Sawadee Kha, hello, today I have another trip that I could call it a Beauty Memory. So I want to share this beautiful memory and fun with everyone.

This trip we go to Phuket for 4 days and 3 nights. We go to the island by a one day trip service of Love Andaman which we really enjoy its service since Koh Tachai and Koh Similan trip two years back and Koh Maiton and Koh Surin trip last year.

This trip got started when we see the information in page Love Andaman saying that they open the new one day route to Koh Rok, Koh Racha and Koh Maiton. So then, we went to book the tour package at the Thailand Travel Fair in last August or last September. We still have the rental car voucher so it's all set. Then, we just wait for the cheap promotional flight from Nok Air. Until everything is booked, we just wait for the day to come....Since Nok Air recently has so many problems so we were worry of what we might have to encounter. Luckily, our flight just got delayed for about 30 minutes and it was on time for the returning flight.....Thank you very much...

Oh well, my introduction is quite long, let's get to our main story. I will tell the story chronologically because if I switch here and there, I will get confused myself, haha.....Ok, if you are ready, let's go explore the Andaman!

Day 1 – Sawadee Phuket

We reach Phuket Airport at noon, the weather is so hot. Our aircraft landed at the open area so we have to walk down with our eyes almost close in order to take the airport bus to the terminal. The sun is so strong that we heard some noise nearby and once we look back, a Chinese girl just passed out on the bus. When your consciousness is back, I wish you have a good time here.

After claiming our baggage, we go pick up our rental car at Budget. Good news is we got upgraded from Toyota Vios to Toyota Corolla cool.

Once we are on the car, I found that our burger from this morning has been all digested. What to eat now? After talking with friends for a while, they suggest....everything is fine....Well, such a good help......Well, I recall that the Tei Tiew Thai TV channel used to take us to Tukabkhao restaurant and I've seen this restaurant in other TV programs too. So, let's go to this one. After that, we open the Google Map and let her lead the way. Well, I just want to thank the one who invented this technology, it's so helpful and help us not to get lost.

Tukabkhao Restaurant is located on Phang Nga Road, Muang District. We can park near the main road. The restaurant is very beautiful. It has both indoor air-condition seats and outdoor seats which no one is there. Probably, more people will sit outside in the late evening. I almost didn't have any indoor photo because there's a lot of customers and I'm afraid I would disturb them if I take out my camera and start shooting.

Let's take a look at what we have…..Oh!!! let me tell you something, our food in this review may look repetitive because we have a lot of eating exceptions. One of us doesn't eat spicy, the other doesn't eat pork, one eats no vegetables, the other doesn't like fish and I'm also allergic to shrimp, crab and mantis shrimp, oh my!!!!!

Let's start with Fried Melinjo Leaves (Bai Liang) with Egg, it is the easy delicious Southern food that we can't miss.

Deep Fried Jack Fish with Chili Sauce, my friend who doesn't eat spicy wanted to have fish so we asked the restaurant to put the chili sauce separately--the sauce is very spicy and salty.

Cockle Curry with Betel Leaves– I don't like coconut milk soup so I didn't try but my friend said it's a bit salty.

Chicken Satay– I recommend you to put a lot of A Jad Sauce (cucumber sauce) to reduce the salty taste.

Fried Mussels with Herbs and Spices (Pad Cha Hoi Lai) – This is delicious but the mussels are too small that I wonder whether they realized that they were mussels before they got killed.

Crispy Fish Herbal Salad (Pla Salid Krob Fish) – This one is delicious.

Deep Fried Chicken Wings with Fish Sauce – This dish is delicious without having to dip in the sauce.

Panna Cotta Raspberry– This one we got it for free. When we spend 1,000 THB, we press * follow by several numbers and send to DTAC and then we will receive a code to have this menu for free.

The Bill

For us, we think it's not cheap but a bit expensive. Each dish comes in a small portion and that we are full because we have to eat so much rice due to the food is salty, haha. Oh well, we are full anyway but not happy kind, it is quite difficult to explain.

This trip, we are staying at Kalima Resort & Spa which is very close to Patong Beach. I'm not sure if the beach near or hotel is call Karim Beach or not. We book 2 rooms of Grand Deluxe Sea View with an additional bed. But once we reach the hotel, we were informed that one of our rooms has been upgraded to Family Sea View or something like this. They said this room is bigger, more comfortable and no additional bed is needed. However, we have to wait for the staff to clean room for hours. Everyone has to stay at my room until 17.00 p.m. after we called twice. Once we moved in, we need to ask staff to fix our air for both nights. Well, let me stop complaining, otherwise our memory will not be beautiful. Ok, let's look at how these rooms look like.

Grand Deluxe Sea View – Below is photos taken from my friend's mobile as I forgot to take when we all stay at this room.

Family Sea View – This room is just a bit bigger than above room but the restroom is much bigger. The bed also has two layers.

After unpacking stuff, we are hungry now. We all agree that we are going to have our meal at Baan Chomview Restaurant. We went there last year and felt very impress with the taste and its atmosphere.

Baan Chomview Restaurant is located on Kata-Saiyuan Road. We can see Kata Beach from afar. It is near Photo Hotel. Just going pass this hotel and you can find it on your right hand side. We can park near the main road. The food is delicious and the staff is great. Beyond anything, it is this beautiful sunset view.

The Restaurant Atmosphere

Deep Fried Squid with Flour– It has crispy crust and very soft squid.

Fried Chicken with Cashew Nuts – It tastes a bit like Fried Chicken with Oyster Sauce.

Vermicelli Soup

Fried Jack Fish with Herbs and Spices (Pad Cha Pla Mong) - It is spicy with big chuck of boneless fish, very delicious.

Squid Herbal Salad (Pla Pla Muek)

Fried Melinjo Leaves (Bai Liang) with Egg – We really must have this dish.

Deep Fried Shrimp with Tamarind Sauce

Overall expense is very reasonable as each dish is very big. Probably the beverage is a bit high, still, it's normal price for the tourist city.

After getting very full, we go back to the hotel, take shower and take rest for tomorrow. Love Andaman informed us that the van will pick us up at 07.15 a.m. from the hotel, isn't it too early???!!!

Day 2 – Enjoying at Koh Rok

The breakfast starts at 06.30 a.m. and we need to be hurry due to the van will pick us up at 07.15 a.m. and the driver is so on time.

Then, we are heading towards Ao Makham Deep Sea Port. Once we reach there, we register with Love Andaman and enjoy the snack as we wish.

Before boarding the boat, the guide and his assistance introduce themselves and gives us a brief information about the tour. The information that shocked us is.....we will take about 1 hour and 45 minutes boat ride to Koh Rok......Oh my.......isn't it a bit too long????.......Oh well, Koh Rok is in Krabi Province so it'll surely take sometime to reach there, right....

He is Nong Neo, our guide that we are very impressed and the girl on the brown shirt behind him is also very lovely but I forgot to ask her name. She's taking a very good care of us. She helped me with my wound after I accidentally kicked the tree root and my finger got broken.

The wave is quite strong, we are shivering so much that our neck got tired. There's auntie who got boat sick so bad that she vomitted. Anyhow, once we reach Koh Rok, everyone looks so fresh....According to Love Andaman program, they will take us to stop for a snorkeling. If you don't want to snorkeling, you can also just relax nearby.

There's also accommodation of National Park on Koh Rok.

Many shady seats are also available.

And the most popular activity among girls can be nothing but photos, photos and snack, haha.... Ok then let's take a look at snack first.

After taking photos for a while as well as when the snorkeling group return, it's time for lunch. There's three menus and fruits and all are served in buffet style.

When we are full, the guide told us that the water is going to be high up on the side we are staying and it'd be difficult for the boat to come and park. Therefore, we need to go to the other side of Koh Rok which is also beautiful but the tree is much less......Let's see Koh Rok Noi together....

Super White Sand

Let's have a group shot.

Nong Neo, our guide said our pose is too simple so he volunteers to show us....

We stay at Koh Rok Noi for about half an hour, then we were called to get on the boat and move onto our second stop which is Koh 5....Here they are a lot of star fish but I think they look soft and disgusting....There's also young corals and cartoon fish and many other type of fish.. But what I love the most is the beautiful.

And the favorite activity of our group is jumping. We have to jump to have fun. This time is different than last time as the guide suggested us not to wear a life jacket as it is lighter and has a better photographic shot. You got it! Jumping without life jacket is possible under the condition that the staff must wait inside the water in case I can't swim up then he can help me right away. Everything goes well and I have to jump 3 times in order to get this beautiful shot.....quite tiring....

From Koh 5, We return back to the deep pier of Phuket around 17.30 p.m. We are super starving. We love everything about this trip, let it be food, guide and every staff on board. It's just that the boat ride is too long. Since we are so hungry, we just walk across the street to find the food at Ban Rimpa restaurant after taking shower.....I'm sure foreigners must love this restaurant as it has a very beautiful Thai style atmosphere. Nonetheless, it's also quite pricey. From the price on the menu, we decided to just order desserts and Mango with Sticky Rice first and go find proper dinner elsewhere. We also order Pla Dukfu or catfish salad, Kratong Thong (Thai sweet) , and Chicken wrapped in leaves which come in such big pieces as below photos.

But the Mango with Sticky Rice got cancelled due to some incident happen. The waiter hit my friend's glass and the water spill all over my friend but he didn't do anything just gave us a sweet smile as if to ask whether the water is cold and we all have to help ourselves. We wipe our friend's skirt, the table and pull the chairs away. There's no apology whatsoever.....So, the fight got started. We thought that if the staff is not capable of serving this kind of glass, then they shouldn't do it as it's easily fell...They wanted to compensate us with a free meal but we refused. So the story ended where we took 50% off and paid 690 THB....I didn't take the receipt photo as I got so angry.

After that I got so upset but still keep driving and my friend's skirt is all wet. Without knowing, we came to Jungceylon Mall. So we walk around before deciding to go to The Pizza Company. At this point, it is so delicious, haha.

I'm not sure if its price is more expensive than Bangkok as I see the McDonald's is much more expensive. This meal costs about 1,100 THB, I think it's similar to Bangkok price right?.....After feeling full, we just go back to the hotel because the van will come pick us up at 07.15 a.m. tomorrow morning again.

Day 3 – Happiness is all around at Koh Racha and Koh Maiton

Today before we set off for Koh Racha/Maiton, our tour guides again introduce themselves to us, one is Grace (Yaya/Hua Nok, in fact, I'm not sure which name it is as she introduce so many name) and the other guide is Korn. According to the introduction, it will take only half an hour to Koh Racha....only half an hour, yay!!!! But!!!! why the wave is so super strong, my neck is all stiff now...

Once we reach Koh Racha, the guides take us to see the view from above first. But since we have some age already, so we didn't go up just taking photos around....After getting down from the viewpoint, the guide let us to choose between going for snorkeling or just chilling on this island. Our group and other 2 groups choose to stay at the island and the boat will come pick us up at 11.40 a.m.

It is about half an hour boat ride from Koh Racha to Koh Maiton but the wave is even stronger than this morning. Once we step on the island, we notice many changes from the previous year. There's more props for us to take photos this time.....fabulous!

Food and beverages is served in buffet style. Freshly grilled shrimp and squid are also available as well as fruit smoothies, tea, and coffee, such a full course meal.

After getting full for a while, one guide is taking the tourists to continue snorkeling while the other guide stays on this island and take the tourists up to the viewpoint. And we, of course, choose the later choice and enjoy our photography time, hehe.

Today we also meet Nong Neo, our guide at Koi Rok yesterday. We quickly get familiar with one another. Then he takes us to see the origin of Koh Maiton and be our photography so we don't have to use the stand anymore.

This is the wood which originates the name of Koh Maiton (Wood Island).

Taking a group photo with Nong Neo for memory

Love Andaman doesn't disappoint us again withe delicious food and excellent staff. I was missing Nong Music, our guide too. I will definitely come back with Love Andaman tour and it'd be fantastic if they open new route to other island, hehe.... We leave Koh Maiton at about 16.00 p.m. and only about 15 minutes we are already back to the deep port Phuket. Today I called to one of my friend and ask for restaurant recommendation. I ask for a good food, great view and not far from our hotel restaurant. The recommendation is Paradise View Point restaurant which is only 450 minutes after we take the right turn from the hotel. This restaurant is located like Rimpa restaurant of which we can park near the main road. It's a pity that the sun is already set when we reach, so we see nothing except the light in front of Patong Beach.

Let's take a look at its atmosphere

Deep Fried Squid with Flour – Half of this squid is onion, Oh my!!! I love the onion more than the squid itself, so good.

Grilled Duck in Spicy Soup – The taste is quite mild, foreigners would love it.

Deep Fried Thai Sea Bass with Fish Sauce – It is crispy, delicious, and fresh.

Fried Squid with Herbs and Spices – I think this dish looks and tastes like Fried Wquid with Oyster Sauce with black pepper more. It's eatable but not that delicious. Anyhow, we finish it, haha.

Deep Fried Shrimp with Tamarind Sauce – My friend said it's very delicious.

Fried Melinjo Leaves (Bai Liang) with Egg – Again and again, haha.

Let's finish with desserts so we can have a sweet dream.

The Bill

Day 4 – Every party has a farewell, so sad.

Today we get to wake up late and slowly fully enjoy our breakfast from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. So I would also like to show you some of our breakfast. The breakfast here is served in buffet style. Every menu remains the same expect the chicken noodle has changed to beef noodle in the last 2 days.

After breakfast, we also finally have time to walk around and here is some of the atmospheres at the hotel.

Then, it's time to say farewell to the hotel. We go straight towards Raya Restaurant as we found in the Google that it's delicious and worth a visit. So, then, Google Map, please lead the way...

Raya Restaurant is located on New Deebuk Cross Road, Muang District. It has a good parking space with is quite convenient. We arrive there around 13.00 p.m. already but the customers are still full. We get the seats on the second floor which is also good as it's quite airy. It's alright with just one fan as the weather is not too hot.

Some atmosphere of the restaurant

Moo Hong (Southern Thai Stewed Pork Belly) – It is the local Phuket dish so we must try. It's like Palo dish but has been stewed for a long time, the spices are so into the meat, smell very good.

Fried Melinjo Leaves (Bai Liang) with Egg – It is said from the Google that Raya also put big dried shrimp but we don't want it and here it is.

Dried Squid Salad– This dish is our mistake, we thought it's fresh'd be so great to enjoy it with some alcoholic drinks.

Fried Grilled Duck with Basil Leaves – It is very delicious.

Fried Chicken with Cashew Nuts – The look might not be that great but it's very delicious.

Deep Fried Squid with Garlic and Black Pepper – We asked the shop to separate the garlic because our friend who doesn't eat spicy saying that garlic is also spicy for her.

Fried Jack Fish with Herbs and Spices (Pad Cha Pla Mong) – It is so super delicious. Herbs smell good and with just the right spicy level.

Fired Spring Roll – It is stuffed with chicken for snack, it is delicious.

This is the bill. I think it's very reasonable as each dish has a good portion and very delicious.

Not yet finished, our stomach has yet exploded. Before saying farewell to Phuket, let's enjoy something more. While driving to Raya Restaurant, we saw a coffee shop along the way. So now we drive back to Deebuk Road for a coffee and desserts time at Café Del Sol.

It is a very cute coffee shop but probably outside weather is hotter than the inside air conditioning so we feel a bit hot. There's variety of bakery and ice cream to choose. We order Chocolate Fudge, ice cream and 3 coffees. It costs something like 650 or 670 THB.

After fully satisfied now, we go to the airport to quickly return the car and can check in just in time. Finally, it's time to say farewell to Phuket. Happy and enjoyable time always passes so fast. We all go back to Bangkok with tan skin and big stomach. We are are both tan and round, just like a penguin. But we love it still.....we'll definitely come back again. We certainly Love Andaman and surely I love you very much, Phuket.

Beauty Memory

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