Songkarn Festival is a festival that is well known and famous in Thailand

This time we would like to introduce you to a new place of celebrating your Songkarn.

"Songkarn in Mon style ... At Sangkhlburi"

because it has its charming and unique so this is can be a god choice for celebrating Songkarn.

Starting the journey from Bangkok by taking a public van from Victory Monument>>>

The van ticket is 125 THB to Kanchanaburi.

It takes 2 hours to arrive to Kanchanaburi bus terminal and continue with another van

to Sangkhlaburi District for 175 THB

Finally, we arrive safely to Sangkhlaburi. The best way to travel in Sangkhlaburi is Motorcycle if you would like to go to many places. But if you do not go anywhere, Motorbike taxi is another good choice.

Luckily, I have a friend here that can be my guild for this trip.

Our first destination is Songgalia River.

This is a place where people are coming for relax

In the evening, we go to Sangkhla Walking Street where you can find delicious food such as

Pork dipping (you should not miss).

Tasty Samosa

Songkran Festival in Mon style has duration of 5 days

Today is the forth day of festival, people are preparing flowers and water to sprinkle on Buddha images.

Mon people will dress up especially women as you can see.

Around 4.00pm., people are finding their space for water sprinkle to Buddha Image

For the guy, they will wait for welcome all monks to the celebration by let the monk to step on their back because they believe that the monk is innocent and should not step on the floor.

The event starts from bring in the Buddha image and do water sprinkle first.

Then monks will walk out from Pagoda and step on all men that letdown on the floor.

On the bamboo trail, people will pour water on the trail and water will flow to the monks.

After that all men will take monks back to the temple without stepping on the floor. The remaining water, they will use it to pour on each other.

As we still have sometime left for the day so we take a boat to Wat Wangwiwakaram or the under water temple.

The boat fare is not too expensive.

Due to it is quite drought, there is no water and very dry.

Beautiful sunset

During the way back, we stop by Mon Bridge so that we can walk back to the resort.

The last day of Songkarn Festival, Mon people will help to decorate and manage

donation money for the temple.

As well as food and other personal use items that monk needed and parade to the market in front of

Wat Wangwiwakaram.

Enjoy local dance in the parade

Then people will bring everything to Wat Wangwiwakaranm.

That's what people bring with them to the temple

Some of them have their different way to relax before the event.

Then monks and villagers will set a line and carry a tiered 9th floor from Wat Wanwiwakaram to the sand pagoda that everyone has helped each other to build it up in front of Phutthakaya Pagoda.

There is a long lanyard for everyone to hold on along the way.

Then we will walk around the sand pagoda 3 rounds

Then the village leader and monk leader will locate the tiered 9th floor on the sand pagoda. Then monks pray to the pagoda and Buddha. After that all villagers throw away their ccoins for ghost.

Then they come back to the pavilion again to do water pouring and that is the end of the celebration of Songkarn Festival in Mon Style at Sangkhlaburi.

For me, it is such a beautiful festival, full of harmonious and fun and full of the unique of Mon people.

Thank you very much

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See you on the next journey


 Thursday, June 2, 2016 4:20 PM