"Tranquil, Simple, Relaxing, and Near Bangkok", I would say this is how I should describe this place and you will experience all of these when you have got a chance to come and stay here at "Paree Hut Resort Koh Sichang" in Chonburi.

The resort is perfect for those who look for a place to relax truly. You will be surrounded by the pure beautiful nature where you can enjoy the absolute serene atmosphere. Since the resort is not far from Bangkok, you can always come here when you feel tired of working maybe just for a weekend gateway. ~ If you are ready, let's go to Paree Hut Resort Koh Sichang together! ^_^

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To get there

You can take the ferry from Koh Loi Pier in Sri Racha. The fare is 50 THB per person. Once you arrive at Koh Sichang, you can take a Tuk Tuk to the resort. It is 150 THB per trip. However, the price can be varied in case you would like to have a quick tour on the island first. This price is set according to what you have agreed to pay. I would suggest you to do the tour first because Paree Hut Resort Koh Sichang is quite far from everything so it is not that easy to go here and there. If you want to go somewhere, you need to call a Tuk Tuk again.

Our trip gets started on 3rd September 2016 which is the same time that Koh Loi Pier is closed for some renovations. Therefore, we need to get the ferry from another pier instead which is about 2-kilometer far from Koh Loi Pier. It is very easy to find, as there is a clear sign to direct us.

Day 1

The very first thing you see upon arrival at the resort is this Lobby Hut. And guess what! There is an amazing natural beauty hidden right behind it. ~

This is what I am talking about! Once you walk through the Lobby Hut you will find numbers of huts, wooden bridge, rocky cliff, and beautiful ocean view. The man-made constructions go so well with the surrounding nature. This has made the slogan of the resort come to life, "Beautiful bamboo huts on the cliff where sky and sea are your friends."

Let's go and have a look at the hut that we are staying! We are 4 people in total and have reserved 2 huts. We have got the huts named "Ronan" and "Ronin" and both of them come with the electric fan. There is no air-conditioner.

We will walk through Ronan Hut first. The highlight of this hut is that it is located right on the cliff. It is very nice and the wind comes through the hut all the time.

The hut is in brown orange color and it turns into gold when the sun shines on it. As a result, the hut looks totally nice. However, there is no bed in this hut, only the mattress placed on the floor.

The bathroom is clean and the natural lighting makes it livelier. ~

The balcony of Ronan Hut offers the infinity view of the ocean and it comes with a hammock for you to chill in.

You can see how relaxing it is clearly. hahaha+

The next hut is called "Ronin" located close to Ronan Hut. However, Ronin Hut is neither by the cliff nor the ocean. It is a little further in the land.

This hut comes with the standard bed.

The view from the balcony is other huts in the resort, not bad either.

More photos in the resort

The tide is high in the late afternoon which is perfect for the fun activity!!! The zip lining will direct you to the water or you can choose to jump off the cliff (big thanks to the model -/\-).

Please don't forget to read the caution sign in order to do the activity safely!

The wonderful golden sky appears right after the sunset. It is a very memorable moment.

This is the view from the hut toward the ocean on the direction of Pha Prakard Ruk. Pha Prakard Ruk is on the right upper corner of the photo where you can spot something similar to a beach umbrella. We can walk there as well. It is not far but the path can be challenging. If you want to know how beautiful the view over there is, let's go and see it together!

Now you can see how difficult the trail to Pha Prakard Ruk is. But that doesn't stop people from going.

We have made it to Pha Prakard Ruk. It is a viewpoint overlooking the resort and the ocean. I take this photo to prove that I am really here. Eiei

This is another corner of Pha Prakard Ruk. The view is breathtaking which can be perceived as a reward for those who conquer the place. ^_^

However, please keep in mind that there is no light along the trail so make sure to make it back to the resort before it gets dark. Don't just admire the view and forget about the time!

If I am not mistaken there is a cave if you walk further. But we won't go there since it is getting dark already.

We shout wow! out loud when seeing this magnificent scenery while walking back~

It is truly amazing how the color of the sky blends so well with the lighting of the resort. And I am telling you that the photo is far less beautiful than the real one, therefor; you have got to come and see it yourself. ^^

The night is still young and we won't stop exploring.

The resort also has this cute romantic corner where it is specially designed for you and your loved one. <3

Then it is time to go to bed and say goodbye to the day. There are still some light winds coming through the hut at night. And if there is no wind, you still have got the electric fan to cool you down.

Day 2

The new day has come. So, let's see how the resort is this morning! It is pretty cloudy today so the photos might not be as nice.

Wow! Everyone woke up so early. ~

I almost forget to tell you that they also have a pool here. The water is directly pumped from the ocean so it is pretty similar to swimming in the sea.

This is the same angle with the one I took yesterday from the trail to Pha Prakard Ruk, just different time. It looks like this in the morning.

The garden and children playground are in the same area of the resort.

It is time for breakfast and the restaurant is this one here.

There is a corner in the restaurant where your breakfast will be remarkable. Imagine how wonderful it is to sip a cup of coffee with the view like this. And yes, the table in this corner is limited so make sure to get here early. If not, you will miss it.~

The breakfast is up to the standard consisting of fried egg, sausages, ham, bread, and boiled rice. I didn't take a photo of the boiled rice though.

Golity Score


Paree Hut Resort Koh Sichang can be considered as one of the most interesting resorts near Bangkok. The nature by the ocean and its surroundings make it hard to disappoint you. So, why don't you give it a chance to be your next weekend gateway!

Lastly, I would like to thank you for all your kind support and reading through my travel blog.
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 Tuesday, September 20, 2016 10:46 AM