Koh Kham, Sattahip district, Chonburi province

Hello everyone!! As I have a chance to travel to Koh Kham, thus, I would like to write this review to share my traveling experience for this island. Well, where is Koh Kham? It is located at Sattahip, Chonburi province which is not far at all. Koh Kham is under the responsibility of Royal Thai Navy and it offers an ecotourism style with a lot of activities to participate. However, there is no accommodation provide on the island and it is not allowed to stay overnight as well. Koh Kham opens on Saturday-Sunday and during the public holidays only. Furthermore, they also limit a number of tourists visiting at the island around 300-400 person per day only.

Getting there: you could catch a bus from Mo Chit or Victory Monument (I travel by van from Mo Chit bus terminal which cost me 145 bath for a transportation fee) and get off at kilometer marker No.1. After that, catch a blue color minibus, Sattahip Chong Samaesan line. The bus would take you to the front of Museum Island and Sea Thailand which is also a ticket booth. Well, if you would like to travel to Samaesan Island, you could go straight inside to buy ticket there. As for Koh Kham, a ticket booth will be located on the right side of the guardroom where soldiers observe the visitors' car, hence, you need to walk a little further inside. The ticket would be open for sell around 08.00am. in the morning. Moreover, as there is no queue card, therefore, you have to wait around the area for buying a ticket. The reason why tourists need to come early in the morning that is because they might not be able to travel to the island if the ticket is sold out for that day. **The day that I traveled there, the ticket start selling around half past 7 in the morning.

The boat fee to Koh Kham costs 200 baht. When you have bought a ticket already, just wait there and it will be a shuttle bus to pick you up to the pier or you could also walk there as it is not that far. For those who drive here, there is a parking lot around the ticket booth or you could also drive inside to the museum as there is also a parking space nearby the pier too.

There would be 3 rounds of boat provide per day as follows:

Depart - Return

09.00am 01.00pm

10.00am 02.00pm

11.00am 03.00pm

I choose to travel with 09.00am trip and return with the last boat schedule. Now, as I have already bought a ticket, I just take a seat and wait for a shuttle bus to pick up to the pier.

Upon reaching at the pier, just wait for a little while. When it is near the departure time, the soldier will call up the tourists to get onboard.

At 09.00am sharp, the boat would take off. It is a pretty large boat which could accommodate tourists around 100 persons per round.

The boat is considerably full today. Tourists who come onboard first could have a seat and for those who come later need to stand. It is alright as it takes just only a while to reach at the island.

The weather today is pretty clear with the strong sunshine and bright beautiful blue sky.

Like I said, the ride is pretty fast and now we could see the island in a distance.

It takes only a short time, not more than 20 minutes to reach the Island. And finally we have reached at Koh Kham. Hold on! Well, it seems that we are still not quite there yet as we have to get on a small boat to get to the shore.

When getting on the small boat, you don't need to worry about slipping down as there would be soldiers taking care the tourists at all time.

Let's go! Yeah!!!!

Finally, we are at Koh Kham Underwater Park which is under the responsibility of Royal Thai Navy.

I would like to talk a little about the background of Koh Kham.

In 1993, The Royal Thai Navy has assigned Deputy Commander-in-Chief, Royal Thai Fleet as the Chairman of the Board to administer the conservation and rehabilitation of marine environment project. And in the same time has also assigned Commander, Coast Guard Command to be the Chairman of Subcommittee for operating marine park project in Sattahip and its vicinity which at the first stage has initially set the area of Koh Kham as the first target for arranging to be a marine park. This is because Koh Kham consists of proper ecosystem and abundant hydrographic characteristics in the level that permit the growth of the coral. Moreover, the location of the island is not far away from a mainland which is convenient for a journey.

Koh Kham is a small island which located in the western part of Koh Samaesan that is in the southern part away from Sattahip district around 9 kilometers. The shape of Koh Kham looks like a "H" letter and it has approximately 61 Rai of land(1Rai=1600Square Meter). Koh Kham is under the responsibility of Coast Guard Command, Royal Thai Navy. The island has 2 large beaches which are located in the northern and southern part of the island. The beach in the northern part is a fine sand beach which is suitable for swimming and doing water activities. As for the beach in the southern part is a coarse sand beach with colorful gravel that spreads all over the area. Underwater resources of Koh Kham would have abundant coral spreads out around the island. The south area of the island is considered as the beautiful area which consists of the abundant underwater resources such as Staghorn Coral, Table Coral and Brain Coral. Most of coral would be in the shallow area at 3-6 meters of the water level which is suitable for both snorkeling and scuba diving. Apart from that, you also could see the beautiful fishes around the coral area such as Butterfly Fish, Damsel Fish, Cardinal Fish, Grouper and shoaling fish such as Yellowtail Fish. Besides, there are also other sea animals such as Tridacna Clam, Crocus Giant Clam, Sea Plants, Red Indian Fish, various kinds of crab and shrimp, Feather Star, Sea Urchin and Sea Cucumber. All is the uniqueness characteristic and beauty of Koh Kham.

Source: http://www.navy.mi.th/coast_guard/under_sea_park_k...

After the tourists arrive at the island, they would have to go and listen to the officer first. They will narrate, give us knowledge of ecotourism and inform tourists about the activities and regulations on the island. The narrating session will take around 15 minutes and everyone could be free after that.

Activities on Koh Kham:

1. Diving to see fishes and coral (Equipment fee 50baht)

2. Riding on a glass bottom boat (free of charge)

3. Kayaking (price costs per hour)

4. Go up to the scenic point on the mountain and take a walk to watch the scenery around the island.

5. Sitting back and relax (there are chairs free of charge, the canvas bed for rent at 20 baht and you could also borrow a mat for free by exchanging with your ID card for guarantee)


1. Do not bring out any resources on the island such as rock, shell, plant, etc.

2. Do not swim in the beach that located in the back side, left side and the area around the bridge that has rocks.

3. Do not use any chemical substance product on the island such as hair shampoo, soap, face cleanser, etc.

4. Do not touch the coral.

5. Do not feed the fish.

*These are all that I could remember.

As for the food on the island would be kind of instant noodles, snacks, meatballs, ice-cream, fruits and drinks. There is also a lunchbox set for sell as well, I think they take them from the mainland.

Ps. This island is not restricted alcohol drinks as there are canned beer selling on the island as well. Lol.

Upon the narrating session is over, I am not wasting anymore time to go and explore Koh Kham.

Now, let's go together!

Let's get start at the left side beach.

The beach in this picture is an area where we get on and off the boat. It is located at the left side of the pier where we debark. Swimming is not allowed at this side of the beach as there are a lot of rocks and it could be dangerous.

The sea water is pretty clear, yet there are a lot of rocks as well.

Most of people would flock together at the right side beach as there is a little people here on this side, only those who come to take some photos.

Most of the gravels here are black round rocks. They spread all over the place that we could hardly see the sand beneath. I think it somehow gives another kind of nice scenery as well.

Walking to another side would be a beach in the back side. The sea water is not as clear as the beach in the front area, it has a bit green color with a coarse sand and a lot of coral reef. Thus, swimming is not allowed in this area, however, tourists could take a mat to pave and relax along the shady trees.

After that, I go exploring the forest. I take a walk to watch the scenery of the island, and then continue to go to the scenic spot to take some photos. Now, let's go!

Along the path, there are signboards telling the name of the trees to educate us as well. Moreover, there are signposts along the way, thus, do not need to be worried of losing the way. Just walking along the path and you could definitely not get loss. Yet, if you walk out of the way, you surely get loss. Lol.

The deeper I walk, the darker the area is and now my heart feel a little bit trembling, where exactly is the exit? (I'm not scared of losing direction but it is actually the dark that I feel scared) Well, let's continue walking.

Walk a little bit further, and finally we now reach at the first scenic spot.

From this point, we could overlook a large boat that riding us to the front of the island.

The sun is pretty strong today and the weather is terribly hot. I would say.

Take one more picture and let's start walking again.

Keep walking to the second scenic spot. The path is rather steep but we are not worried as there would be a rope to hold on along the way.

Finally, we have reached at the second scenic spot which is the highest point of Koh Kham (is it? I'm not sure, Lol). Walking all the way here is considerably tired, however, the spectacular scenery in front makes us feel pretty refresh.

The scenery on the top looks pretty beautiful, we could overlook to a far distance. Anyway, I think if we could take a photo in the evening time, it would be much wonderful. Lol.

There is a bench for taking a photo. Well, you should take photos at this area for memorable as it is a spot that you should not miss out when you travel to Koh Kham.

I am kind of sweating from the hot weather. After I take enough photos then it is time to go down now.

The ascent way is pretty steep, however, the way down is much steeper. Luckily, we have a rope to hold on along the way, unless we need to slide down for sure. Lol.

Are we getting up there again? No of course not. Hahaha. I want to take this picture to show you all how slope the way is.

The name of this tree is quite interesting, it calls "Mor Noi" or "Sam Sok"

Beautiful scenery like this should have a pretty girl as a model.

*I would suggest you guys to take a bottle of water with you when you climb up there.

After I reach at the below area, I would have to take some rest and feel the cooling sea breeze for a little while. And then, as I have gained some energy back, I continue walking to take photos at the beach in the right side. The beach in this area could do the activities all the way until the wooden bridge. Moreover, the beach in this side is nicest and has a crystal clear sea water.

There would be the shady areas from the trees on the beach that you could borrow or rent a canvas bed to sit back and lie down for some relaxing as you like. I think if there is a cooling wind flows by, we might surly fall asleep. Lol.

The sea water is pretty clear, it gets bright blue color which is nice to do the swimming.

The regulation for water activities is that the tourist must wear a life vest at all the time.

Tourist could do activities as they prefer whether swimming, diving, kayaking or just paving on the mat to lie back on the beach.

During a walk along the beach, I find a little hut that a Thai famous TV drama called "Plub Plerng See Chompoo" has built it as the scene in the drama.

Walk a little bit further from the hut, the beach around this area would have a coarse sand with a lot number of round black rocks.

The black spots that everyone sees in the picture is all the gravel rocks, I think it also looks splendid.

Oh! pretty girl, why you are walking here all alone? Lol.

I continue walking along the beach until I found the wooden bridge which is considered as the symbol of Koh Kham. Everyone who travel to Koh Kham will take photos with this wooden bridge as it is a spot telling that you really reach at Koh Kham. ^^

Oh! there is a pretty girl over there again. Unfortunately, there is tree blocking the nice scenery. Lol.

Along the way, you will find people walking on the bridge all the time, therefore, if you would like to take picture with no one there, it would be extremely hard. You would likely have to use some photos skill and waiting skill...Lol

Most of people might feel afraid as it is an old wooden bridge. Would it be broken? I think you don't have to be worried about that, as I walked on the bridge before and I would confirm that it is rather strong and safe.

There are a lot of nice corners for taking photos, thus, you could choose the area as you like.

From the starting point to the end of the bridge has a distance approximately 100 meters.

A boat that takes us here is parking at this area.

Walking along the bridge until the end and there is no an exit, thus, we need to walk back on the same way.

After that, I walk back to find a nice area to sit back under the shady trees.

The atmosphere is really pleasant, I sit back, lie down, listen to a nice music along with the sound of the wave and the cooling sea breeze that flows by while watching people have a great time swimming in the sea.^^

I would say Koh Kham is another island that is suitable for relaxation and to learn about nature. Whether you travel with family, friend or your lover, I think Koh Kham is a right choice for you. There are various fun activities to do with a crystal clear seawater and abundant underwater nature resources. Moreover, the atmosphere is spectacular and there would be the officer looks after tourists all the time. When I am here, I just don't want to leave, just would like to continue staying here a little bit longer.

Can I just continue staying here?

When the time comes, the last round of the boat is waiting and parking around the island to take the last round of tourists to the mainland. There would be an officer announces to call tourists to board the boat, and then people would gradually get on a small boat to continue getting on a large boat that parks around the area. Well, it is time to say goodbye to Koh Kham, and if there is a chance, I would definitely come back here for sure.

Lastly, I would like to leave this review to you guys, and if there is any mistake in the information, I would have to apologise in advance.^^

Goodbye for now, and see you guys in the next trip.^^

**Approximate expense:

- Van from Mochit-Sattahip 145baht

- Minibus 20baht

- Breakfast 50baht

- Ticket to Koh Kham 200baht

- Meal on the island 100baht

- Minibus on the return leg 20baht

- Van to Mochit 150baht

Total expense 685baht