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5 Restaurants and 10 Recommended Menus

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Central Festival Eastville is built base on BANGKOK ESCAPE Concept. It is located on the eastern part of Bangkok with project area of 51 Rai. It can support more than 200 shops and 100 restaurants. The space is well combined both indoor and outdoor area. This department store perfectly respond lifestyle needs of metropolitan. For your information to visit Central Festival Eastville, I have selected 10 delicious menus from 5 restaurants in Night Zone, 1st floor. Let's find out together.

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Dom Café & Bistro [11.30AM - 11.00PM / Tel.0-2115-6509]
The restaurant is beautifully decorated in classy western style. It offers fusion food "French and Italian with Asian Twist" under control of chef Dominik Heizmann. An experienced Swiss chef from Michelin rated restaurant in Lucerne.

'DOM Beff Steak'
A perfect match of thick and soft beef with delicate scent and intense flavour from foie gras. THB680.

'Grilled Racks of Lamb'
Well cut and thick lamp without its unique smell. It has tenderness and strong taste, THB580.

Fat Gut'z Saloon [10.30AM - 1.00AM / Tel.09-9161-3951]

A famous New York-style bar from Thong Lor opens another branch here with refined interior of western ship in 1920. Space is designed into different levels and well organized giving privacy to customers. It is also equipped with gorgeous bar and various drinks.

'Buffalo Wings'
Standard size chicken wings well cooked and mixed with rich sauce, THB180.

'Hot Pepper E San Steak'
Tender beef marinated in dense spicy sauce served with sticky rice and fresh vegetables, THB340.

Scoma's [11.00AM - 10.00PM / Tel.08-3333-9889, 08-2262-2468]

If you look at Scoma's from outside, it would look like normal sweet shop. It however serves both meat dish and dessert. The ambiance is homely, bright, neat and tidy suitable for everyone.

'Fried Rice with Crab'
Appetizing smell. The rice is well fried and chewy flavoring in delicate taste. Very delicious, THB245.

'Berry Waffle & Ice-Cream'
Crispy but soft waffle adding taste with mixed berry. Perfect combination of sour and sweet flavour.

Seiryu Sushi [11.00AM - 10.00PN / Tel.0-2042-3335-6]

Interior is bright, tidy, modern plus high ceiling. There are normal chairs and sofas. The highlight is sushi bar with chef ready to make fresh sushi for you.

'Premium Sushi Set B'

Large bite of sushi in different meat looking fresh, clean and appetizing. The rice is outstanding and tsaty. THB1,350.

'Strawberry Foie Gras Roll'
Large bite of scented and mellow foie gras with sweet strawberry making chewing more fun.
4 bites for THB280 / 8 bites for THB520

Wine I Love You [11.00AM - 12.00AM / Tel.08-1-921-2016, 08-1921-0661]

Another well known restaurant of this place is designed in airy and cozy style. It is also decorated in western pattern. The restaurant offers more than 100 types of beer, 4 draft beers and over 200 wines available on your choice.

'BBQ Kurobuta Racks'
The racks come in large piece with well tender meat and mix with full-flavoured sauce. Very tasty, THB450.

'Cheese Cake'
Scented and soft texture served with sour sauce and ice-cream.

The restaurant is beautifully designed with identity. Apart from this, there are around 100 restaurants for you to try. Though it is named Night Zone, restaurants also open in the daytime, same as normal restaurants. Anyway, they close late at night according to the zone's name. Personally I like feelings of bar but open during the day too. So, I can bring my family to eat. Or I can go without waiting until evening.

Thank you very much.

Central Festival Eastville
69, 69/1, 69/2 Pradit Manutham Rd., Lat Phrao, Lat Phrao, Bangkok 10230 Thailand
Tel. 0-2021-9999
website : www.centralfestival.co.th

For update promotion & review at https://www.facebook.com/reviewnowz

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