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Vana Varin Resort, Hua Hin...Hua Hin does not have only the sea...


Sawaddee Krub, today I would like to take you all to Hun HIn but not the sea, we are going to somewhere different. This review will take you to a resort that surround by trees not sea.

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Day 1

The resort is pet allow so I bring my dog with me...

Driving from home to the resort...here we are>>>

Following the sign to the resort

The resort is quite shady like we go to the resort on the mountain.

We stay in a small bungalow which call Soil Art House with a symbol of Chinese Zodiac. Our room is RAT in Chinese Zodiac. This room has a balcony protruded to the lake where you can chill out. Moreover, it is also close to restaurant, parking and lobby so you do not have to walk far.

And inside is very amazing O_O

The room rate for this room during weekday is 2,000 THB plus one Extra bed 500 THB and one dog 300 THB. This rate is also including breakfast.

Comfortable bedroom

Closet with safety box is also provided

Beautiful view outside

Dressing table, TV and air condition are provided.

Kettle, coffee and water are provided on the desk.

Big bathroom

The balcony of RAT bungalow

The resort atmosphere with greenery scene and shady ^_^

Breakfast room

Other Chinese Zodiac Bungalow such as OX


Elephant (I do not think that it is one of Chinese Zodiac)

The resort decorates with the main character of Thai Literatures.

This is Pool Villa; Bungalow with a Pool which is very luxury. (Due to there is no guest during the weekday, so we can ask staff to get in and take some photos).

Another building of the resort, this building is not allow for pet that why we choose the other one.

Main swimming pool

Playground for children

There is also a peacock walking around.

This is the activity that we like it the most which is biking. The resort provides bicycle for guest who would like to bike on the natural tail. (Free of charge ^^)

The most impressive is, there is a bicycle that a dog can go with you as you can see in the picture. That is so cute^^.

He does not seem enjoy with us....

My wonderful sister

Take a break

There is also a football field...If you come with your team that is going to be fun^^.


So relax

After tired with biking, let take a break in our bungalow...

Almost dinner time, we drive to the sea to get the atmosphere beside the beach and have our dinner at Pla Too Restaurant. The atmosphere is very nice as we expect.

After that we head back to the resort...for a romantic bedroom...

The first person who go to bed ^^

Day 2

Wake up early and have breakfast in a good atmosphere beside the lake

For weekend breakfast, the resort will provide buffet breakfast but for weekday the resort will provide breakfast set which you can choose. (There are a lot of mosquitoes)

Breakfast is coming...

The most stuffing one...

American breakfast with 2 fried eggs, sausages, ham and bacon serve with bread, butter and jam.


And follow by cantaloup and watermelon. (Watermelon taste is great but cantaloup was taste less)


The advantage

  • Can get both the atmotphere of mountain and sea
  • Shady and peaceful
  • The resort area is clean and beautiful
  • There many activities provided especially biking
  • Pet allow
  • Staff are very nice and good service

The disadvantage

  • Not located beside the beach
  • It is quite far from the city centre and a little difficult to get there due to is located on the mountain
  • Some area of the resort is abandon which I am not sure if it under construction or not
  • There are a lot of mosquitoes in the open area due to it is located beside the lake but each room is secure from mosquitoes and insects

Overall is a good resort with natural atmosphere. If you would like to find something different in Hua Hin, here is another good choice for you.

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So see you on the next journey ^__^