"Fon is sister whose I did not meet for 3 years called me and invited to join with her to Phuket. This trip was planed since before I jointed trip to Chaiyaphum and we kept postpone as our 5 persons are not available on the same period.

Finally, we got the date to be 23-25 November but our biggest sister P Lhin requested to stay one more night as she had some plan so we agreed to be 23-26 November and we are 5 persons including me. P Lhin who had travel around the world booked promotion rates with Thai Smile for all of us"


7.30am we were all at Suvarnabhumi Airport for departure flight at 9.25am. We came from difference area and the most far is me from Donmuang area but I’m the first one who arrived airport.

We left Bangkok and arrive to Phuket Airport on time. Up on arrival for Domestic flight arrival is quite smooth we show vaccine certification and get luggage. 

I supposed to be a tour guide for them this time but after we listed down the places we want to visit and restaurant we want to try I decided to hire the tour guide as there are some places which even myself never visit before.

Our tour guide was waiting for us at airport. Unlucky me this time, my suitcase’s wheel was broken during flight. 

So, I have to contact airline baggage services to get claim. 

But their ground staff services was good. They checked and give me a form to fill out some information and informed me to contact baggage services counter at Suvarnabhumi airport when I return to Bangkok

Anyway, our tour guide P Krit and our driver was waiting for us at airport. I decided to hire a minivan for 5 of us because participants for this trip are not normal. P Lhin likes driving but she doesn’t like to reverse the car. Fon and Boom were too tired from their previous trip. P Hong prefer to be passenger than driver. Myself prefer to enjoy the view along the way than drive.

Our first lunch start by restaurant which recommended by P Krit (but he chose this one because of me). Baan Ar-Jor, a restaurant at the beautiful 83 years old heritage home near Mai Khao Beach.

First impression started from first step. A big white and beautiful old-style house facing to the pond with a green yard in between. And this is the reason why P Krit chose this restaurant because he knew me for long time and he knows that I like everything in Chinese style especially architecture.

We directly went to our table which P Krit already reserved in advance. This restaurant is not big and always full with local and tourist so better book the table in advance.

P Krit also ordered some food for us as main dishes because he knows what is a thump up menu here.

And this is our lunch.

I can not say which one I like the most as when they serve all together then we can enjoy mixing the taste of each dish together. And after main dishes we tried some traditional dessert.

And the highlight time was visiting the museum in the big house.

The admission fee is only THB200/person but all money will pass to underprivileged people so we were not hesitating to pay.

Took of the shoes and started the museum tour.

Fon got first shot from the beginning.

She is born to be.

I like every corners of this house both first floor and second floor.

On the first floor separate to be small rooms and each room have difference decoration but all are beautiful.

P Lhin and P Hong were not excite with this house much as both are half Chinese so they might seen more beautiful. So, we had only photos of Fon there.

This house remind me to Chinpracha House in Phuket. The old house which keep the long story of the family member and display to visitors as museum. 

We left the museum and heading to Khaolak and we stayed first night there at JW Marriott Resort and Spa because of P Lhin again who got and booked room for us. P Lhin is famous for friends about promotion hunter. She always finds best deal before us.

Resort is located on the beach side in the big garden. It was very funny, when we arrived at resort for check in. P Lhin fall in love with the view from the lobby and the garden which she saw from lobby. 

But after we got the key and walked to our room which located most far from the lobby. She started a little bit upset. So, I recommend that we better checked with hotel and request room closer to lobby if you are travelling with old family member as the room are on the building and landscape is garden and pool so the golf car can not send you to the room.

Inside the room is nice.

As I said many times that I like pillow and bed of all Marriott as I think it is very comfortable.

Since we all woke up early for morning flight so we were tired and prefer to have quick dinner at hotel and take rest in our room. So, we did not have any plan on the first day.


I woke up early as always as I like to have nice shots in the morning.

And this is what I got from the beach front of resort.

We all ready at restaurant for breakfast. There breakfast was good. I like this booster drink a lot, they mix mango, ginger, mint.

We finished breakfast and checked out from hotel. The first place was the old town of Takuapa. Actually, I prefer to go to old town of Phang Nga as I am a big fan of Alex Face to I try to get photo with his graffiti in all places I visit. But as Phang Nga is more far from hotel so I follow the plan.

P Krit took us walked along the old road and explain about the history of the town but seem that all of us focus on the check in point to get good shots.

Only Boom followed him.

We stopped by at a coffee shop called “Kopi”. Actually, P Krit planed to take us to another one but while we were walking and I saw this shop and we all like it so we changed the plan.

I like the way they design and renovated the old house to be small coffee shop and keep the space in the front for painting, seating so we did not feel this shop is small or narrow space.

Fon is same as me, we both love old style architecture.

And she likes to be a model.

Same as her P Lhin

Boom prefer to be photographer and always convince me to be his model but I always denied and the reason is as follow.

Compare with the one I took for Fon

And this is our drink and snack

We spent the time for enjoy coffee and drink and many shots of super model.

After that we left for Phuket.

We arrived Phuket and P Krit took us to the old town to experience wearing tradition cloths and try local food

I was the one who tried dress up this costume

We also tried some tradition snack and drink and then walked along the old road.

P Lhin need coffee again so we stopped by at a small coffee shop in old house. And I heard a sound of Chinese music and the waitress said that there was a blinded girl playing guzheng (Chinese instrument) in the garden behind the coffee shop.

We walked go the garden and we found her and listen her music while zipping coffee. P Lhin keep convince me to take photo with musician and I got one shot here an amazing shot with credit to P Lhin (I almost cry)

We left the old town and heading to Patong beach for check in at hotel.

I booked Four Point by Sheraton Phuket Patong Beach a new hotel on Patong beach road.

We checked in at hotel and refresh as we plan to have dinner at Sea Salt restaurant by the beach to see sunset.

We were enjoy sunset moment, long time that we did not see the sunset to the sea.

Since we were full with finger food and snack while we were walking in old town so we do not need too much food for dinner. 

Myself and Fon ordered only spicy rice-noodle with mushroom. P Lhin, P Hong and Boom order rice with spicy seafood with basil leaf ( P Lhin’s one very less spicy but she order this menu as she has no idea for dinner)

We left restaurant quite early as there was a big group arrived. We had no plan for the night as during Covid-19 situation all the restaurant close more early so we return to hotel and take rest.


Today was a highlight of this trip because we booked activities at Hanuman World. Me and P Lhin booked sky walk. P Hong and Boom booked roller zipline but Fon who afraid of high prefer to sit and wait for us at the restaurant.

Lucky that me and P Lhin chose sky walk as P Krit can walked along with us and were our photographer. I got some nice shots of me.

And got some nice shots for P Lhin as well.

The weather was good and the walk way over the big tree made us feel so fresh.

We finished the walk in 30 minutes and came down to restaurant. Fon was there but with the distancing policy so restaurant allow us sit 2-3 persons per table. So, we sat separately.

While Fon was waiting for us she already ordered lunch.And our lunch was traditional food.

I love Thai southern food so much so I was enjoying this lunch.

P Lhin who has problem with spicy food. But Fon also ordered pork rib for her.

All of us were enjoy the food and the highlight is the dessert. Vanilla ice-cream served with deep fried banana. But the way they served was amazing.

The taste of ice-cream mixed with fried banana is so delicious.

We were full by lunch and one of the menu which I can not miss was ice tea with rose syrup. I love the smell and the taste also good.

We left Hanuman World and heading to the pier. Next one was requested by P Hong.

We joined the catamaran boat for day trip with "Andaman Passion"

The boat is big, new, clean and comfortable. All passenger took off the shoes, barefoot made us feel more comfortable on the boat.

Since the boat left the pier. P Hong was the most persons who enjoy and happy.

And we were lucky to meet with the owner of the boat. His name is Bird and he is a very young and nice guy.

He is not only the owner of the boat but his he the person who built this boat. He greet everyone friendly and I got nice shot of him.

Fon and Boom also got many nice shots there.

The boat stopped at the Lon island where we can enjoy kayaking or sup-board but all of us were enjoy with snack and photo shooting.

The boat arrived back to the pier late evening and we return to hotel. And we had dinner at hotel.

P Lhin and P Hong fell not good so they ordered food the room then take medicine and take rest.


We met at breakfast around 9am as today was departure day and we have only 2 places to visit which is Blue Tree water park and lunch at Ma Du Bua café.

Me and Fon woke up since 7am and went to the beach as Fon want some nice shots to update on her IG.

We were enjoy taking photos. There are some tourists on Patong beach, seem that situation in Phuket getting better. The beach is very clean and clear water.

We checked out from hotel and heading to Blue Tree Water Park. The reason we visit this place to day is one of our friends Tik stared working there since they open after Covid-19 situation.

Tik took us to show the souvenir shop which made all products from recycle products which got donated or some people sold them to this shop. 

They seriously built up the sustainable project. But you can see that this bag looks new, clean and lovely. 

We would not know if Tik did not tell us that it made from recycle material.

We were enjoy talking with Tik while P Hong and P Lhin enjoy taking photos.

We left Blue Tree Water Park around 11.30am and continue to Ma Du Bua café for lunch. P Krit booked set menu for us.

And since we were arrived early so there were not many people on the terrace. I came here once but there was lots of people that time so I did not get good picture.

While waiting for our food we were enjoy taking photos (again). Everyone got many nice shots on the last day before depart from Phuket.

Like brother like sister, Fon and Boom look nice in this picture.

As well as P Lhin and P Hong. Only me did not have even one shot there for myself because I was enjoying taking for them.

Our food was ready.

We finished our lunch and still enjoy seeing big pond full with big lotus leaf. There are more and more people arrive to the café and everyone want to get best shots. I saw some people standing on the lotus leaf but we did not have enough time so we might do it next time.

We left the café and heading to the airport for our late noon flight. At the airport we all sat and recall our memories for 4 days together and all happened during this trip made us laugh so much. Laugh make people look younger because when you laugh it mean you are happy.

I saw during this trip to Phuket is seemed that now many restaurants served food in the same plat. Put all dishes in to the same basket. Use paper straw and less using plastic.

I’m happy to see they start this idea as I am the one who always carry tumbler when I go out because I

try to use less plastic bottle. Tumbler can help me to reduce plastic bottle as I sometimes cannot finish one bottle of water then I can keep it in my tumbler instead of left it on the table and buy new one when I want to drink and left half bottle again.

And I do not need to use straw or even paper straw when I use tumbler.

"Because I think at least if I skip using straw average 365 pieces per year mean I can reduce plastic straw around 3,650 pieces in 10 years"

PS. when I arrived to Suvarnabhumi airport and contacted to baggage services about my suitcase. I got very good service from staff. She give us a paper with the number of the shop who can fix my suitcase. What I have to do is just call to the shop and they will pick up my suitcase from  my home and I do not need to pay anything. Such a good service from Thai Smile.


 Saturday, November 27, 2021 3:32 AM