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Soak up the ambiance along the Mekong River on the quaint walking street in Chiang Khan


Hello, this travel article will take you to smell the scent of the Chiang Khan Walking Street and its surroundings. Let's go.

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How to Get There

For this trip, we fly with Air Asia Airline from Don Muang Airport and take an airline shuttle bus to Chiang Khan. In order to use the airline shuttle bus, you have to choose Chiang Khan as your destination when you are booking flight tickets. The fare is included in the ticket price, costing 250 Thai baht. You won't get the shuttle bus if you pick Loei instead of Chiang Khan.

It takes an hour to reach Loei Airport and another 1 hour on the van to the town.

Our Accommodation

We are going to stay at Baan Supichaya, a hotel located on the bank of the Mekong River. The hotel boasts the picturesque scenery of the river overlooked from the private room balcony on the second floor. It should be experienced once in the lifetime.

The wooden house is classically decorated with full facilities.

The scenic view of the river is just right at the end of the bed.

A few steps from the bed, I can stay relaxed at the room balcony, absorbing the ambiance for the whole day.

For breakfast, they provided a local dish called "sopping-wet rice".

The Local Atmosphere

I have plenty of nice photographs showing the local environment for you. They are so inviting that after reading this review you may start to pack your luggage and be ready to get there.

Most of the pictures are taken in the evening when the working street is flooded with visitors in the nice atmosphere and perfect light.

Start with the famous wall, this spot is the Chiang Khan signature. You can't be said to visit here until you are taken a photo at this spot.

This picture shows the local walking street in the evening.

This temple is called "Wat Srikunmuang"

The sun is setting and the sky is getting gold.

Various kinds of shops are selling a wide range of items.

A lot of people are coming out from their places.

The cinema sign is built in classical style.

Even the well-known convenience store, Seven Eleven, is constructed in old-time style.

It is such a wonderful time walking along the esplanade sitting right on the bank of the Mekong River.

The sky is getting darker and darker.

At this time, the color of the sky and the lights along the street are perfectly go together. The crowd are taking a walk on the street enjoying the nice and cold weather.

At night, the street is full of the crowd and it is finally at its liveliest.

When we think of Chiang Khan, sopping-wet rice always comes to our mind. We definitely can't miss it.

I would give 100 out of 10 for its taste.

This shop sells a great number of dolls and the shopkeeper is really nice and kind.

There is a store called "Jum Loei Ruk (Defendant of Love)", selling lovely and cute goods. They provide a table for writing a postcard. The owner is also generous and friendly.

This child is performing a fantastic show drawing a lot of people to his performance.

A music brand is getting ready for their own show.

So is the Thai traditional folk dance.

This girl is really good at playing the ukulele.

They look so cool. I'd like to take some back home.

It is so green.

The picture below shows the first wooden hotel in town, called "Plu Sawat"

The freezing coca cola jelly here is one of the most delicious.

Overlooking from this point, it is completely crowded.

Making Merit in the Morning

Early in the morning, you can experience a local activity which is offering food to monks. The local gives sticky rice and food to monks in unique style you will never see it in anywhere else.

One of the most outstanding tourist spots, "Kang Kudku"

Here is the closest spot to the Mekong River where you can get breathtaking panoramic views.

There are boat services provided for ones who 'd like to get the ambiance along the river.

You will see how it looks like on both Thai and Laos banks of the river.

In Brief

In the present, there are cheap flights available to reach to Chiang Khan, where you can experience the beauty of the quaint wooden shop houses making this place stays last in travelers' memory. A high variety stores along the street drive hundreds of visitors here at night when the weather is nice winter cold. You will be having such a joyous time taking a relaxing stroll that you forget how quickly the time flies. A nice shelter will also boast up happiness during the stay. Chiang Khan is recommended to be visited once in your lifetime. It's even better if you visit in winter. The whole village is covered by the fog in the morning.

Lastly, I'd like to say thank you for your interest in this article. You are welcome to write any comments and suggestions below. That's all about Chiang Khan, a quaint little town on the Mekong River. Goodbye.

The End

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