Back to 2 years ago, I have a chance to work there because Bangkok had occurred a severe political crisis which brings many companies to close down temporary and my company is one of that. I was sent to work at Khao Lak, Phangnga, for 2 months during February - March but the crisis at that time make me have a chance to travel to difference places in Phangnga province and Koh Ta Chai is one of the trip that I am going to write a review for you.

I buy a package tour at the main tourist attraction place. Definitely, this is the place I have always been there at that period. I almost everyday go strolling and find something to eat there. I walk there to ask for the price of the package tour at counter located around there. A one day trip price on the difference island , the rate of package tour is around 1,800 - 2,700 Baht but occasionally, I acquaint with the tour company that located in my company area so I can get a special price which is from LOVE Andaman package.

On the travelling day, tour company will arrange a car to pick up customers at the hotels around Khao Lak to Thap Lamu Pier. From Khao Lak to the pier takes around 15 minutes. I make a register at the pier near Navy Wives Association Shop and a different colors of rich brands are dispatched as a landmark to recognize which boat and which tour guide you are accompany with. There is a snack provided there for take a break such as bread, coffee, fruits and underwater cameras for rent and you will receive a flipper and snorkel for diving. For shoes, it is not allow to bring onto the island, so you have to keep it at that pier.

The sky is bright, the sunlight is so strong but there still a wind blows that we can unpleasantly sitting on a speedboat because we are swaying when the boat is bouncing with the wave. It takes around 1.30 hrs to reach Koh Ta Chai

According to the plan, we will dive before we get on the island and have lunch on the island. Play with water on the beach, searching for Kai crab and walk to the sightseeing point on the island and then leave around 3 pm. I have already prepared a camera for taking photo underwater to see a coral reef which can obviously be seen under the Turquoise sea water.

I notice that coral reefs in Koh Chai area are in poor condition. Some are dead in many areas, it seems like a girl who is very sick with no one care. Most of the coral reef is a Blue coral, Honeycomb coral, Kod coral

Tour guide allows us to dive for a while then he blows the whistle and call us to get on the boat to the island and have lunch.

This is staff's accommodation area.People are not allow to have a night stay on Koh Ta Chai. For the food, the tour company has arranged a buffet meal such as fried, deep fried, Tom yum, clear soup, Som Tum and dessert as a fruits, ice cream including tea, coffee, juice. All foods are served unlimited.

Then we go roaming about the forest to find Pu Kai ( Kai crab) and Mor La Kod shell which you would not have a chance to see it around the beach because the there are so many tourists here, therefore we have to find it by ourselves. In which that activity can generate excitement for Chinese tourists, they make a loud noise along the way. If I were a crab, I would not definitely be happy since they are already dodge in the forest but people are still trying to find and catch them.

After that our tour guide gives us a free time to play with water, doing activities on the beach. I have only walked on the beach to find a corner for a beautiful place, sneak peek at girls to see they are having a good time on the beach because they make the sea in a hot day become livable. Turning left to a west zone, I can see a foreigner wearing a green bikini, she is walking and taking a photo on the beach and another people is playing with water which a boat is there as a background, look like she is having a modelling shooting.

Turning right to the east zone, a white beach looks more brighter because of Korea and Chinese girl.

And in front of me is a group of Thai teenagers who are taking a pictures ( please allow me to public your guys picture)

I spend time walking around to take a picture on the beach. There are both people I help them shoot the picture and some I have joined them for photo taking.

Thailand beach is so beautiful that many foreigners fly across the sea to have a pre-wedding here.

After collecting pictures on the beach, our tour guide then call everybody to see the beach at the back, you can choose whether to go or not. I choose to see the view at the back. I have to uphill climb to see the whole beach back but the sunlight is very strong, less shading area and we can't wear any shoe so we have to make a hurriedly walk. I used to see this view in the pictures, it is fulled of stone but what we see right now, the stone are all disappeared because people like to build up a stone pagoda or throw a stone into the water.

It's time to go back at 3.00 pm., I am thinking something along the way back. If Thailand can have a well manage these beautiful attraction places and profoundly conserve it, not emphasize only the amount of money and amount of tourists, we would have a beautiful sea for our heritages forever in the future,