but before go back we swim in the waterfall.

On the next day, we go to Martin Cave where we have to walk pass small pathway.

Today we walk in the forest that quite shady and not too hot.

If you arrive at root curtain that means you almost there.

Natural creation^^

We are going to have more fun as we have to climb up.



And arriving to the other side

Follow the lanyard

Inside the cave

Beautiful stalactite curtain

It is so amazing !!!

The highlight is we have to jump off the cave into the water with the height of 6 metre.

Here where are we going to jump then swim to the other and walk back to our starting point.

Then heading to the national park, taking shower, packing a bag and travelling back to Bangkok.

Sorry that this trip we provide less photos as we have limited of time as travel agent always in hurry.

For people who like hiking, I suggest that you should come and you will really like it. Find you time to go there before everything is going change.

Thank you for reading

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 Thursday, June 2, 2016 10:37 AM