Angthong and Suphanburi is in the central part of Thailand. Mostly people visit both cities for temple tour and historical side. But there are some interesting activities which we want to try this time.

We planed two days one night trip for 5 persons (me, P Wat, P Berm, Jack and Jay). We are fit in to one minivan which very comfortable. I prefer to go on trip by minivan than self driving because there are more comfortable and we can enjoy the view along the way while the driver do his job.

Saturday morning is time to start from Bangkok and heading to Angthong and the first stop is Wat Sang Kratai. The highlight of this temple is the old chapel since Ayutthaya period. The roof of the chapel gone and all four walls still remain because of the root of the trees. 

We left Bangkok around 7am and today is Saturday so traffic is not bad and we reach to the first stop around 9am. The first place for today is Wat Sang Kratai. The temple is assumed to have been built since early of Ayutthaya Kingdom. 

Now we can see the four big trees have grown to cover an old chapel both inside and outside. 

The shady branches are growing above the chapel make the place look very impressive.

This is one of tourist attraction of Ang Thong province which is suitable for learning about botany history and Culture.

We left Wat Sang Kratai and heading to old market "Rong Thong Market" which is an old market and popular for local people in Angthong.

Angthong is another one province which famous for dessert. 

And today we came to try some of them. This one is coconut wrapped with roti.

And another one is coconut pancake. And this shop is very famous for tourist.

We walked into the market and try many dessert and bought some of them for our friend and family.

This is good a good place for everyone who love Thai dessert.

It was lunch time so we move to restaurant.

This restaurant was picked by P Wat.

The venue is large and cover with trees and especially it located by the river so we get good view.

But some of us preferred to sit in air-con room so we moved in.

And all these menu are recommended by P Wat.

Fried vegetable with minced pork and salted fish.

Crab in coconut milk eat with vegetable.

Chicken wings.

Fried vegetable with fish and chili paste.

And Pad Thai.

All food are very delicious and the prices are reasonable. So, this is a good choice when you visit Angthong.

After lunch and enjoyed shopping souvenir then we continue to another temple.

Wat Khien, Angthong. 

We met with a lady who live near by the temple and she told us that all painting inside the Ubosod are from local people in Angthong who are not professional. But what we saw are amazing painting. 

She said that all the color are made from natural materials. The paintings assumed to be in the period of King Rama III of Bangkok Dynasty as the least of dated around the 18th century.

It was noon time when we left the temple and the weather today is hot as always. So, we change program to drop at coffee shop.

And this one picked by me.

I like their drink. This one is my order, it's ginger honey lemon which refresh me from the high temperature outside.

They also serve bakery but since we just had lunch so we do not have space.

We spent around 1.30hrs at this coffee shop as we like their decoration and the place are very good for relax.

Finally, we left coffee shop and go direct to hotel for check in. We booked Darapura Resort,Suphanburi for this trip.

This is small resort next to the river.

Room is not bad. Clean and all facilities are in good condition.

We decided to have dinner at resort because this place quiet far from market.

All food are delicious and the prices is similar when we eat at restaurant.

Since there are no activity around resort so we separate and go to bed early. 

Sunday, after breakfast at resort then we changed cloth and took local truck to the chestnuts field.

This area is famous for chestnut which they use them to make Thai dessert like Tub Tim Grob, juice, or eat with syrup.

This is the chestnut nursery area. One of them can grow more than hundreds. 

But today we will try to harvest them from the field.

Now Jay is ready.

And after we picked them from the field. Then we try to make dessert.

It was very good activity. We learn how to harvest chestnuts and how to make dessert.

After enjoy activity under the sun then we need something for drink. The Tree is our choice today.

I recommended this place as you can spend time in the big land. They set up the table and chair in all area so you can enjoy your drink and relax.

We left coffee shop and heading back to Bangkok. But as all are men (except me) so they want to have lunch before we go back to Bangkok. 

Na Here Chai is good option. So, we reserved the lunch there.

All are Thai food but they are very good taste. Everyone full and we finished all dishes. So, now ready to go home.

This trip is slow and less program as all men want to spend time as relax. However, we realized that Angthong and Suphanburi are also good province to visit besides of Ayutthaya. The distance is similar so if anyone never visit Anthong and Suphanburi. You should find the date.


 Wednesday, February 24, 2021 1:45 PM